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Richard Marles fries Jane Hume during #QT today after she announced yesterday that her party doesn’t have policies 🤣🤣 https://t.co/ALkiOi0Iwj
26 Sep, 04:14 AM UTC
John Roach
ABC 7.30: Claire O'Neill, with Laura Tingle - brilliant answers from yet another, well-presented, super-competent ALP Federal Minister!! What an incredible contrast with Leftover LNP's Jane Hume!! Same program - Helen Haines, Independent, also exceptional value!
26 Sep, 10:00 AM UTC
Samantha Maiden concerned about Jane Hume being criticised by Speers - did she ever speak about the abuse Julia Gillard, Christine Holgate, Brittany Higgins et al received - hypocrite
26 Sep, 04:25 AM UTC
A brilliant @abc730 tonight. Laura @latingle interviewing these powerful, straight-shooting women, Claire O’Neill & Helen Haines, is wonderful. A rare pleasure after years of Morrison’s evasive & secretive LNP MPs .. incl. Jane Hume’s obfuscating on #insiders yesterday! #ABC730
26 Sep, 09:59 AM UTC
Ian Coles
#abc730. Claire O’Neil and Helen Haines. What quality and capacity! And what a comparison to Jane Hume, Cash, Dutton……….
26 Sep, 09:57 AM UTC
Donkey Ote
Dutton wants good policies but Jane Hume claims the opposition doesn’t have policies. You’d have thought they’d get their story straight. #4Corners.
26 Sep, 11:20 AM UTC
David Gardiner
Whoops. Dutton forgot to tell Jane Hume that they apparently DO have "policies". 😄 @4corners
26 Sep, 11:20 AM UTC
K 🇬🇧🇦🇺 💉💉👨🏻‍🌾🚀
@strangerous10 Jane Hume is a gift to comedy writers. She virtually provides a whole Mad ad Hell sketch with no editing required. Hume: We brought the budget back to surplus No you didn’t Hume: but we had a viable plan to achieve it When? Hume: Well not in the forward estimates but sometime
26 Sep, 09:46 PM UTC
After recently receiving a well-earned bruising on other networks, Jane Hume finds her place of comfort where nutty & false answers are not challenged, but encouraged. https://t.co/If9UcvOm1R
26 Sep, 09:31 PM UTC
Just saying
IS there a more remarkable, and satisfying moment in Australian politics than when @Mon4Kooyong defeated Josh Frydenberg? What made it particularly delicious was the abject FAILURE of the Herald Sun, John Howard and Jane Hume to influence the result! Just saying! @simonahac https://t.co/8NG30NtY3M
26 Sep, 03:51 AM UTC
Robyn 🇺🇦 #VoteYes #UnionThug
@jcatesby6 @Bloss55 considering Jane Hume explicitly told the nation yesterday that the LNP don't have any policies, they are completely irrelevant. We don't want or need to hear from them.
26 Sep, 02:50 AM UTC
Devil's Candidate
So at what point do Jane Hume and the Liberals develop policies to present to the public before the next election? The night before? Never?
26 Sep, 02:47 AM UTC
Carla Muse
@vanbadham Yes and Jane Hume thinks most Australians pay off their mortgage in 10 years. BTW his wealth story doesn't wash.
26 Sep, 06:50 PM UTC
Julian Andrew
Geez I can't stand it when people like Jane Hume & Susan McDonald consistently put on a contrived smile while talking, even if what they are saying has no content to smile about, seemingly to try to draw the interviewer into a positive agreeing emotional response. It is awful. https://t.co/SXhgUmYkX2
26 Sep, 11:52 PM UTC
Neil Rampling
The Art of Saying Nothing: Jane Hume on Insiders (ABC) https://t.co/4rOt9vwSyB via @YouTube
27 Sep, 12:28 AM UTC
Dimbiddy 🌊 🌈 🦮 🐴
@ABCNews this LNP bias must stop. Puff piece (ad) Dutton on 4Corners, Jane Hume guest on Insiders. it’s every single day. Labor got ~0 airtime when Opp. Why! Most Board members were appointed by Fifield, an IPA member: #IPA manifesto is to trash ABC & sell it. No.50 #abc #auspol https://t.co/yIcQetZaXU
27 Sep, 12:34 AM UTC
Dr. Dawn Whitehand
Jane Hume saying that Labor's anti corruption model may deter some people going into public service! @SenatorHume if people fear they may end up fronting a commission we actually don't want them in public life! #auspol #insiders #JaneHume #ACC #Accountability
27 Sep, 01:13 AM UTC
Dr. Dawn Whitehand
Jane Hume saying Labor's Anti Corruption model & public hearings could cause some politicians to "take their own lives". She didn't seem to worry about that with Robodebt! Oh wait, that just affected the plebs 😡 #insiders #anticorruptioncommission #auspol #robodebt #JaneHume
27 Sep, 01:08 AM UTC
Phillip Parsonson
Jane Hume changed the political jargon , she has obliterated ‘spin’ and substituted ‘spew’ because that’s what came out of her mouth in the Speers @InsidersABC interview , an undigestible slurry of lies and 1/2 truths . https://t.co/zdTFmZmJXK
27 Sep, 12:36 AM UTC
@strangerous10 @Zarathhustra Jane Hume - entitled, self-obsessed: needs a bloody serious reality check! #LNPCorruptionParty
27 Sep, 12:34 AM UTC