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NBC Sports Philadelphia
A reminder that the Mets are literally paying Jay Bruce to do this to them. 6-0, Phillies @NBCSPhilly's photo on Jay Bruce
07 Jul, 07:03 PM UTC
Philadelphia Phillies
Jay Bruce loves hitting homers. #2 on the day gives us a 7-2 lead! @Phillies's photo on Jay Bruce
07 Jul, 08:00 PM UTC
Philadelphia Phillies
Jay Bruce hits a 2-run HR to give us a 6-0 lead! @Phillies's photo on Jay Bruce
07 Jul, 07:08 PM UTC
NBC Sports Philadelphia
Jay Bruce did it again! A two-homer game for him and the Phillies extend the lead! @NBCSPhilly's photo on Jay Bruce
07 Jul, 07:55 PM UTC
Michael Mayer
Jay Bruce has 4 home runs against the Mets. Robinson Cano has 4 home runs for the Mets.
07 Jul, 07:53 PM UTC
andrew mccutchen
Jay Bruce’s inner Bruce Lee is on full display rn @TheCUTCH22's photo on Jay Bruce
07 Jul, 07:54 PM UTC
Anthony DiComo
Most HR before the All-Star break, Mets history: 1-t. Pete Alonso, 30 (2019) 1-t. Dave Kingman, 30 (1976) 3. Carlos Beltran, 25 (2006)* 4. Mike Piazza, 24 (2000) 5-t. Jay Bruce, 23 (2017) 5-t. Todd Hundley, 23 (1996)* *Went on to set/match the Mets' single-season record of 41.
07 Jul, 09:32 PM UTC
Anthony DiComo
Jay Bruce with another. His fourth home run and 11th RBI against the Mets in the last two weeks. It's probably safe at this point to add Bruce to the Daniel Murphy Pantheon of Former Mets Who Just Crush the Mets.
07 Jul, 07:55 PM UTC
𝐃𝐚𝐧 𝐑𝐨𝐜𝐡𝐞
The Phillies season hasn’t gone perfectly, but where would this team be without the acquisition of Jay Bruce? 🔥28 Games 🔥10 HR 🔥29 RBI https://t.co/x0BdW29xgS
07 Jul, 07:58 PM UTC
Alex Cheremeteff
Jay Bruce is the first player in #MLB history (since 1933) to hit 10+ home runs for two different teams prior to the All-Star break. #BruceAlmighty https://t.co/MP4WIiw7aA
07 Jul, 09:17 PM UTC
NBC Sports Philadelphia
Over his last four starts, Aaron Nola has allowed just two earned runs in 29⅔ innings, a 0.61 ERA. @CSeidmanNBCS has more on the the Phillies ace, Jay Bruce and Bryce Harper in his observations from Citi Field. https://t.co/FASqrQ5ErJ
07 Jul, 08:40 PM UTC
Jon Heyman
Jay Bruce hit 2 home runs today, his first multi-homer game vs. Mets. Bruce had 4 multi-homer games as a Met. He is one of 4 active players with a multi-homer game for and against the Mets: Jay Bruce Wilson Ramos Daniel Murphy Todd Frazier @EliasSports
07 Jul, 11:08 PM UTC
Christopher Kamka
Jay Bruce - 14 HR with Mariners, 10 with Phillies - is the first player in MLB history to hit 10+ HR with 2 different teams before the All-Star Break (the All-Star Game started in 1933)
07 Jul, 08:57 PM UTC
Jack McCaffery
What were the Mariners smoking, giving Jay Bruce to the #Phillies for no good reason? Criticize Klentak if it makes you feel good, but that was a stone-cold steal. #Phillies
07 Jul, 07:02 PM UTC
Zach Braziller
Asked Jay Bruce if he thinks #mets are regetting the big trade: “I have no idea, man, no idea. I feel like they probably worked on it for a long time, and decided that was the move they wanted to make. I totally respect that. You have to ask Brodie, I don’t know.” #mets
07 Jul, 11:11 PM UTC
Mike Puma
Jay Bruce's torment of the Mets continues with a two-run homer in the sixth that knocks out Zack Wheeler. Phillies 6, Mets hitless.
