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Marcus Mosher
Jaylon Smith celebrating down by 17 LOL. Dude.
06 Dec, 03:17 AM UTC
Dallas Cowboys
Jaylon Smith with the takeaway💪 Ball back to the #DallasCowboys offense.... #DALvsCHI @dallascowboys's photo on Jaylon Smith
06 Dec, 03:28 AM UTC
NFL Memes
Jaylon Smith proceeded celebrates with throat-slashing motion after looking right at an injured Bears player. Not a good look for Jaylon.. https://t.co/AWZhin036K
06 Dec, 04:05 AM UTC
JESSE (With No “i”)
Jaylon Smith Just Showed Yall That This Team Is Delusional and Completely Unaware Of Reality! You’re Swiping Down 24-7 With 37 Missed Tackles!!! 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
06 Dec, 03:20 AM UTC
Wyatt Sparkman
This is ridiculous. Not mad at Awuzie l, but this shows who Jaylon Smith is as person to stare a man down while he’s injured and then celebrates #TNF #DALvsCHI #NFL https://t.co/dwzPUMPCUc
06 Dec, 02:50 AM UTC
nobody: jaylon smith after making a tackle while down 50: https://t.co/joUrBFrlOe
06 Dec, 03:18 AM UTC
Also inactive tonight: Jaylon Smith Brett Maher Cowboys Offense (excluding zeke) Jason Garrett Kris Richard Chris Jones Xavier Woods https://t.co/OqflEKFJp9
06 Dec, 02:44 AM UTC
KD Drummond
Bears targeted Jaylon Smith on 3 straight plays in the red zone. 3. The first two told you what they thought of you, and you all boogied in the back of the end zone. And they came right back and got a touchdown on you. But that dance was cool AF yo. Good job.
06 Dec, 02:43 AM UTC
Drip Bayless
Jaylon Smith lacing em up tonight https://t.co/v9ca1z5yJi
06 Dec, 02:55 AM UTC
America’s Team ✭
I love Jaylon Smith but he's always celebrating at the wrong times
06 Dec, 02:38 AM UTC
Not Robert Griffin
Jaylon Smith running down the field thinking he had an interception as the refs are calling it a TD, followed up by a shot of a crotchety Jerry Jones is the content I’m here for
06 Dec, 02:46 AM UTC
Patrik [No C] Walker
They targeted Jaylon Smith three times in a row. All that mattered was what happened on the third. TD.
06 Dec, 02:41 AM UTC
Allen Robinson is the Bears best receiver. The Bears have one receiver up top with three defenders on him. Jaylon Smith is a linebacker. What is going on, Dallas? @Cianaf's photo on Jaylon Smith
06 Dec, 02:52 AM UTC
Pastor Carl Day ©️©️©️
Jaylon Smith NEVER turned around 3 times straight. Cowboys defense doesn’t notice the best WR on the bears is in the slot? ... man send Rod and kris home with Garrett
06 Dec, 02:42 AM UTC
Tweet About It
You really can’t blame Garrett because the defense is dog shit The tackling is awful D-Law making 5 million per sack Y’all think Byron Jones is good but gets beat every week (run & get your PFF made up stats) Jaylon Smith lost about 5 steps Bennett is all bark no bite
06 Dec, 03:49 AM UTC
Dan DeYoung
Did anyone else notice Jaylon Smith look at Javon Wims injured and proceed to celebrate right in front of him? #bears #Bears100
06 Dec, 02:39 AM UTC
geek boy ethan
Jaylon Smith celebrating in the face of someone grabbing their leg in excruciating pain, hmm.
06 Dec, 02:39 AM UTC
Greg Braggs Jr.
Everyone jumping all over this... They didnt see him in my opinion. 24 immediately acknowledged it and even gave a prayer at the end. Jaylon Smith of all people knows about the seriousness of injury. I'm giving them a pass here. https://t.co/717sYjSogS
06 Dec, 02:51 AM UTC
Christopher Powers
Let’s see how Jaylon Smith felt about that Michael Gallup drop ... https://t.co/q4Kb3NGlQ4
06 Dec, 03:29 AM UTC
Kettle cooked and Reese’s
Jaylon Smith sucked, Sean Lee sucked, Randall Cobb where are you?Jason Witten is killing the team so he sucks, Prescott sucks, the “hot boyz” were a complete hot garbage as they have been the entire season.
06 Dec, 05:19 AM UTC
FOX Sports MX
¡TD CHICAGO! #NFLxFOX Parecía que Jaylon Smith se quedaba con el balón, pero Robinson se logró quedar con la posesión para el TD ¿Qué piensan uds? 🔁Intercepción ❤TD Cowboys 7-17 Bears @FOXImpactoNFL @FOXSportsMX's photo on Jaylon Smith
06 Dec, 02:46 AM UTC
Huh, interesting that Jaylon Smith decided to mock Javon Wims as he lays on the field injured.... @thejaylonsmith, I’m curious, why did you do this? Also, what are your thoughts on the rest of the game? How did it go? https://t.co/USY2673lHz
06 Dec, 04:44 AM UTC
Did y'all see this crap??? Wtf JAYLON Smith and CHIDOBE AWUZIE. Get help. You're messed up https://t.co/fSCeGlvZb5
06 Dec, 02:45 AM UTC
Jaylon smith showed up, Ezekiel Elliot played well. Dak needs to step it up. Overall it appears to me this team is playing with no heart or passion. These are the times I miss @DezBryant yelling at people on the sideline. This team needs some fire.
06 Dec, 04:45 AM UTC
We’ve all talked about the coaching that’s an issue, but what players are the issue for the #Cowboys? For me? - Sean Lee, Jaylon Smith - Chidobe Awuzie, whoever’s at safety - whole defensive line - left guard - receivers There’s so many holes on this team.
06 Dec, 05:00 AM UTC
⭐️IRanOutOfNamesForThisTrashTeam (6-7)⭐️
Idc who you are..What team you play for..what fanbase you are a part of... If you celebrate someone getting hurt...I don't respect you or rock with you 🙅🏾‍♂️ So F Jaylon Smith for what he did
06 Dec, 06:18 AM UTC
Noah Weber
@am3nn @jonascameronj Who’s leading the pre game huddles? Jaylon Who was selected as 1 of the 6 captains that are voted for by his teammates? Jaylon Who’s currently leading the entire NFL in tackles? Jaylon If you think the problem with the #DallasCowboys is Jaylon Smith, you are dead wrong. #CEV
06 Dec, 07:24 AM UTC
Jaylon smith be fucking hype like he doing shit
06 Dec, 03:16 AM UTC
Notre Dame Recruiting
I have noticed tonight that Jaylon Smith is getting a lot of push back for a celebration after Wims’ injury. First off, Jaylon obviously didn’t know he was injured. Second, some fans act like he shouldn’t be celebrating when losing. Would you rather him be negative? 🤔
06 Dec, 06:30 AM UTC

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