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How jayda tried to no face no case lil baby like we don’t know that nigga😂 @LissGianni's photo on Jayda
26 May, 04:39 AM UTC
Jayda and lil baby is prime example of why you should keep your relationship problems off the internet😂😂
26 May, 05:01 AM UTC
Jayda & Baby is a perfect example of mind yal mfn business. 🙃
26 May, 04:59 AM UTC
wicked gyal coco
Jayda get 2 hunna a apology i would be there too
26 May, 01:20 PM UTC
This Jayda rn😂🥴. period @indiaarii's photo on Jayda
26 May, 05:36 AM UTC
K A Y 🤍
ohh cause I thought I heard the bitches who run back to they nigga after he dog em out said some bout jayda 🥴
26 May, 05:07 AM UTC
look at all the jaydas being mad at Jayda
26 May, 04:56 AM UTC
Jayda & baby are not goals 🥴 he a cheating nigga that get her back with gifts 😭😭
26 May, 05:03 AM UTC
Everybody calling jayda stupid🤣 we all done been there..at least she stupid over a nigga with $ and not 1 that gotta drive her car🤷🏽‍♀️🤣🤏🏾
26 May, 12:59 PM UTC
Y’all talking about “I want a Dess to my Jayda, a Miami to my JT” but y’all bitches don’t know how to be friends!! Y’all fake af! 😂😩
26 May, 11:04 AM UTC
Do you Jayda! We all run back😭😍😍😍
26 May, 04:54 AM UTC
“Oh cause I thought a bitch who keep taking a broke nigga back said something about Jayda”
26 May, 03:56 PM UTC
If I was Jayda I would go back with baby too 🤷🏽‍♀️ I took a nigga back for free before so who tf am I 🤣🤣🤣
26 May, 01:25 PM UTC
I aint even mad at u Jayda...
26 May, 04:44 AM UTC
SLIM 🧟‍♂️
Hey at least jayda get gifts and shit first before she go back 🤣🤣🤣 some of y’all bitches would go back for a pound of crawfish and a night of riding down 45 lmfaooo
26 May, 03:09 PM UTC
𝓗𝒐𝒏𝒆𝒚 𝓗𝒆𝒓𝒖
Jayda and Beyonce the same bitch https://t.co/GguMrQRCzZ
26 May, 03:42 PM UTC
oh cause i thought the girls that run back to the same niggas had sum to say about jayda
26 May, 02:35 PM UTC
J O D Y or GOTEO🇭🇹
Jayda get 2 hunna a apology 😂 Two hunna ✌🏽🤏🏽🤏🏽
26 May, 02:36 PM UTC
♦️✨Nitty in ya City✨♦️
Jayda set. Y’all out here gettin played by niggas wit no money, cuz they got good dick.
26 May, 12:09 PM UTC
Clem 📌
y’all think jayda was leaving baby who get ✌🏾🤏🏾🤏🏾 occasion ?
26 May, 02:11 PM UTC
Lol I just don’t understand why y’all care so much about jayda and baby bro
26 May, 05:09 PM UTC
Maybe : NeNe
Don’t be a jayda girls
26 May, 03:26 PM UTC
im rasheeda i rap like shawty lo
Stupid ass bitches be looking for bitches like Jayda and Ari to teach them life lessons lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
26 May, 07:28 PM UTC
idc idc jayda ain’t dumb that nigga pay like he weigh all these niggas do BULLSHI .
26 May, 05:56 PM UTC
Let Jayda take back HER man. Y’all blow me having so much BROKE input on RICH people’s lives 😒
26 May, 04:48 PM UTC
Only1Nick !
Y’all been running behind the same person for years and talking dirty bout jayda....WEHD
26 May, 04:43 PM UTC
airy ..
y’all killing me with the “we can’t judge jayda cause we’ve all been jayda” whoooo the hell is WE ALL
26 May, 02:23 PM UTC
B R I T😌
Y’all clowning Jayda and yo nigga just asked you for 10 dollars ... just be quiet
26 May, 04:59 PM UTC
🦋 J A D E N N E D A J 🦋
y is jayda trending...what i miss
26 May, 07:38 PM UTC
yea my name is Susie
Nah fr tho, ion know why y’all talking bout Jayda bad. Remember he said he wasn’t in love with you sis? Bleed the bitch & go find your husband later, you only 22 right?. You got plenty time.
26 May, 08:12 PM UTC