07 Jul, 07:00 PM UTC
We'll be honest: this week's update on old friends hurts a bit https://t.co/JzWd5ibDqM @SNYtv's photo on Jay Bruce
07 Jul, 11:30 PM UTC
Scott Lauber
“I think we all know that we underachieved in the first half and we expect to play better.” Story, via @PhillyInquirer: https://t.co/38o4A03CB1
07 Jul, 10:18 PM UTC
The Mets Blog
Former Mets Watch: Jay Bruce makes former team pay, two prospects play in Futures Game https://t.co/evQ5wj3CYS https://t.co/smeY6UvPtg
07 Jul, 10:42 PM UTC
Nick Spano
omg just saw what jay bruce did to the mets this weekend 😂
07 Jul, 11:31 PM UTC
Lets Go Nets/Giants
Name 2 worst off season additions team (tandems) than Edwin Diaz and Robinson Cano? I'm wait... the #Mets were fleeced twice and gave up Jay Bruce.
07 Jul, 11:07 PM UTC
Andrew Robinson
Today, thanks to the Mets still technically paying Jay Bruce to hit bombs against them: https://t.co/5fj8gO6VsP
07 Jul, 11:03 PM UTC
Mets Report
Jay Bruce continues strong season with 2 homer day in win over Mets #NYM https://t.co/Z5eZu0HG4F https://t.co/B7HDgEEaWq
07 Jul, 10:56 PM UTC
Miss Len
@NBCSPhilly Jay Bruce, you are the dude!!
07 Jul, 10:48 PM UTC
Rob Francese
@Miss_Met @martinonyc @SNYtv 2019 nutshell Lowrie Cano Rosario bad ss Frazier Darnaud 💴 lagares 💴 Wilson Familia Vargas 🤮 Calloway Brodie hair Cespedes Diaz Jay Bruce Yanks 🚞 Feel free to add
07 Jul, 11:43 PM UTC
Zambrano Mejia Joe Johnson Jay Bruce Travis Hafner #WildNOut https://t.co/WKuoNpequY
07 Jul, 11:41 PM UTC
@AnthonyDiComo What a bunch of BS some of you all are spouting. All I saw online was good riddance when Jay Bruce was shipped out. Not one tear was shed. He hits some HRs against the Mets and suddenly everyone is his biggest supporter knew we should've kept him. Y'all are full of shit. #lgm
07 Jul, 11:35 PM UTC
Jose Ortiz
@wshngrd @Mets Jay Bruce did great today
07 Jul, 11:32 PM UTC
Demitri Pagonis 🌹🌻
@Miss_Met That’s how I described Jay Bruce’s recent success vs the Mets today.
07 Jul, 11:23 PM UTC
zaim hodzic
@AnthonyDiComo Jay Bruce sending a Mets-sage.
07 Jul, 11:19 PM UTC
Bishop Van Buren
@cbswartz5 where’s jay bruce
07 Jul, 11:18 PM UTC
Insane Squidward
@goinggone17 Jay Bruce Season WAR: 1.4, good for 181th in MLB. Had they kept him, where would he play? Corner outfielders are McNeil and Dom Smith, two terrific players. 1B? Pete Alonso plays there.
07 Jul, 11:16 PM UTC
sam waters
@jeffMLBdraft What we give up to get Jay Bruce? He is on an expiring contract. Benson or Gonzales is too high
07 Jul, 11:16 PM UTC
@Mattrasman @bobneira81 @AllStarGame @MLB @SIRIUSXM @Mariners @michaelgbaron Yeah Jay Bruce is killing it. Must’ve been too much for him being in the New York Spot light.
07 Jul, 11:16 PM UTC
@jared_m_locke @Buster_ESPN So throw out the whole season & replace the productive guys bcuz they don’t have experience? Seems weird to me - you have to start somewhere w/getting guys experience. all the OF guys will b significant parts of Tribes future. no glaring hole in OF like 2017 w/ Jay Bruce
07 Jul, 11:13 PM UTC
Joey Covers
@Mets @Fanatics @JdeGrom19 @JeffMcNeil805 Please @GMBVW Van Wiggelsworth trade all 3 of these Bums to the Phillies for Jay Bruce! He’ll work well with Cano!
07 Jul, 11:06 PM UTC
@insanesquidward @NBCSPhilly Jay Bruce is a GOAT, don’t @me with your silly sabermetric stats! 😂 lol
07 Jul, 11:03 PM UTC
Gary Potosky
#Phillies 47-43 at the #AllStarGame break, wild card as of today. But many questions for the final 72 games https://t.co/J8uyMkBSAF via @ScottLauber
07 Jul, 10:55 PM UTC
michael wetzel
@NYPost_Mets Jay Bruce Won't let it happen.Frazier is his friend.
07 Jul, 10:44 PM UTC
Former Mets Watch: Jay Bruce makes former team pay, two prospects play in Futures Game https://t.co/Z8JLeYRDTA https://t.co/Yi6OcHGUCq
07 Jul, 10:42 PM UTC