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brown suga
Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.
09 Mar, 05:09 AM UTC
Amy John
09 Mar, 03:55 AM UTC
IG: Brettschelling
when the liquor starts to HIT and you gotta let the homies know how fucked up you are lmfao
09 Mar, 08:45 PM UTC
once I stop feeling sad it’s over for u bitches
09 Mar, 06:23 AM UTC
Misha Collins
Guys, the guy behind this video is someone I have been friends with since I was 14 years old in Western Massachusetts. Now, he’s working on changing America’s political system from the ground up (with the likes of me and Jennifer Lawrence).
09 Mar, 01:07 AM UTC
Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria
Me río con vos, pero amigo tuyo no soy
09 Mar, 06:06 AM UTC
Gas up your friends and let em know they are frfr killin it. We all need that extra encouragement so we can keep on moving towards our goals
09 Mar, 05:13 AM UTC
เชื่อว่าเกินครึ่งต้องโดนตกด้วยสิ่งนี้ ซอรี่ๆคือเดอะเบสจริงๆ ฮืออออ #TwoYearsWithDaniel ดิสอีสชูวววว🐱's photo on Jennifer
09 Mar, 03:49 PM UTC
Nil Moretto
Comprei um creme que recomenda uso só de um lado do rosto por uma semana pra sentir a diferença. Pelo amor de Jennifer Aniston, padroeira da pele hidratada, que conselho estúpido é esse?
09 Mar, 09:00 PM UTC
🐚🐚🔥🔥🔥REI 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
結の目 🐚🐚🔥🔥🔥REI 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥's photo on Jennifer
09 Mar, 03:56 PM UTC
Michael Tracey
Remember when Jennifer Rubin tried to insinuate that Rand Paul was anti-Israel and perhaps even anti-semitic because he failed to slap his hands together with sufficient vigor? Michael Tracey's photo on Jennifer
09 Mar, 01:49 PM UTC
Sandreeen ✪
Eu não vou falar mais nada // só acho engraçado que ...
09 Mar, 11:45 AM UTC
Nemos I apologize for last night. I don’t know you at all. My passion blinds me at times. WE ALL are WWG1WGA 🇺🇸 TOGETHER WE WILL @NemoV8 ⭐⭐⭐'s photo on Jennifer
09 Mar, 06:22 PM UTC
Trump Opinion Polls
What grade would you currently give @realDonaldTrump as @POTUS? #MAGA #Resist #SaturdayMotivation Please vote & RT to spread poll 😁
09 Mar, 06:34 PM UTC
FreedomReigns WWG1WGA 🙌🏻
Female Jihadists Shout Islamic State will stay, God is great, God is great, Islamic State will stay This is outside Baghouz, Syria where thousands have surrendered & caliphate has been dismantled by U.S. backed Kurdish forces FreedomReigns     WWG1WGA  🙌🏻's photo on Jennifer
09 Mar, 01:16 AM UTC
Jeff Feng
@nilmoretto For the love of Jennifer Anniston Jeff Feng's photo on Jennifer
09 Mar, 09:05 PM UTC
STOP SPRAYING US For those of you who STILL don’t see or believe #chemtrails are real ... please, please, PLEASE watch the full link below ... I DARE YOU! ➡️ #WakeUpAmerica #WWG1WGA #Geoengineering #QArmy #Q DONNA WARREN🇺🇸🐇's photo on Jennifer
09 Mar, 11:13 AM UTC
Ralph Nader
There was a time when major conservative columnists criticized, with great effect, their conservative politicians. No longer. George Will, Jennifer Rubin, Michael Gerson, Max Boot, David Brooks are like water off Trump's back. No impact. -R
09 Mar, 04:30 PM UTC
#QAlert 3/9/19 This will be my Thread for Saturday, March 9, 2019. Do you target your enemies or your allies? and more! [-10] Let’s Go! @POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited #WinningBigly #FactsMatter [intheMatrixxx]'s photo on Jennifer
09 Mar, 10:57 PM UTC
KT Elliott
Gasp in the room as Roger Chalkley shows data that bottom quartile GRE score students perform as well or better than top quartile. Striking, striking data. #GRExit #UI2019
09 Mar, 05:52 PM UTC
Juventud Humana
Denunciamos que nuestra compañera en Bogotá, Jennifer Hurtado, acaba de recibir una llamada amenazante donde le dicen que deje de trabajar con nuestro proceso, que “no van a coger a una, sino a todos”. ¿A quién le interesa detener así la construcción de la Colombia Humana?
