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Aaron Torres
We spend so much time talking about Tremont Waters, Naz Reid, Javonte Smart whoever... that I dont know if there is a player more underappreciated anywhere than Skylar Mays. That dude has been awesome ALL year
23 Mar, 05:00 PM UTC
Cody Worsham
Five straight from Javonte Smart puts LSU up 18-11. Sweet step back 3 followed by the arrow shot.
23 Mar, 04:30 PM UTC
Rob Dauster
If I'm Tony Benford I put Skylar Mays and Tremont Waters on the wings and let Javonte Smart run into the high-post with KBW and Reid at the dunk spot. It's a 3-on-2 when Smart gets the ball there.
23 Mar, 06:11 PM UTC
Ari Aguiar
@rodrigolazarini esse javonte smart e o cara da polemica do tecnico?
23 Mar, 04:30 PM UTC
Scott Rabalais
38-29 #LSU over Maryland at halftime. Naz Reid with 8 pts Javonte Smart and Darius Days with 7 each off the bench. Terps' Aaron Wiggins leads all with 9 points.
23 Mar, 05:04 PM UTC
Andrew Emmer
Javonte Smart was worth every cent it seems.
23 Mar, 04:31 PM UTC
Tyler Nunez
Javonte Smart heat check... and air ball. That brings us to the second media timeout. #LSU up 18-11 with 10:32 left in the first half.
23 Mar, 04:31 PM UTC
Landon Raby
Will Wade hiding in Javonte Smart’s bag Landon Raby's photo on Javonte Smart
23 Mar, 06:31 PM UTC
Gabe DeArmond
I’m here for Javonte Smart sending LSU to the Sweet 16
23 Mar, 06:26 PM UTC
Jeff Zillgitt
Terrapins are 4-for-18 from the field, 1-for-9 on threes. LSU up 18-11 with 10:32 left in the first half. Javonte Smart with five quick points off the bench for Tigers.
23 Mar, 04:33 PM UTC
Kevin Reitmeyer
For being someone that Will Wade gave a "good ass offer" to, Javonte Smart has not impressed me at all in this tournament. #badinvestment #overpaid
23 Mar, 05:48 PM UTC
Shandel Richardson
LSU’s Javonte Smart has the best shorts in college basketball
23 Mar, 05:47 PM UTC
Sports Locksmith
I wish I could go into the LSU locker room and tell Javonte Smart if he takes another 3, and it isn't when the shot clock is at 0, he is out for the rest of the game. Shoots less than 32% from deep, and is one of the best guards in the country off the dribble.
23 Mar, 05:06 PM UTC
im the goat
Javonte smart got elite wiggle
23 Mar, 04:43 PM UTC
Travis Burns
@Blacketologist Their college career’s length will rival Javonte Smart’s shorts.
23 Mar, 04:38 PM UTC
Did Javonte Smart snake his shorts from the Women’s team?
23 Mar, 04:27 PM UTC
Alex Giles
Can somebody get Javonte Smart some shorts that fit? #LSU #MarchMadness
23 Mar, 06:19 PM UTC
D. E. L . Sports
Will Wade should ask for a refund from Javonte Smart. My man out of control losing this game for LSU.
23 Mar, 06:13 PM UTC
Javonte Smart has been so shitty all game
23 Mar, 06:12 PM UTC
Eric Schneider
Javonte Smart has one play shot face drive and throw the ball as hard as he can against the backboard tryna to bank it in. Fucking pull this guy he’s awful
23 Mar, 06:12 PM UTC
Tyler Nunez
back-and-forth we go. Javonte Smart ties it 62-62
23 Mar, 06:10 PM UTC
kendall green K.G.
