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Jane McDonald
I'm already looking forward to my 2019 TOUR. Beginning in June I'll be joined by my fantastic live band to bring you a stunning show with plenty of live music, laughter and fun! Tour dates and booking details at https://t.co/ATURdBwBR3 Jane McDonald's photo on Jane McDonald
18 Jan, 09:00 PM UTC
Jane McDonald
How fabulous does the Christmas show at the Leeds First Direct arena look! It was an amazing night! You can find lots more photos on my website - https://t.co/9zIJ3ZM0Ga #Leeds #Yorkshire @fdarena @thebluebirdsuk @theJMDband https://t.co/mZImFAWlWh
18 Jan, 10:00 PM UTC
Princess UK Media
Tune in to @channel5_tv at 9pm tonight and join Jane McDonald as she enjoys the best of Sun Princess and takes in more of Australia's sights, sounds and sunshine during the final episode of #CruisingDownUnder 🇦🇺☀️⚓️ #CruisingWithJaneMcDonald Princess UK Media's photo on Jane McDonald
18 Jan, 11:14 AM UTC
Alan Palmer 🏳️‍🌈
I really like Jane McDonald but I wish she'd embrace the camp more #CruisingDownUnder #CruisingWithJaneMcDonald Alan Palmer 🏳️‍🌈's photo on Jane McDonald
18 Jan, 10:13 PM UTC
Darren Scott
Jane McDonald calling a camel a 'tinker' #CruisingwithJaneMcDonald
18 Jan, 09:29 PM UTC
Barbara Ladmore
I want to be Jane McDonald #CruisingwithJaneMcDonald Australia looks amazing..
18 Jan, 09:48 PM UTC
Seeing Jane McDonald sing a Kylie song in hot pants on #CruisingDownUnder was everything I wanted in life but didn't know I needed .
18 Jan, 10:14 PM UTC
Ryan Love △⃒⃘
Jane McDonald finishing her cruise in Australia by performing Kylie’s Spinning Around. We don’t deserve the gifts she blesses us with #CruisingwithJaneMcDonald
18 Jan, 10:14 PM UTC
Wayne Power
Jane McDonald covering Kylie Minogue. Iconic Wayne Power's photo on Jane McDonald
18 Jan, 10:16 PM UTC
I’ve put channel 5 on to watch a documentary on Freddie Mercury and accident caught Jane McDonald singing. Night ruined. Gonna sell the telly. Cheers Jane, sons crying.
18 Jan, 10:13 PM UTC
West Belfast UPRG
Even Jane McDonald now on Channel 5 knows all about the danger of continually feeding Crocodiles !! 😂😂😂😂 Pity the British Govt continue to feed the ”Always Hungry Crocodiles” of SFIRA 😂 West Belfast UPRG's photo on Jane McDonald
18 Jan, 09:52 PM UTC
Danny Boy
Spinning Around Jane McDonald is probably my favourite Jane McDonald #CruisingWithJaneMcDonald
18 Jan, 10:17 PM UTC
Darren Haywood
Only Jane McDonald would have a load of men in gold hotpants whilst singing Spinning Around! #CruisingDownUnder #cruisingwithJaneMcDonald
18 Jan, 10:13 PM UTC
18 Jan, 10:12 PM UTC
Jane McDonald is this countries national treasure. Dare someone to argue with that statement #janemcdonald #CruisingDownUnder
18 Jan, 09:53 PM UTC
Pamela Kerry
I wonder what delight Jane McDonald’s got up her sleeve for the end of the show ? But loving seeing Australia , if I ever have the money that’s how I want to see it , luxury cruise 😀#cruisingwithjanemcdonald
18 Jan, 09:16 PM UTC
B 👽
Ya know you’re getting old when you get all settled for a double Corrie and then cruising with Jane McDonald..
18 Jan, 09:04 PM UTC
Jord Muckley
“How’s your Friday, Jord?” “Oh you know me, playing Jane McDonald bingo with @100PercentTom, what about you?” Jord Muckley's photo on Jane McDonald
18 Jan, 08:52 PM UTC
18 Jan, 10:15 PM UTC
Scott Anderson
Follow #JaneMcDonald on all her #cruises here> https://t.co/YWR180o5Qj #BeLikeJane @TheJaneMcDonald #CruisingWithJaneMcDonald Scott Anderson's photo on Jane McDonald
18 Jan, 09:10 PM UTC
Watching Cruising with Jane McDonald with my mom. This is peak being at home.