09 Mar, 05:37 PM UTC
#QAlert 3/9/19 Q3010 IT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN. BE VIGILANT. Q @POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited #WinningBigly #FactsMatter
09 Mar, 11:47 PM UTC
a menina ganhou um iphone, uma festa e uma moto. no meu aniversário eu que faço a festa e ainda por cima não vem ninguém!!!!
09 Mar, 08:28 PM UTC
carol danvers
jennifer aniston e adam sandler atuando juntos roubam toda a química existente na terra
09 Mar, 10:21 PM UTC
Name 3 modern actresses who you consider to be the best... (Under 50) For me: Emma Stone (LA LA LAND, THE FAVOURITE, BIRDMAN) Jessica Chastain (INTERSTELLAR, CRIMSON PEAK, MOLLY'S GAME) Jennifer Lawrence (WINTER'S BONE, HUNGER GAMES, SILVER LINGINGS PLAYBOOK)
09 Mar, 07:25 PM UTC
ShemaleFan Mex (+18)
Jennifer Hills 2 ShemaleFan Mex (+18)'s photo on Jennifer
09 Mar, 10:14 PM UTC
U ALL ARE WHAT MATTERS WWG1WGA ⭐⭐⭐'s photo on Jennifer
10 Mar, 12:24 AM UTC
Don Cali 👑
Amber is who y'all think Jennifer Hudson is
09 Mar, 01:32 AM UTC
#QAlert 3/9/19 Q3011 Sealed > Unsealed. Indictments coming. Q @POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited #WinningBigly #FactsMatter [intheMatrixxx]'s photo on Jennifer
10 Mar, 12:20 AM UTC
♡ 𝓑𝓫𝔂 𝓑𝓵𝓾 ♡
It just hit me that I physically can’t do anything without music playing in the background. Like, how am I supposed to get dressed,do my makeup or even go grocery shopping without it? Am I the only one?? I listen at least 10 hours a this normal??
09 Mar, 06:35 PM UTC
jennifer's acting in beyhadh as maya... can u believe she was acting? breathtaking.
09 Mar, 05:27 PM UTC
Steve browning
@bbusa617 We Republicans deserve what we are getting from this idiot and others in the party, because our representatives are too chicken shit to fight back. In the future we have to elect people with nerve and commitment!
10 Mar, 12:23 AM UTC
Canal FX
¿Quién es la más hermosa de las dos? ¿Jennifer o Amy? No te las pierdas juntas viviendo un verdadero Escándalo Americano. Esta noche 10PM Canal FX's photo on Jennifer
09 Mar, 10:00 PM UTC
Ben Owen ✝️
President Trump signed Bibles on his trip to Alabama. Should he have signed them?
10 Mar, 12:22 AM UTC
TakingThePowerBackTRUMP #IAmFlynn ⭐️⭐️⭐️
@loveshoulas @TheRoseGardenH1 @GenFlynn #ExonerateGeneralFlynn #IStandWithGenFlynn & His Family Always! Unconditionally! #HangAllTheCabal!
