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Lakers Nation
Respect to Jared Dudley. Great minutes when Lakers were struggling with fouls.
11 Jan, 05:16 AM UTC
Lakers Nation
Lakers current lineup right now: PG: Rajon Rondo SG: Alex Caruso SF: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope PF: Danny Green C: Jared Dudley
11 Jan, 04:35 AM UTC
OneLuvLakers (31-7)
Jared Dudley is a LEGEND. https://t.co/yEqNcwQEhb
11 Jan, 06:47 AM UTC
Lakers Nation
11 Jan, 04:36 AM UTC
Lakers Outsiders
My sources have told me Jared Dudley was in the locker room saying "Tell Kawhi to stop being scared and to guard me"
11 Jan, 05:06 AM UTC
C. 🏁
I’m dying at the fact that Jared Dudley would really walk into any gym and give regular niggas buckets lmfaoooooo.
11 Jan, 04:36 AM UTC
Harrison Faigen
Jared Dudley on his role for this team, how he's able to be effective at this point in his career and guarding Luka (via @SpectrumSN): @hmfaigen's photo on jared dudley
11 Jan, 05:55 AM UTC
Junior Maruwa
We beat the “MVP Led” Mavs with no AD and no center all half. LeBron James recorded his first regular season game with 35+ points/15+ rebounds while having flu. And Jared Dudley locked Dončić tf up. That 31-7 feeling. https://t.co/LgF4HwsQl3
11 Jan, 05:28 AM UTC
Yunel Dudley (31-7) 🎅🏾
Jared Dudley vs 7’4 Boban https://t.co/XspExmUivK
11 Jan, 03:29 AM UTC
Jared. Dudley. RIM. PROTECTOR.
11 Jan, 04:56 AM UTC
Jared Dudley is proud of how good the squad is 🙌 #Lakers #NBA #NBATwitter https://t.co/kIUUoLbOQk
11 Jan, 08:10 AM UTC
💜 Purp N Gold SZN 💛
Jared Dudley when he was asked to guard Luka https://t.co/ddlGulzb2C
11 Jan, 04:58 AM UTC
”But for me, it was hey, stay in front, take Luka’s three ball away and don’t foul him. You know he’s flopping half the game ...” - Jared Dudley on his defensive role as a small-ball five postgame on Spectrum SportsNet.
11 Jan, 08:52 AM UTC
Jonathon Shipman
Man Jared Dudley is a character 😂 “last year I was starting in the playoffs and now I’m the 14th or 15th guy...and this is what I wanted!” is he right about Luka being a flopper though? @Shippyfunsports's photo on jared dudley
11 Jan, 07:33 AM UTC
Frank Vogel on Jared Dudley as a small-ball 5: https://t.co/Zy8FkdtcMP
11 Jan, 08:40 AM UTC
Olivier sokolowski
jared dudley #MarkTuan_OuttaMyHead Sultan Trauma Center Medvedev https://t.co/vP1bXomXnA
11 Jan, 09:44 AM UTC
@Benzene21 @joshliau @TheNBACentral Eh, bad argument. The Lakers this year compared to last is entirely different. Dwight, Avery Bradley, AD, Danny Green, Troy Daniels, Jared Dudley, Quinn Cook and Alex Caruso are all new to the roster. Everyone is playing their part.
11 Jan, 10:38 AM UTC
Red Dead Redemption 2 - The Joys of Civilization Gameplay PC... https://t.co/r0OJLg7Fxh #LouisLive #Jan11_X1_Stay11 Oman Sato-C Sultan Qaboos #FilmsForRepublicans Trauma Center rick carlisle Jared Dudley slow ride Human Error Hubbs No AD Colima Ashtray Maze Mai Tais Lo Duca
11 Jan, 10:36 AM UTC
Glenn with 2 N’s
Lmaoo Jared Dudley drink like a hundred Red Bull’s during the game I bet 😂 dude got too much energy https://t.co/Z4QnXwuRuR
11 Jan, 10:22 AM UTC
Pierre Nodoyuna
Jared Dudley, pareces un profesor de matemáticas de instituto al que acaban de hacer fijo. https://t.co/OTZibupRd1
11 Jan, 10:08 AM UTC
Alain Keith Cabardo Daguio
NBA: 'I don't think people realize how deep we are. I was starting playoff games… Now I'm 14th, 15th man' -Jared Dudley on Lakers' depth
11 Jan, 09:54 AM UTC

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