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Jeff McNeil with the 💪 @SNYtv's photo on Jeff McNeil
11 Jun, 05:47 PM UTC
New York Mets
Squirrel sends it. 😏 Send squirrel to the @AllStarGame 👉 @Mets's photo on Jeff McNeil
11 Jun, 06:12 PM UTC
Anthony DiComo
What did I say? An error and two soft hits tie the game, before Jeff McNeil goes yard off Tanaka -- a three-run shot. McNeil ranks 18th among National League outfielders in All-Star voting. Mets 4, Yankees 1, top third.
11 Jun, 05:45 PM UTC
Mike Puma
Jeff McNeil 3-run blast gives the Mets a 4-1 lead in the third.
11 Jun, 05:45 PM UTC
Tim Healey
Jeff McNeil, who should be higher than 18th among NL outfielders in All-Star voting, smacks a three-run dinger to right-center. "Let's go Mets," chants the Yankee Stadium crowd. Mets 4, Yankees 1, top 3
11 Jun, 05:45 PM UTC
MLB Home Run
Jeff McNeil - New York Mets (3) 3-run
11 Jun, 05:45 PM UTC
Doug Williams
I know Jeff McNeil can't hear Gary Cohen at the plate but I still feel like he gets an assist on that homer somehow.
11 Jun, 05:49 PM UTC
Anthony DiComo
A member of the Mets' training staff went out to check on Jeff McNeil after his full-extension dive in pursuit of a Gary Sanchez bloop RBI single in the third. The Mets asked McNeil to prove his health with a warm-up throw, which he did successfully. McNeil stays in the game.
11 Jun, 06:04 PM UTC
GENY Mets Report
11 Jun, 05:45 PM UTC
Pete McCarthy
Jeff McNeil is an All-Star
11 Jun, 05:48 PM UTC
David Lennon
Jeff McNeil’s 3-run HR feels like it was three weeks ago. #Yankees have reeled off eight straight to take a 9-4 lead over #Mets.
11 Jun, 06:53 PM UTC
Ernest Dove
Jeff McNeil, thanks to injuries that slowed his run through minors to Mets, will now be under full team control through his entire prime of his baseball ages of his career with them.
11 Jun, 05:51 PM UTC
Mets de Nueva York
¡ Jeff McNeil manda misil al jardín derecho! 🚀 #LosMets | #LGM @LosMets's photo on Jeff McNeil
11 Jun, 06:18 PM UTC
Dan Rourke
I can almost guarantee Jeff McNeil illegally hunts deer in the offseason.
11 Jun, 06:35 PM UTC
DraftKings Sportsbook
Jeff McNeil entered the day with five HRs in 410 career many would he hit per year if he played his home games at Yankee Stadium? A. 0-10 B. 10-20 C. 20-30 D. 30+ @DKSportsbook's photo on Jeff McNeil
11 Jun, 05:49 PM UTC
Tenchy Rodriguez
Crédito al buen batazo de Jeff McNeil HR(3) por otro lado el mismo Mahiro Tanaka. @Mets 4 @Yankees 1. Alta del 3ero. #SubwaySeries 2019
11 Jun, 05:47 PM UTC
Daily MLB Lineups
#Mets Lineup 06/11/19 1. Jeff McNeil 2B 2. Michael Conforto RF 3. Pete Alonso DH 4. Dominic Smith 1B 5. Todd Frazier 3B 6. J.D. Davis LF 7. Amed Rosario SS 8. Tomas Nido C 9. Juan Lagares CF Starting Pitcher : Zack Wheeler
11 Jun, 02:24 PM UTC
Kevin Kernan
Jeff McNeil loves Yankee Stadium found the seats for 3 run home run after lining to LF, Tanaka doing Tanaka things down 4-1
11 Jun, 05:45 PM UTC
Denis Ackermann
All I’m saying is I’ve never seen Jeff McNeil and Ethan Hawke in the same room
11 Jun, 06:38 PM UTC
Brian Rappaport
Just like I said GTFOH Jeff McNeil - I'm sure Mets' fans just said GTFOH Urshela..... #Yankees
11 Jun, 06:26 PM UTC
Eric A Bowers
Jeff McNeil! Nice homer. @Mets #Mets
11 Jun, 06:22 PM UTC
Cheap Hal
Jeff McNeil’s nickname being the squirrel almost makes me feel bad for him
11 Jun, 06:46 PM UTC
Ricardo Rodriguez
Send the Nipomo boy to the all star game! Vote Jeff Mcneil
11 Jun, 06:20 PM UTC
z e n
Luke Voit Jeff McNeil #TuesdayMotivation #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons
11 Jun, 06:55 PM UTC
Drew Somerville
@MetsAvenue This is ridiculous we need to shore up that left field, Cespedes is never coming back and good as Jeff McNeil is he’s not a left fielder worse when he’s not there they put Davis out there, and he’s shown exactly why he shouldn’t be out there @UKMetsOnline @The7LineArmy @genymets
11 Jun, 06:52 PM UTC
King Clutchshot
@AllStarGame @Google Top 5 I want them to go david peralta, adam Jones, jeff McNeil, ronald acuna and either FRANMIL reyes or hunter renfroe but ik ppl are gonna be very bias to there fav teams and stuff so I'm wasting my time typing this sht
11 Jun, 06:48 PM UTC
MLB Home Runs ⚾️
Jeff McNeil - New York Mets (3) 3-run
11 Jun, 06:40 PM UTC
Chris Furlong
Never forget they tried to bury Jeff McNeil behind Cano and dare I say...Jed Lowrie #LGM
11 Jun, 06:39 PM UTC
Ernie Folchi
Mets 4 (Batting: #6 Jeff McNeil) Yankees 7 (Pitching: #19 Masahiro Tanaka) Top of 5th #iscore #Yankees
11 Jun, 06:32 PM UTC
@MetsBooth incredulous over the Yankees defense on Jeff McNeil. “Do they even scout anymore??” And the answer is NO! They rely on Sabermetrics and “advanced analytics” derived by those who are really good at math but know nothing about baseball. Then, McNeil hits a 3-run HR #Mets
11 Jun, 06:22 PM UTC
RT MLB: RT Mets: Squirrel sends it. 😏 Send squirrel to the AllStarGame 👉
11 Jun, 06:21 PM UTC
Karen Alga
@_KingStaysKing Jeff McNeil is slap hitter. He’ll be lucky to get 10Hrs for the season. The fact that it’s a little league field is the reason it went out. Anywhere else it’s a stand up double.
11 Jun, 06:20 PM UTC
Sam Garcia
Jeff McNeil is sooooooo good! #LGM #Mets
11 Jun, 06:18 PM UTC