09 Mar, 11:49 PM UTC
Darianne Paulina👸🏻
Las abuelas son lo mejor del mundo 💖
09 Mar, 10:13 PM UTC
Famosas y Presentadoras
Jennifer Lawrence
09 Mar, 06:12 PM UTC
Los Irreverentes
#SábadoDeColumnistas Que la JEP no se salga con la suya. Columna de Jennifer Arias @JenniferAriasF Los Irreverentes's photo on Jennifer
10 Mar, 12:02 AM UTC
"Supporting women in sport is imperative in upholding the mindset to push other women to be their best. Our society in general is healthier and happier when each sex is supported equally and has the same opportunity. " - Jennifer Mead (🏑) 📸 @MPHcentral #WeAreONE | #IWD2019 OUA's photo on Jennifer
09 Mar, 02:07 AM UTC
USC London Office
Great to join @USCLondon for the 2019 Day Of SCervice at @SuitedBootedC a great cause! Special thanks to Jennifer Ladwig who organised the whole thing #USCAlumni #USC #DayOfSCervice USC London Office's photo on Jennifer
09 Mar, 03:59 PM UTC
Laleh Khalili
@saramsalem Also Caren Kaplan, Indrepal Agrewal, Minoo Moallem, Afsaneh Najmabadi, Jennifer Nash, Sara Farris, Catherine Rottenberg, and Jasbir Puar...
09 Mar, 08:15 AM UTC
Doug Whitmore ~ #BERNIE2020
@OurRevolution @BernieSanders This video/information will benefit those that watch it more than once & share it with family & friends for objective discussions! Unbreaking America: A NEW Short Film about Solving the Corruption Crisis (feat. Jennifer Lawrence)
09 Mar, 01:39 AM UTC
coryon gray
Jack was trash before, during and after Jennifer. I'm so over this "JeNNIfER HeaLeD JAcK" shit #DAYS
09 Mar, 09:05 PM UTC
Roberta Gebhard DO
On March 9, a former patient of the Pathway Home for veterans took hostages at gunpoint, killing three employees: Christine Loeber, its executive director; Jen Golick, Ph.D., a staff psychologist; and Jennifer Gonzales, Psy.D., a psychologist with the SF Dept of VA. @AMWAGVTF
09 Mar, 06:06 PM UTC
y’all real bold talking shit about someone who you told all your secrets to lmao. I wish I was heartless enough to ruin a bitch, but unlike y’all I can keep my mouth shut about business that ain’t mine.
09 Mar, 11:54 PM UTC
wait a minute... if she stans these people then it means she never actually cared about being “woke” so the only explanation for her hating on jennifer is that she’s a misogynist 😭
10 Mar, 12:29 AM UTC
Dr. Derek Ochiai
@Orthofacts @brey_jennifer Ha! The fact that you know I was talking about the Krebs Cycle means you use it all the time.😀
10 Mar, 12:28 AM UTC
@soursharon can they just admit they hate jennifer lawrence/fox!marvel and not pretend to be so concerned about x-men and their portrayals when they can't give less fucks when they're not in disney like fuck those purists and the company that keeps postponing MY MOVIES when i actually care
10 Mar, 12:24 AM UTC
Desmond D
“45% of produce is wasted. 35% of seafood is wasted.” Food for thought from Jennifer van de Ligt. #CopernicusProject furthering the conversation on how we can transform the global food system for the better at #SXSW Desmond D's photo on Jennifer
10 Mar, 12:25 AM UTC
Robin Wish
Jennifer Hudson on Pirate Black #yeezyboost Robin Wish's photo on Jennifer
10 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
marlin schwanger
Put some fire in the pipes today! March 23rd at @PVSpeedway we’ll be seeing what ole Jennifer can do! #racerxmotorsports #pasprintseries #wingsprintcar marlin schwanger's photo on Jennifer
10 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
Carol Amato
@jennycohn1 I wish more people were talking about this Jennifer!