Naz Reid And javonte smart are physically strong but are they athletic enough defensively for the next level
23 Mar, 05:41 PM UTC
Jaquez Johnson
@Coleeworldd15 javonte smart is back? 🙆🏾‍♂️
23 Mar, 05:07 PM UTC
Chad Moellenberg
Never let Javonte Smart go right
23 Mar, 04:51 PM UTC
Icculus The Brave
Shoutout Javonte Smart rocking the short shorts. #MarchMadness Icculus The Brave's photo on Javonte Smart
23 Mar, 04:48 PM UTC
Isaac Constans
@JLEdwardsIII Javonte Smart and Naz Reid getting the call up. Also Javonte plays like Wizards Nick Young and i love it. Low-key top ten fun player to watch in college on entertainment value alone
23 Mar, 04:44 PM UTC
Sheldon Mickles
Official timeout -- #LSU 20, Maryland 15 | 7:47, 1st LSU has gotten 14 of its 20 points from the bench: Javonte Smart 5, Darius Days 5, Emmitt Williams 4.
23 Mar, 04:42 PM UTC
I hate to say it but Javonte Smart is such a baller
23 Mar, 04:32 PM UTC
Billy Embody
Under-12: Javonte Smart has #LSU's last 5 points. Tigers have 14 points off the bench. Maryland is shooting just 21 percent. LSU up 18-11 and the LSU fans here appreciating the effort. https://t.co/jYQXnkIdKN
23 Mar, 04:32 PM UTC
Tyler Nunez
Javonte Smart is feeling himself. He just put up a J that gives #LSU an 18-11 lead
23 Mar, 04:30 PM UTC
Jishnu Purihella
Javonte Smart is earning that paycheck today.
23 Mar, 04:30 PM UTC
Tyler Nunez
Javonte Smart with some nice touch for a runner in the lane. #LSU up 15-9 as we approach the U-12 timeout
23 Mar, 04:29 PM UTC
Troy Murphy
Javonte Smart should have to give some of that money he got from LSU to tremont waters after that shot.
23 Mar, 06:31 PM UTC
Tony Zanders
Javonte Smart doesn’t study film. A costly blown rotation. #LSU #MarchMadness2019
23 Mar, 06:27 PM UTC
Shawn Tyler Salazar
So many potential stars in this game. Naz Reid, Bruno Fernando, Javonte smart, Jalen Mays, tremont waters, Ayala.
23 Mar, 06:27 PM UTC
LaMar Gafford
It would be poetic justice if Javonte Smart wins this one...
23 Mar, 06:26 PM UTC
The People's Champ
What on Earth was Javonte Smart doing there on defense? So lazy.
23 Mar, 06:26 PM UTC
Huey Newton
Javonte smart defending air
23 Mar, 06:25 PM UTC
Phil Tamulis
An offer, in addition, to a full athletic scholarship for Javonte Smart...? No way, Wade! Phil Tamulis's photo on Javonte Smart
23 Mar, 06:20 PM UTC
Jonathan Clark
Javonte Smart needs his pay docked... This really the caliber of player you have to pay to recruit?
23 Mar, 06:20 PM UTC
Sean Zerillo
All of the women (and some of the men) here are trying to figure out how LSU's Javonte Smart gets his rolled up shorts to stay in place while he plays sports #MarchMadness #MDvsLSU Sean Zerillo's photo on Javonte Smart
23 Mar, 06:19 PM UTC
Javonte Smart is wearing those old LSU boxer shorts.
23 Mar, 06:15 PM UTC
If Javonte Smart does another God awful fake only to drive to the basket and continually fail because of the tall Maryland players, I will lose my mind. Take the open shot!!! #MarchMadness #LSU
23 Mar, 06:14 PM UTC
Willie Beamen
tf is Javonte Smart doing smh
23 Mar, 06:13 PM UTC
tyler lewis
Javonte smart is the worst fucking player on the team and he’s the one we get caught for paying? LOL #LSU #LSUvsMaryland
23 Mar, 06:13 PM UTC
@LSUBarstool Can someone please tell javonte smart to stop shooting
23 Mar, 06:13 PM UTC
Justin Hodges
Javonte Smart is bad. Like really bad
23 Mar, 06:12 PM UTC
Javonte Smart is playing dumb as hell
23 Mar, 06:12 PM UTC
Javonte smart has taken some dumb shots while driving to the basket. Not sure if they are fouls but still
23 Mar, 06:12 PM UTC
Giannis Valgiannis
Javonte Smart doesn’t have a thick jacked frame but he does have a thick jacked butt
23 Mar, 05:51 PM UTC
Wacko Vol Fan🍊
@LSUBasketball Javonte Smart looks like an absolute queer on the court
23 Mar, 05:51 PM UTC
are javonte smart’s shorts sewed rolled up like that? they have to be how do they stay up like that
23 Mar, 05:48 PM UTC
Kyle McKellar
Javonte smart looks like a hammerhead shark with those eyes so far apart
23 Mar, 05:44 PM UTC
Coach Ferro
Conecto LSU-Yale. Javonte Smart y Naz Reid, jugadores de los que vi bastante HS tape, nunca pensé que Smart fuese a aportar tanto. Reid es indefinible, puro talento (de mis jugadores favoritos este año).
