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memory lane
Say goodbye to the DECADE @bitchim999's photo on Jayda
01 Dec, 09:24 PM UTC
Love from the planet Mars
What do y’all even be talking about forreal https://t.co/gPI1Kgv1EO
02 Dec, 04:23 AM UTC
CJ from 🐣.
Only the real remember #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade @willis_cj's photo on Jayda
02 Dec, 01:13 AM UTC
I hope Lizzo keeps making people uncomfortable. As many years as we’ve been forced to see skinny naked bodies on movies, shows, music videos, suddenly she needs to “relax” with how much she shows off. Nah, keep it coming sis.
02 Dec, 04:50 AM UTC
When your ex tings pop up after you post a pic on Instagram 😌 @Rue_sk's photo on Jayda
02 Dec, 12:40 AM UTC
me & this undone work looking at each other... @octavviuussss's photo on Jayda
02 Dec, 02:24 AM UTC
elle diable 🥵💋
@Strong26727444 @waydamin @lilbaby4PF I see that people don’t know who Jayda was even before their relationship JAYDA HAS HER OWN SHITTTTTTTTT
02 Dec, 12:48 PM UTC
Jayda gave bra 25k for his bday these bitches keep gettin hotel rooms for us throwin rose pedals around and shit i hate it here
02 Dec, 06:24 AM UTC
C 🥶
GIVEAWAY! RT this post to be entered to win this 1 of 1 shirt Size XL Must be following 🤙🏻 https://t.co/Xfd0njhGrS
02 Dec, 05:21 PM UTC
A Spike Lee Joint
Jayda gave Baby $25K for his birthday like that nigga doesn’t take care of her and of course the broke, bitter and lonely are acting like that’s not a normal gift for that tax bracket
02 Dec, 03:07 PM UTC
That man look so happy bro she definitely doing something right I need me a jayda lol
02 Dec, 06:09 AM UTC
lmao jayda gave baby 25k bitches talking about only if I had a real nigga 😂 only if you had 25k
02 Dec, 07:00 AM UTC
I’m on what Jayda on. Real rich bitch shit. Ain’t nothing to spoil the nigga who don’t play nor half step with you.
02 Dec, 04:07 PM UTC
Brittany O'Grady
I hate indifference.
02 Dec, 06:06 PM UTC
IPKilla 💜
I don’t want any gifts for Christmas just put the money in the envelope and give me
02 Dec, 04:11 AM UTC
A nigga that go hard for me can get anything from me! Jayda went in for baby💪🏽💪🏽
02 Dec, 05:32 PM UTC
I think Jayda gifting Baby 25K was the dumbest, most unthoughtful thing ever. How you gift a rich nigga money, bitch get creative. 😭
02 Dec, 04:38 PM UTC
Lmaoo everybody wanted to be like baby and jayda in that close friends video even when they took the pics it was goals ! She gave him 25k yesterday ain seen none of y’all chicken heads post that 😂😂😂 y’all must don’t wanna be like that part huh😂😂😂😂
02 Dec, 03:56 PM UTC
damn i need me a jayda. i wish i could cheat and get 25 bands! i hate it here https://t.co/g6Z0sCd8DD
02 Dec, 04:25 PM UTC
BET Music
Millionaire influencer Jayda Cheaves rang in her boo's 25th birthday the best way she knew how—with stacks of cash! https://t.co/YeOoUyByP2
02 Dec, 06:04 PM UTC
Jayda gave baby 25k, I won’t even give u undependable ass niggas $.25. Go to hell
02 Dec, 05:22 PM UTC
Mr. Awwwright
Wanna Gine talk regardless so I could as well do me 🤷🏽‍♂️
02 Dec, 05:43 PM UTC
Mahi choudhary
Aaj ka episode Kitna boring lag Raha hai yr sach me ab toh maan jao public ki Trp sirf #SidharthShukla he laa Sakta hai . Aaj Sid Nahi Dikha jayda toh episode Kitna boring ho Gaya . Bilkul bhi Maza Nahi aaya mujhe toh aaj. #TrpKingSidharth #CaptainCoolShuklaJi https://t.co/7HoX77ee1i
02 Dec, 06:05 PM UTC
Jayda gave Lil Baby 25k for his birthday, I can’t settle for less than that. You women better step it up
02 Dec, 03:18 PM UTC
Realtor®️ Bae
Jayda gave a rich nigga 25k? How thoughtful.
02 Dec, 05:41 PM UTC
WhatsApp looks horrible yc
02 Dec, 12:07 AM UTC
Ya better not even dare ask for what Jayda did 😭😩😩
02 Dec, 04:40 PM UTC
IPKilla 💜
Love playing victim and making ya feel like everything is because of you. I hate to see it
02 Dec, 04:41 PM UTC
Lmao y’all tripping Jayda did her thing giving him 25k! Lil bitch only 22, she lit!
02 Dec, 06:03 PM UTC
Y’all niggas want a Jayda, but ain’t got lil Baby money.
02 Dec, 05:00 PM UTC

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