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WeThePeople #ForTheMany #DangerousHero #JC4PM2019
Smearing @JeremyCorbyn, Shadow Cabinet Ministers, Jennie Formby or @UKLabour will mean the Tory party stays in power. That means no new house is built; poverty, homelessness, hopelessness continues to rise; NHS continues to be decimated; the most vulnerable are forgotten! RT
08 Apr, 08:56 AM UTC
David Wolfson
From today’s Times: “Lady Chakrabarti told Sky: ‘Jennie Formby is a very strong general secretary who is committed to making this a priority. So there is no interference from Jeremy Corbyn or his staff in the disciplinary process.’” The second sentence is demonstrably untrue.
08 Apr, 10:07 AM UTC
Daniel Sugarman
Yes, I imagine that a national paper showing that staffers acted to prevent raving antisemites from being thrown out of the party would indeed cause said staffers “considerable distress”. And LMFAO at the idea Jennie Formby gives a SHIT about the Jewish victims of Labour abuse.
08 Apr, 05:13 PM UTC
Gabriel Pogrund
NEW: Jennie Formby writes to Labour MPs to criticise leak of internal records to The Sunday Times. Says party does not "tolerate leaking of staff correspondence": it causes "considerable distress" to staff and does not "help victims of abuse"
08 Apr, 05:03 PM UTC
Owen Jones🌹
When Jennie Formby took over, she ordered this practice to end. Yet we're left in an absurd situation where a disgruntled former staff member asked Loto for assistance, and has now briefed the media against what he himself did. 🤷🏻‍♂️
08 Apr, 05:06 PM UTC
Owen Jones🌹
One of the claims centres on Loto (the Leader Of The Opposition's office) intervening in cases. Yet this only happened in the couple of weeks between Labour's general secretary Iain McNicol resigning and Jennie Formby replacing him.
08 Apr, 05:06 PM UTC
Unfortunately for Labour, the antisemitism in the party cause considerably more distress to British Jews, so with all due respect to Jennie Formby she can piss off and reevaluate her priorities
08 Apr, 05:06 PM UTC
Michael Fitzgibbons ☘️ #GTTO #JC4PM2019 #JFT96
A Few Facts: 32. The entire backlog of cases outstanding upon Jennie Formby becoming General Secretary of the Labour Party was cleared within 6 months of Jennie taking up her post. Michael Fitzgibbons ☘️ #GTTO #JC4PM2019 #JFT96's photo on Jennie Formby
08 Apr, 07:48 AM UTC
steven penn
GS Jennie Formby has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Has anybody heard Hodge, Ellman or Smeeth send their best?.
08 Apr, 05:01 PM UTC
(((Matt S)))
Seems like Jennie Formby is more interested in criticising leaking of emails than she is in stopping antisemitism on the Labour Party. Colour me surprised....
08 Apr, 05:20 PM UTC
Frances Weetman
Nothing like Jennie Formby demanding that Labour’s failures to tackle antisemitism be resolved only by a subcommittee of a subcommittee of a Frances Weetman's photo on Jennie Formby
08 Apr, 05:31 PM UTC
Frances Weetman
That Jennie Formby email in full: words words words words words words words words Frances Weetman's photo on Jennie Formby
08 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
Mike Crosland #GTTO
@margarethodge Thank you for that forthright point of view on the deliberate and hostile misrepresentation of stolen data by the racist Murdoch press empire. Meanwhile, I’m sure you wish Jennie Formby solidarity and join us in hoping for a speedy recovery.
08 Apr, 03:54 PM UTC
Anderson Armstrong
@mehdirhasan @oprahreporter It's ALL the manner of oil tankers or container ships being conflated with lighthouses,the spinning is bound for the rocks sooner or later.Jennie Formby has established robust processes no Labour or other MP should scorn.
08 Apr, 04:35 PM UTC
Rob Westwood
@1955nancoys @RedLabourGentl1 @LuckyHeronSay Of course! But is there any evidence that following an investigation a member has been found to have said this and been allowed to stay? Jennie Formby must be given time, she is dealing with a deluge.
08 Apr, 04:18 PM UTC
Ameme Hack
LOTO doesn't care, Jennie Formby doesnt care. Hypocrites, the lot of them. #LabourAntisemitism
08 Apr, 05:44 PM UTC
@dontlookbach @SimonWPatterson @IWTheDarkPrince @wesstreeting @UKLabour Yeah sure, Jennie Formby’s figures show in just one single 9 month period, 453 members were found guilty of antisemitism; and we know that a lot more don’t get investigated at all.
08 Apr, 03:44 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from United Kingdom.

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