23 Mar, 05:35 PM UTC
Jeff Zillgitt
@BenStandig Jalen Smith is an NBA player at some point. Javonte Smart, eventually if he wants to work hard. I like Tremont Waters' game but size isn't on his side.
23 Mar, 05:24 PM UTC
Billy Embody
HALF: Javonte Smart misses a 3, Maryland holds for the last shot and Wiggins hits a corner 3. #LSU goes from up 15 to up 9 in the final 1:35. Tigers lead, 38-29. https://t.co/jYQXnkIdKN
23 Mar, 05:03 PM UTC
Coach Payne
#FastModelMadness Excited to #ShareTheGame 3-pointer by Ja'vonte Smart https://t.co/7WYWk85sux #TeamFastModel ✖️ #MarchMadness= #FastModelMadness
23 Mar, 04:57 PM UTC
Justin Mathis
Maryland doesn’t have an answer right now for LSU guard Javonte Smart.
23 Mar, 04:53 PM UTC
THEE One & Only
JaVonte Smart reminds me so much of the Harrison twins in terms of style of play. #MarchMadness
23 Mar, 04:53 PM UTC
Father Drew
Javonte Smart could get smaller shorts but instead he rather tuck his shorts up into his compressions. Louisiana dudes weird
23 Mar, 04:46 PM UTC
Free Agency: We got it
1st Javonte Smart shorts reference
23 Mar, 04:46 PM UTC
Branden A
Javonte Smart got a lil Gil in him
23 Mar, 04:32 PM UTC
#LSU 18, Maryland 11, 10:32 | 1H Darius Days and Javonte Smart lead the team with scoring with 5 points each.
23 Mar, 04:32 PM UTC
Amie Just
10:32, 1H | #LSU 18, Maryland 11. Javonte Smart is feeling himself right now... but he ended his heat check with an airball. STATS: Amie Just's photo on Javonte Smart
23 Mar, 04:31 PM UTC
Javonte Smart>>>>
23 Mar, 04:31 PM UTC
Javonte Smart was worth all the money LSU paid
23 Mar, 04:31 PM UTC
Bryan Fischer
Javonte Smart so underrated
23 Mar, 04:30 PM UTC
#LSU 18, Maryland 11, 11:02 | 1H Javonte Smart connects from deep.
23 Mar, 04:30 PM UTC
I have intrigues about Javonte Smart but I think it’s in part due to the illusion that he appears to be taller than he is which is due to his legs looking longer than they are due to those short shorts. I kinda like Javonte.
23 Mar, 04:30 PM UTC
Amie Just
Splash for Javonte Smart. That pushes #LSU up to 18-11 over Maryland. Here come the L-S-U chants.
23 Mar, 04:30 PM UTC
Gangsta Fred
Why is Javonte Smart out here wearing Pete Maravich shorts, this nigga gay
23 Mar, 04:29 PM UTC
kelly hays
Emmitt Williams needs to unroll his shorts about 4 times along with Javonte Smart. SMH!
23 Mar, 04:29 PM UTC
Kendyl Provost, Jr 🤓
@ontargethoops Exactly. Javonte Smart looks clownish out there.
23 Mar, 04:27 PM UTC
Bekim Haliti
LSU would have to pay me too if I wore shorts as short as Javonte Smart.
23 Mar, 04:26 PM UTC
Billy Embody
Tons of length out there for #LSU right now. Outside of Tremont Waters and Javonte Smart, you got three bigs with Kavell Bigby-Williams, Darius Days and Emmitt Williams.
23 Mar, 04:24 PM UTC

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