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Stewart Mandel
Jeff Brohm is infuriated and he should be. That is some horrendous officiating.
21 Nov, 03:51 AM UTC
#FireAllB1GRefs Barstool Boilers 🚂
We will start a go fund me to pay your fine Jeff Brohm, cause some hell
21 Nov, 03:52 AM UTC
All crime is legal for Jeff Brohm tonight
21 Nov, 03:51 AM UTC
Mike Schaefer
Big Ten officiating continues to be the most pathetic entity on Earth. I hope Jeff Brohm goes bananas, but it's terrible that this crew will go call more games.
21 Nov, 03:52 AM UTC
Adam Rittenberg
#Purdue coach Jeff Brohm on OPI call: "I did not get a good explanation. Your guess is as good as mine."
21 Nov, 04:09 AM UTC
Gregg Doyel
I asked Purdue coach Jeff Brohm about the late penalty that took the game-winning TD away in this loss to Minnesota, and I said "nobody liked it ... what did you think?" And he said: "I think you know what I think. I didn’t like it a lot."
21 Nov, 04:10 AM UTC
Jeff Potrykus
I hope Purdue’s Jeff Brohm says to hell with it and goes scorched earth in his presser.
21 Nov, 03:54 AM UTC
Dominique Yates
Wow. Purdue got straight up robbed. That's as bad a call as you'll see in a football game. Can't say I blame Jeff Brohm for going off like that.
21 Nov, 04:00 AM UTC
Nicole Auerbach 😷
Can someone explain this to me? I’m more heated than Jeff Brohm over here on my couch rn!!!!!!
21 Nov, 03:53 AM UTC
Still Got Hope
Hey Jeff Brohm, Down 20 players with the worst defense in program history. And we still beat you.
21 Nov, 03:52 AM UTC
Trey Wallace
They called this OPI. Maybe one of the worse calls I’ve seen this season. Jeff Brohm destroyed the officials, rightfully so.
21 Nov, 03:56 AM UTC
Mike Schumann @ The Daily Hoosier
Jeff Brohm is now into his 4th year at Purdue. He has a 19-23 record and is one of the 10 highest paid coaches in college football. At what point does that start getting uncomfortable?
21 Nov, 04:08 AM UTC
Kyle Charters
Kudos to Jeff Brohm for holding it together. But if I made $5 million a year (or whatever), I would absolutely unload in those post-game pressers.
21 Nov, 04:31 AM UTC
Barrett Sallee
If I’m Jeff Brohm, I’m inventing a whole new level of cuss words.
21 Nov, 05:26 AM UTC
Purdue On BTN
In his postgame comments following his team's 34-31 loss at Minnesota, @BoilerFootball coach Jeff Brohm answered questions about the late offensive pass interference penalty against his team. His full remarks ⬇. @PurdueOnBTN's photo on Jeff Brohm
21 Nov, 04:30 AM UTC
I need a postgame presser that rivals this from Jeff Brohm
21 Nov, 03:56 AM UTC
Chelsea Breza-Berndt
FOR RENT: FREE headspace. Tenant preferably very energetic, likes boat rowing and acronyms, and running up and down the sidelines. If interested, please contact Jeff Brohm.
21 Nov, 04:36 AM UTC
Justin Prince
How I imagine Jeff Brohm was after tonight's #Purdue vs #Minnesota game. @JPrinceFOX55's photo on Jeff Brohm
21 Nov, 04:49 AM UTC
Dustin Schutte
P.J. Fleck is 3-1 vs Jeff Brohm Jeff Brohm is 3-1 vs Kirk Ferentz Kirk Ferentz is 4-0 vs P.J. Fleck B1G!
21 Nov, 04:26 AM UTC
James Light
Jeff Brohm 2nd half opening script 🔥🔥🔥
21 Nov, 02:26 AM UTC
Dave Heller
Jeff Brohm might be getting fined this week.
21 Nov, 03:51 AM UTC
Brian Rosenthal
Jeff Brohm better not even HINT at the fact his team was screwed, or face a 6 figure penalty. Refs? "Nothing to see here"
21 Nov, 05:57 AM UTC
Ben Dawson
Jeff Brohm hired Bob Diaco.
21 Nov, 05:40 AM UTC
Gophers Forever 😷
P.J. Fleck is 3-1 vs Jeff Brohm. P.J. Fleck >>>>> Jeff Brohm. 😈😎 No crying. No excuses, #Boilers. Y'all got a TD after a crap PI call against the #Gophers earlier in the game. I'm holding up both middle fingers, @EronHodges. 🤬 #RTB #Facts 🔥🔥🔥
21 Nov, 05:12 AM UTC
I can’t imagine what Jeff Brohm is thinking😂
21 Nov, 04:01 AM UTC
Judd Zulgad
P.J. Fleck, Jeff Brohm and more on the call that helped the Gophers escape with a win tonight.
21 Nov, 05:04 AM UTC
Is Jeff Brohm drunk? Feed Zander the fucking ball and score 6. Dude gets 6 million to do that? Most overpaid coach in football
21 Nov, 03:32 AM UTC
Jeff Potrykus
If #Badgers fans are interested, here is Jeff Brohm's presser.
21 Nov, 05:20 AM UTC
Saturday Tradition
Purdue’s Jeff Brohm weighs in on controversial pass interference call
21 Nov, 05:20 AM UTC
Alex Bossert
Yeah that PI sucked but Purdue played terrible for 57 minutes and in no way deserved to win that game. It's been 4 years and Jeff Brohm cant deliver against program missing half their staff. There's no excuse to not win a game like that with that much talent.
21 Nov, 04:53 AM UTC

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