18 Jan, 09:03 PM UTC
James Johnston
@TheJaneMcDonald I've only started to watch your show on Chanel 5 ’cruising with Jane McDonald’ and I'm in love!! Your so humble and entertaining. I enjoy cruising also and now I think I want to do a river cruise 🤭🤫😛
18 Jan, 08:46 PM UTC
Remember when Jane McDonald sang that the other week on cruising ? #carsharewatchalong
18 Jan, 08:41 PM UTC
Jane McDonald singing Kylie's 'Spinning Around', tv doesn't get anymore fabulous! ..and 'Ooft', those hotpants guys! #CruisingWithJaneMcDonald Thanks @TheJaneMcDonald
18 Jan, 11:43 PM UTC
Tellurian's Jane McDonald gets final environmental nod
18 Jan, 11:11 PM UTC
Leona Tooley
Phone call with my mum consisted of a half an hour debrief of Jane McDonald's life on a cruise, followed by some golden nuggets including, but not limited to: 'if I go to the disco..' and 'don't want to be too warm while I'm boogying on down' 😩♥️ Leona Tooley's photo on Jane McDonald
18 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
@danneilson29 @JamesSNW90 Exactly the same for me, bunch of pillocks. The only reason I allow him to watch it is that he allows me to watch cruising with Jane McDonald. Just numbing my senses with cider
18 Jan, 10:41 PM UTC
I probably took the piss staying down the village pub longer than expected but sitting through Jane McDonald keeping a dignified silence is extremely hard
18 Jan, 10:29 PM UTC
Channel 5 2019 TV shows : . Cruising with Jane McDonald . Jane McDonald & friends . Weekly supermarket shop with Jane McDonald . Going to the clinic with Jane Mcdonald . Taking the bins out with Jane McDonald #CruisingDownUnder
18 Jan, 10:19 PM UTC
Jane McDonald singing at the end of her show is so cheesy but I can't look away 🤣
18 Jan, 10:16 PM UTC
u know what in my opinion jane mcdonald is better than cher
18 Jan, 10:14 PM UTC
Face in the Crowd
Fucking hell that Jane McDonald has no talent whatsoever 🤮🤮
18 Jan, 10:13 PM UTC
Fi (fy fo fum)
Is Jane McDonald from Yorkshire? You thought she might mention it occasionally.
18 Jan, 10:11 PM UTC
Whenever I watch cruising with Jane McDonald I spend the majority of it just wondering what songs she’ll sing at the end ..
18 Jan, 09:46 PM UTC
Missy Macdonald
watching cruising with jane mcdonald because that’s the sort of wild life i lead
18 Jan, 09:40 PM UTC
Jason John Killer
Does anybody else think Jane McDonald looks a bit like Honey G when she wears sunglasses? #CruisingDownUnder
18 Jan, 09:27 PM UTC
Fi (fy fo fum)
@combi_un I'm watching Cruising with Jane McDonald so, similar.
18 Jan, 09:27 PM UTC
Rhiannon Hughes
Yes I am watching cruising with Jane McDonald and yes I am enjoying it.
18 Jan, 09:03 PM UTC
Wayne Power
I just wanna sprawl out and watch Cruising With Jane McDonald tonight Wayne Power's photo on Jane McDonald
18 Jan, 08:40 PM UTC
Stewart Taylor
Goodness me I am bored of seeing Jane McDonald shows on the channel 5 TV guide 😂😂
18 Jan, 07:42 PM UTC
The Sun TV
When is Jane McDonald: Cruising Down Under on Channel 5 and where was the show filmed? https://t.co/Clw6Otwcjk
18 Jan, 05:50 PM UTC
Carol Marrs Phipps
RT CSMcDonald7 5*"Fiona and her friends and family have become my friends"~Jane TASTES LIKE MURDER 99c KU https://t.co/qPoKRHhj4H cozymystery Download today! Carol Marrs Phipps's photo on Jane McDonald
19 Jan, 01:30 AM UTC
reg morris
@darren_scott If Jane McDonald had a 3 humped camel she would have called it Humphrey not Tinker #CruisingwithJaneMcDonald
18 Jan, 11:34 PM UTC
Jane McDonald finishing her series by serenading is with Spinning Around by Kylie is literally everything the gays need. We don’t deserve such an icon #janemcdonald #CruisingwithJaneMcDonald #Cruising
18 Jan, 10:44 PM UTC
Emma Spooner
https://t.co/wtFSFHHa1O. Hello my friend in the whole world
18 Jan, 10:28 PM UTC
Mark Aldridge
Only just realised that the new Jane McDonald series isn't a repeat 😳
18 Jan, 10:23 PM UTC
Saw Jane McDonald trending. Got all excited thinking perhaps she'd fallen off her bloody cruise ship. She hasn't. Going to bed bitterly disappointed. Goodnight.
18 Jan, 10:20 PM UTC
Jane McDonald is having what us northerners call a “shagger” on this Cruise programme.
18 Jan, 10:15 PM UTC
I wouldn't just be saying "that's Jane McDonald" Id be Jumping in that tram and getting a cheeky selfie and an autograph from @TheJaneMcDonald 💜X
18 Jan, 10:15 PM UTC
Susan Seddon 💗🚗🎶
Jane McDonald's cover of Spinning Round. Love it ❤️
18 Jan, 10:14 PM UTC
Ian W
New favourite TV show: Cruising with Jane McDonald.
