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Bleacher Report
Niners-Saints has been electric. At half: ➖ Brees: 4 TDs ➖ Mostert: 2 TDs ➖ Jimmy G: 11-12 | 2 TDs ➖ Sanders: 132 yards | pass TD ➖ Jared Cook: 2 TDs ➖ Niners up 28-27 https://t.co/inZZjMTzbY
08 Dec, 07:32 PM UTC
New Orleans Saints
Jared Cook (concussion) is out for the remainder of the game #Saints
08 Dec, 07:18 PM UTC
NFL Update
#Saints first 3 drives: - Drew Brees TD to Jared Cook - Drew Brees TD to Jared Cook - Drew Brees TD to Josh Hill
08 Dec, 06:42 PM UTC
Ian Rapoport
Injury updates: #Bucs WR Mike Evans (hamstring) is out. ... #Saints TE Jared Cook (head) is questionable to return. ... #Jets TE Ryan Griffin (ankle) is doubtful to return.
08 Dec, 06:56 PM UTC
Bobby Coleman
I don’t think Gronk gets enough blame for this season. He took his sweet time retiring and caused us to miss out on Jared Cook and other free agents. One solid TE would be a game changer. Plus, I think gronks mind was made and he milked it to prolong relavence 🤷🏽‍♂️ @bigjimmurray
08 Dec, 06:28 PM UTC
NFL Fantasy Football
TEs who have scored tds today..... -Jared Cook -Cameron Brate -Robert Tonyan -Jeff Heuerman -Josh Hill -Nick Boyle -Ian Thomas -Noah Fant
08 Dec, 07:43 PM UTC
Matt Harmon
Took Jared Cook out of my playoff lineups @MattHarmon_BYB's photo on Jared Cook
08 Dec, 06:31 PM UTC
Al Smizzle
Calvin Johnson would like to know why that Jared Cook TD was not incomplete.
08 Dec, 06:28 PM UTC
Yahoo Fantasy Sports
When you're playing against Jared Cook in the fantasy playoffs. @YahooFantasy's photo on Jared Cook
08 Dec, 06:33 PM UTC
Dave Richard #AskFFT
Wk14 injury update so far Mike Evans (hamstring) OUT DeVante Parker (head) OUT Derrius Guice (knee) OUT Jared Cook (head) OUT Mark Andrews (knee) DOUBT Ryan Griffin (ankle) QUES
08 Dec, 07:45 PM UTC
The Counselor
Was it a mistake to not re-sign Jared Cook #Raiders
08 Dec, 06:56 PM UTC
Dan Graziano
Saints have officially ruled TE Jared Cook OUT for the rest of the game with a concussion.
08 Dec, 07:18 PM UTC
Garland Gillen
#Saints cooking early in this one. Jared Cook TD stakes Saints to 7-0 lead. @garlandgillen's photo on Jared Cook
08 Dec, 06:14 PM UTC
Rubén Ibeas
Jared Cook es un playmaker descomunal. Es la tercera pata que les faltaba a los Saints. Peligrosísimo.
08 Dec, 06:31 PM UTC
Seth Walder
wait they left that second Jared Cook touchdown a touchdown? Did they...watch the replay?
08 Dec, 06:34 PM UTC
I'm about as subtle as a flying brick
But that hit on Jared Cook? What was that?
08 Dec, 08:45 PM UTC
Brittany Nicole 🎭💜💚💛
That is an awful call. Where was the call on Jared Cook ?!!??
08 Dec, 08:40 PM UTC
The Mad Raider
@JoshGoldsmith8 @RaiderLuv33 Jared Cook is basically a WR. Every TE the Raiders have is a better blocker and the versatility of this TE crew carried the offense during it's most productive stretch
08 Dec, 08:51 PM UTC
How you boo that call, but just got the same call on Jared Cook? they goofy in the dome.
08 Dec, 08:40 PM UTC
Mauricio Gutiérrez
Semana realmente brutal con múltiples lesiones. Consulta el reporte de lesionados al momento. Info sobre Mike Evans, Mark Andrews, Calvin Ridley, DeVante Parker, Derrius Guice, Jared Cook y más... https://t.co/StnKon3b5i
08 Dec, 08:47 PM UTC
@KevDal @dapperdudedan @geoffschwartz Like when Jared cook didn’t catch that touchdown
08 Dec, 08:46 PM UTC
Marks XO
Jared cook gets a concussion for a helmet to helmet no call, 49er receiver falling down and get contacted in the head area penalty gets called. Great job refs. Fair calling
08 Dec, 08:45 PM UTC
i should get up and eat grr 49ers at saints 9ers broncos at texans drew lock drew brees buckeyes at badgers clemson emmanuel sanders jared cook colts at buccaneers jameis winston mike evans eli apple https://t.co/jI3rXwFjb5
08 Dec, 08:43 PM UTC
We’re missing Jared Cook bad rn.
08 Dec, 08:50 PM UTC
Tony Snark 🏁
let’s ask akello witherspoon and jared cook https://t.co/R4EnzvPb3A
08 Dec, 08:45 PM UTC
I benched Jared Cook against the 49ers defense and also started the defense. I look like an idiot😂
08 Dec, 08:44 PM UTC
Trey Weaver
@JohnDeShazier Jared Cook gets knocked out of the game no call. Gardner gets called for unnecessary roughness. Bullshit
08 Dec, 08:42 PM UTC
David Dugas
@SchultzWNSP I mean, you can tell the game plan was built around Jared Cook soooo yeah.
08 Dec, 09:03 PM UTC
jake ⚜️
@Saints @Cantguardmike this game wouldve been so much better if the refs werent cheatinf and if they didnt target jared cook
08 Dec, 09:03 PM UTC
Mostert sits on my bench with 22 points and chubb in starting lineup with 0.7 why? Why does this have to happen first round of playoffs. Ohhh and jared cook having a career day with 20 points in the 1qt wtf
08 Dec, 07:49 PM UTC

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