10 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
Joan Harris
But hey, the VFX are fantastic and Christoph Waltz, Mahershala Ali, Rosa Salazar, and Jennifer Connelly are great. It's kinda disappointing that they have Edward Norton and use his character as big bad only to set up a sequel... #AlitaBattleAngel
10 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
the other biggest pile of bs i've ever heard is that jennifer hates doing the x-men films which is such a fucking lie and they've obviously never saw one (1) of her interviews
10 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
🔝 #️⃣ Ehi Crucco, sai cosa trenda in Italia alle 01:30? Ecco: 1) #cepostaperte 2) #ChievoMilan 3) #BenjieFedeNoiViAspettiamo 4) #Piatek 5) #PresaDiretta 6) Di Carlo 7) Alberto Bucci 8) Littizzetto 9) Jennifer 10) Ciao Alberto
10 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
Código San Luis
#Belleza #Contouring * Su peluquero ha desvelado el truco que utiliza para disimular las entradas y conseguir un resultado de alfombra roja
10 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
Oscar Armendariz
Celebrating HSPS Jennifer’s 1st Homer Award with SASM Vickie. Congrats Jennifer for setting the bar and taking care of our customers through your Bakersfield stores. Amazing start to a great future! #hspsAllStars #1050 Oscar Armendariz's photo on Jennifer
10 Mar, 12:29 AM UTC
@theUnKnownX5 @NudesSwap2 We’ll call her Jennifer big cock
10 Mar, 12:29 AM UTC #customfishingtackle
@Jennifer_360_. Truth...
10 Mar, 12:29 AM UTC
WP BrandStudio
Had a great time fact-checking food at the #copernicusproject today! Thanks to host Danielle Nierenberg and guests Jennifer van de Ligt, Marie Haga and Marcie Glicksman. @landolakesinc #SXSW2019
10 Mar, 12:29 AM UTC
Owen Butler
Emma Stone Viola Davis Jennifer Lawrence
10 Mar, 12:29 AM UTC
David, Ph.D.
Jennifer Lopez strikes a pose in cheeky green bikini while on getaway with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez
10 Mar, 12:29 AM UTC
Trayvon Pittman
It Would Be Cool, If @TheRock @TomCruise And Jennifer Lawrence Star In A Movie Together?
10 Mar, 12:28 AM UTC
conheci por causa de jennifer e de vez em quando eu te vejo nos rolê do nada e sinto mt sdd de vc
10 Mar, 12:28 AM UTC
Cole Sprouse (Riverdale) sous le charme de Jennifer Aniston sur le plateau de Friends ? L’acteur se confie ! toutfilm's photo on Jennifer
10 Mar, 12:28 AM UTC
pomada ante fungo vaginal da grimes
@renoiart @femalerbbwry Já te falei que sou gay e tu não tem chance comigo Jennifer .... aff
10 Mar, 12:28 AM UTC
@nandrade__ i’m glad i’m not the only dumb one ... LMAOOOO
10 Mar, 12:28 AM UTC
Diego jr
@luinrey Eu estou aqui pra tudo é só me chamar jennifer
10 Mar, 12:27 AM UTC
A senhorita me fala que a Jennifer Aniston é a Julia Roberts, termino com ela agora ou espero o filme terminar?
10 Mar, 12:27 AM UTC
“Spill the tea, we got three hours”
10 Mar, 12:27 AM UTC
Tyler R. Masur
@jenniferpierson Thanks for your kind words, Jennifer. Just owning up to a stupid decision I made a couple months ago. Tyler R. Masur's photo on Jennifer
10 Mar, 12:26 AM UTC
Erica Cardwell
today somebody told me that folks think Jennifer Schecter was a pisces and I felt attacked & devastated. but then they said that Shane might be, too, and I felt better. HBD to me💌💝🐟
10 Mar, 12:26 AM UTC
♔ Tess ♔
Her character’s??? Also never been naked outside of the movies???? Thought y’all hated Bryan Singer I guess you hate Jennifer Lawrence more.
10 Mar, 12:26 AM UTC
Jennifer Shike
Dr. Crystal Loving of the National Animal Disease Center says we need to infuse more science into our decisionmaking when it comes to fighting #PRRS. We have a lot to learn about the immune response to PRRS. @Elanco @cloving27 @FJ_PORK Jennifer Shike's photo on Jennifer
10 Mar, 12:25 AM UTC
jennifer hudson indicada ao oscar por cats (2019) o que vcs acham??
10 Mar, 12:25 AM UTC
Jennifer Shike
Dr. Matt Ackerman of Pork Veterinary Solutions shares about the #PRRS challenges he is facing out in the field. @Elanco @FJ_PORK Jennifer Shike's photo on Jennifer
10 Mar, 12:25 AM UTC

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