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Man, I stay off Twitter for an hour to watch a Billie Eilish at Austin City Limits on the DVR (it was amazing) and Jeb Bush picks a fight with Room Rater. (As a club 10/10 member you know what side I’m on) @ratemyskyperoom
22 Nov, 12:58 AM UTC
Shannon Watts
Jeb Bush’s party is refusing for the first time in our nation’s history of democracy to participate in a peaceful transition of presidential power, but he’s worried a twitter handle that judges people’s backgrounds for fun is actually the problem. Please clap.
22 Nov, 12:33 AM UTC
Robyn Patterson
Jeb Bush lecturing Room Rater while his friends literally try and steal an election is quite a mood.
22 Nov, 12:47 AM UTC
Why is Jeb Bush having a twitter argument with Room rater while his party is literally trying to steal an election???
22 Nov, 02:16 AM UTC
Todd Rowley🇺🇸🌎
This is why Jeb Bush has no political future. It's sad because Jeb is a true, conservative Republican (we can only still assume, right?). Someone & something we could all identify with pre-Trumpism. Jeb has courage to feud with #RoomRater but none to dress down Trump. Really!?
22 Nov, 03:50 AM UTC
@JebBush @ratemyskyperoom It's all in fun, no one gets paid and Republicans are subverting an election Oh my Jeb Bush, what in the hell are you thinking? Read the real room
22 Nov, 01:22 AM UTC
Steve Rustad
Trump Administration? It never WAS an administration. It was a crime syndicate, a gang of grifters, a pack of vulgar racists & scheming liars. 59 days & they're GONE. #DoodieGiuliani #Resist Mike Kelly Judge Brann DENIED AS MOOT Guatemala Jeb Bush Room Rater Liz Cheney Jenna
22 Nov, 04:20 AM UTC
Pat Cunnane
Jeb Bush watched a failed coup silently and then picked a very public fight with Room Rater. Please clap.
22 Nov, 03:02 AM UTC
Palmer Report
The problem is Jeb Bush thinks he’s funny but he’s just an asshole.
22 Nov, 01:15 AM UTC
Elizabeth C. McLaughlin
Jeb Bush staying silent on white supremacist president but choosing a post-election attack on Room Rater @ratemyskyperoom as “biased” was not on my 2020 bingo card. But here we are again.
22 Nov, 05:10 AM UTC
Brendan Nyhan
Jeb Bush’s priorities right now
22 Nov, 01:01 AM UTC
The Daily Beast
Jeb Bush says Room Rater is "part of the problem" as Trump tries to subvert the election
22 Nov, 02:17 AM UTC
Jeb Bush is right about Room Rater and everyone knows it. Don't @ me.
22 Nov, 02:12 AM UTC
Benjy Renton
It's 2020. Jeb Bush is having an argument with the Room Rater on Twitter.
22 Nov, 01:26 AM UTC
Jore Ogan
Jeb Bush creampie
22 Nov, 04:06 AM UTC
henri bréboeuf 🐔🍷🇨🇦
@AynRandPaulRyan @JebBush @ratemyskyperoom Seems Jeb hopped on the Trump train sometime after this from 2016: “Bush told CNN's Dana Bash he was a "joyful warrior," who wouldn't sit back and watch "someone try to hijack a party that I believe will allow people to rise up again."”
22 Nov, 02:55 AM UTC
Oracle Park Seagull
Great to see Jeb Bush come out of hiding and take a stand on... <checks notes> ...Room Rater perceived political bias? <covers mic> {is that right}
22 Nov, 05:49 AM UTC
Andrew Mark Miller.
Stoked I have no idea what Room Rater and Jeb Bush trending means. Operating in a different dimension where those things don't matter.
22 Nov, 05:49 AM UTC
Jeb Bush is mad because Room Rater gave a Republican politician a 9/10 instead of a perfect score. This the craziest thing I’ve seen since that one politician cosplayed as a Black man.
22 Nov, 06:02 AM UTC
love love love this discovery that Jeb Bush is so invested in (and maybe even a fan of??) Room Rater
22 Nov, 05:49 AM UTC
TheMajestic1776©🇺🇸🌹4 SF Honor Valor
@liquidlaugh I used to Advise President George W Bush along with Gonzalez's his Attorney General and Rodriguez Director of the CIA at that time. It a known the fact that Jeb Bush said he had no intention of running for the Presidency
22 Nov, 05:47 AM UTC
President-Elect Lloyd
Or the time Jeb Bush let Terri Schiavo starve to death! Wouldn’t intervene and let her parents take care of her!
22 Nov, 06:14 AM UTC
Micah Watz
@JebBush Lol. An opinion from Jeb Bush. Ha
22 Nov, 06:12 AM UTC
@JebBush How we know they did? Jeb Bush says they didn't. You're a joke, a walking punchline. As is your entire loser family.
22 Nov, 06:12 AM UTC
Joe Hand
@cmclymer Yeah, and have we confirmed the Room Rater is indeed a man? Same question for Jeb Bush. Someone.... anyone.... please clap for him.
22 Nov, 06:09 AM UTC
Kevin wolf
@JebBush @ratemyskyperoom So Jeb Bush comes out of nowhere to give his thoughts on the most important issue dividing this country in this time of crisis: a twitter account being biased against Republicans by complementing their home decor?
22 Nov, 06:08 AM UTC
WTF is going? Jeb Bush's life can't be this sad.
22 Nov, 06:07 AM UTC
Cynthia Van Maanen
Everything Jeb Bush touches is tedious af
22 Nov, 06:04 AM UTC
Y hoy en #gringosareweird Jeb Bush, exgobernador de Florida y participante del fraude que llevó a su hermano a la presidencia, decide echarle pleito a una cuenta que califica los fondos de zoom... ....................
22 Nov, 06:03 AM UTC
Nick Luca
@ijonevans @RadioFreeTom But for Jeb Bush to weigh in on this? It's like asking Rush to take it easy on the liberal bashing.
22 Nov, 06:00 AM UTC

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