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Javy called game. @MLB's photo on Javy
27 Jul, 04:10 AM UTC
Barstool Sports
Javy Baez is a BAD man @barstoolsports's photo on Javy
27 Jul, 04:11 AM UTC
B/R Walk-Off
JAVY WANTED ALL THE SMOKE (via @MLB) @BRWalkoff's photo on Javy
27 Jul, 04:13 AM UTC
Jomboy Media
Javy Baez records the walk-off hit against Amir Garrett a couple months after a benches clearing incident in Cincinnati Baez immediately yells at Garrett after the hit, and Garrett continues to yell from his dugout as the Cubs leave the field @JomboyMedia's photo on Javy
27 Jul, 04:16 AM UTC
Chicago Cubs
Javy walks it off! Cubs WIN! Final: #Cubs 6, Reds 5. #CubTogether @Cubs's photo on Javy
27 Jul, 04:09 AM UTC
Jared Carrabis
Javy Baez walks it off against Amir Garrett and chirps the whole way down to first base. There is some BAD blood here and I can’t imagine this is the last we’ll see between these two dudes. @Jared_Carrabis's photo on Javy
27 Jul, 04:09 AM UTC
Jared Carrabis
Javy Baez threw the damn bat at Amir Garrett after the walk-off. Keep in mind, AG fought an entire team by himself. This was only the first of a four-game series😬 @Jared_Carrabis's photo on Javy
27 Jul, 04:13 AM UTC
27 Jul, 04:10 AM UTC
Barstool Chicago
JAVY WALKOFF. SUCK IT AMIR GARRETT @barstoolchicago's photo on Javy
27 Jul, 04:10 AM UTC
Jackie Kostek
Javy Baez on the looming trade deadline and Chicago: “my heart is always going to be here.” #cubs @JackieKostek's photo on Javy
26 Jul, 04:38 PM UTC
Apparently I'm in the minority here.. but I LOVE this shit. I love everything Javy just did. Put emotion into this game & into the rivalry. It should be personal like this. Give people a reason to watch this beautiful sport. @YourFriendKyle_'s photo on Javy
27 Jul, 04:27 AM UTC
Michael Cerami
Legend has it Javy Baez is still walking to first base.
27 Jul, 04:23 AM UTC
Cubs Zone ™️
JAVY NEVER CHANGE @CubsZone's photo on Javy
27 Jul, 04:13 AM UTC
Barstool Carl
I love you Javy.
27 Jul, 04:11 AM UTC
Brendan Miller
Javy Báez just treated us with the best walkoff celebration of all time. No questions asked. That was it.
27 Jul, 04:10 AM UTC
Larry Mayer
I really hope the Cubs don't trade Javy Baez. I've watched baseball for 50 years and he's the most exciting player I've ever seen at the plate, on the bases and in the field.
27 Jul, 04:09 AM UTC
Barstool Sports
AMIR GARRETT IS LUCKY TO BE ALIVE AFTER FACING JAVY BAEZ TONIGHT https://t.co/FDurubmpPE @barstoolsports's photo on Javy
27 Jul, 04:24 AM UTC
for anyone who says javy deserves to be hit for this, u are a bigger clown than amirgarrett. u deserve to be in a carnival blowing balloons for rural america. javy did absolutely nothing wrong. thats competition. 1 pitch too. amirgarretts career is over https://t.co/hlmOevG2vG
27 Jul, 01:05 PM UTC
Javy Báez dice ESTE JUEGO SE TERMINÓ. 💪 @LasMayores's photo on Javy
27 Jul, 04:11 AM UTC
Red Line Radio
Just an absolutely electric walk-off from Javy @RedLineRadio's photo on Javy
27 Jul, 04:11 AM UTC
Sports Illustrated
Peep Javy Baez's reaction after walking it off... 😤 (via @Cubs) @SInow's photo on Javy
27 Jul, 04:27 AM UTC
Javy Baez gets the better of Amir Garrett with a bases loaded pinch hit single and the @cubs complete the comeback vs the Reds 6-5. #elmago @BleacherNation @realcubsinsider #CubTogether https://t.co/YFmEwEtBPN
27 Jul, 07:43 AM UTC
Chad Dotson
Not a great result today, but (a) screw Javy Baez, and (b) when you wake up tomorrow, you won't be a Cubs fan. Life ain't bad, my friends.
27 Jul, 04:36 AM UTC
Dillard Barnhart
27 Jul, 04:09 AM UTC
Katherine Rosales
Para los que no entendieron el perreo de Javy Báez por el Walk Off del lunes 👇🏻 https://t.co/kj1eL9yU8q
27 Jul, 12:52 PM UTC
Steven Souza
Javy Baez yes!!!!!
27 Jul, 01:22 PM UTC
Wrigleyville Lounge
Good morning, Wrigleyville Let’s be real, we couldn’t sleep last night, we were too buzzed from Javy walking it off The Spanish call of this play by @Miguelsvoice is the thing you need to get your day going #CubTogether https://t.co/lbwcOFXYqa
27 Jul, 12:12 PM UTC
Dingers: A Chicago Cubs Podcast
@LockedOnCubs Love it. He did the sweep motion. When the cubs got swept by the Reds in early July Garrett ended it by doing that same sweep motion at the Cubs dugout. Javy remembered. https://t.co/bi9NoQEBsJ
27 Jul, 01:40 PM UTC
Locked On Cubs
Javy Baez with an epic walk off last night against Amir Garrett & the Reds! https://t.co/mFiArKrs0I
27 Jul, 12:59 PM UTC
@rodgersmanbun @CubsBlackhawks7 The cubs reds stuff goes deeper than the standings They have a dust up every other yr So the fact that Javy told him “1 pitch” then hit a ball outside the strike zone 380 ft on the 1st pitch is impressive. And badass
27 Jul, 01:19 PM UTC