18 Jan, 10:14 PM UTC
Sam Lunn
@gregjames 4 words for you Greg.... cruising with Jane McDonald #materialfordays
18 Jan, 10:14 PM UTC
Bendy Ben Smith 🧜🏻‍♀
18 Jan, 10:13 PM UTC
Whilst I do like Jane McDonald and her cruising programmes she can’t half murder a good song!!
18 Jan, 10:13 PM UTC
New Year, Not-so-New Bean ✨
I only watch Cruising with Jane McDonald to guess what song she's gonna sing at the end.
18 Jan, 10:12 PM UTC
Jane McDonald comparing Australia to a Battenberg cake
18 Jan, 10:12 PM UTC
David Coleman
In #CruisingDownUnder Jane McDonald looked down on the Australian rainforest and told me we should look after our planet. I am now convinced. Great god this is an awful.....
18 Jan, 10:07 PM UTC
@TheJaneMcDonald @channel5_tv Have no idea how Twitter works first time tonight using it..Jane McDonald you are so believable..you made me love Australia and cruising ..can't afford it though..if you're ever in Mold North Wales come for a cuppa..you can put del Mold to the world..your a diamond x
18 Jan, 10:06 PM UTC
How many times can Jane McDonald make the surprised look with her mouth open? #CruisingwithJaneMcDonald
18 Jan, 10:02 PM UTC
Robbie Cave
@mr_plantgeek Still in my work gear watching effin cruising with Jane McDonald with my wife asleep on my lap.
18 Jan, 10:01 PM UTC
Love Jane McDonald makes me want to go to Australia
18 Jan, 09:58 PM UTC
Sabrina the Teenage Bitch
I'm not being funny, people who know me know that I'm personally ~very~ northern, but I wish Jane McDonald would reign it in a bit like we get it hun you're from Yorkshire #CruisingDownUnder
18 Jan, 09:55 PM UTC
EarperCorn #E4L
@emtothea Cruising with Jane McDonald. 🥳
18 Jan, 09:38 PM UTC
I don’t know if I’ve taken a wrong turn in life but I’m sat here on Friday night with a brew watching Cruising with Jane McDonald 🤷‍♀️
18 Jan, 09:37 PM UTC
WhiteFeather 🐇👼💗👑🦄🏹
Cruising with Jane McDonald then, enjoyed Greatest Showman. Hope she doesn’t pretend to be a rock chick this week and sing INXS. Undoubtedly she’ll sing Kylie at some point 🥺😞😳
18 Jan, 09:36 PM UTC
Jane McDonald might not be everybodys cup of tea but i love her!
18 Jan, 09:35 PM UTC
Jane McDonald rode the exact camel I did! Life goals
18 Jan, 09:28 PM UTC
Jane McDonald on a camel: "I don't like this" - I don't suppose the camel is too happy with 2 tourists on its back day in day out squishing its humps!
18 Jan, 09:26 PM UTC
El Gonko The Angry
Yo...I’m certain that Jane McDonald has some dirt on one of the big wigs at @channel5_tv. She’s on that channel every other fuckin’ hour, I swear.
18 Jan, 09:12 PM UTC
Charlie Smith
Jane McDonald cruising down under... maybe she should go cruising for the Titanic. #janemcdonld
18 Jan, 09:06 PM UTC
Dave Duracell
After work Bev's, Uber McD's on the way, and now Jane McDonald goes cruising... Yeah m8
18 Jan, 09:04 PM UTC
Now On Channel 5 :: Jane McDonald Cruising Down Under - 09:00PM - 10:00PM Via @whatsontvnow
18 Jan, 09:00 PM UTC
James Lever
The face when you’ve opened a bottle of wine, made a curry and look forward to watching the new series of ‘Cruising Jane McDonald’ because this is how I roll on a Friday night... #ThisIs35 James Lever's photo on Jane McDonald
18 Jan, 08:01 PM UTC
[ WKDfm: Jane McDonald - When I Look At You https://t.co/nyfKmFiSXC Live, Legal and Loud - Internet Radio ]
18 Jan, 06:47 PM UTC
@TheJaneMcDonald @channel5_tv Fab! Great show and Jane, lovely to see you back on board! When does the McDonald Cruise Line start operating? X
18 Jan, 06:20 PM UTC
iPoof 2.0
@JohnBeTweeting It had Jane McDonald singing
18 Jan, 06:18 PM UTC
Charles Myrick -CEO
When is Jane McDonald: Cruising Down Under on Channel 5 and where was the show filmed? https://t.co/TPKQmMIW9k Charles Myrick -CEO's photo on Jane McDonald
18 Jan, 06:06 PM UTC

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