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Jeongyeon's photos with the rock climbing instructor's family #TWICE #트와이스 @JYPETWICE https://t.co/DzbtGwpKvi
06 Aug, 07:31 AM UTC
mohyo thinker
jeongyeon pranking momo and jihyo a year ago 😭 https://t.co/mq4SO2RrEJ
06 Aug, 06:34 AM UTC
🦖 Time to Twice: #JEONGYEON 🦖 #TWICE #트와이스 https://t.co/i5uwAemIZQ
06 Aug, 01:15 PM UTC
TWICE’s Jeongyeon Shares Her Lock Screen Photo With Nayeon And It Shows Her True Personality https://t.co/7PkSglN3Bv
06 Aug, 01:20 AM UTC
looks like some are sending it through bbl that’s why jeongyeon’s asking :( don’t send it on bbl onces, we’re calling out the company not them
06 Aug, 02:32 PM UTC
panpan | 9WICE 220826
"I like it when the public likes it (our song) but honestly I think it's the biggest happiness if ONCE remembers it and likes it the most" ok Jeongyeon now you make me cry
06 Aug, 02:30 PM UTC
r9dhyo committ99 chairman
anyway, love the way jeongyeon handled that. she knows how to respond and create a segue BUT even then, yall need to learn what yall should and shouldn't be saying on bubble.
06 Aug, 02:51 PM UTC
panpan | 9WICE 220826
Jeongyeon supposed to rest and go to sleep after everything she did today (she said it herself she did many things today) but here she is comforting ONCEs after she knows something happened 😭
06 Aug, 02:33 PM UTC
TTT is really my name | JIHYO OST I FLY
I’m just thankful that Jeongyeon knows it’s about promotions and it’s nothing directed at the members… At this rate I’m sure all of them will eventually know what’s going on and they will talk to their managers and the company. Please just send them love and support on Bubble!
06 Aug, 02:44 PM UTC
Atualização do instrutor de escalada e sua família com a #JEONGYEON. #TWICE #트와이스 @JYPETWICE https://t.co/raQqMQh0V3
06 Aug, 07:53 AM UTC
jeongyeon picsِ
Night date with yoo jeongyeon https://t.co/VTL68024tH
06 Aug, 12:50 PM UTC
TTT is really my name | JIHYO OST I FLY
Jeongyeon saw it 😭😭 Please direct your concerns to JYPE, do not send the girls these messages on Bubble and cause them distress!!
06 Aug, 02:38 PM UTC
Jeongyeon 💭 "¿Es cierto que los fanchants no se permitirán una vez más en los shows de música? ㅠㅠ" "Entonces creo que estaré muy triste.." "Pero aun así es bueno poder ver sus caras ㅠㅠㅜ" "Bueno, mientras tengamos cuidado, no hay nada malo en ello" Cr: OT9TRANS
06 Aug, 02:52 AM UTC
r9dhyo committ99 chairman
jeongyeon likes the song and she never sugarcoats so it surely slaps and will be a hit (i mean it's twice so)
06 Aug, 02:30 PM UTC
hoodie ◡̎
Jeongyeon basically saying its ok if they dont get properly promoted and altho its nice if the gp likes it, as long as ONCES are happy w the album and songs, thats enough happiness for them 🥺 https://t.co/LZFeAmn1H7
06 Aug, 02:51 PM UTC
TTT is really my name | JIHYO OST I FLY
Definitely trusting Jeongyeon and the members when they say Talk The Talk is good. I’ve no doubt it will be SOTY level good!!!
06 Aug, 02:50 PM UTC
nolo global union 🎀
jeongyeon is too kind like she truly deserves the world and nothing less
06 Aug, 02:50 PM UTC
ágatha | BORNPINK♥︎
a jeongyeon acariciando a nayeon olhando pra ela enquanto diz com tom calminho q ela é sexy após ela ter elogiado a nay de fofa e a nay ter dito q a intenção dela era ser sexy, jeongyeon é o tipo de mulher q obedece mulher bonita e elas de grude😭😭😭 https://t.co/c73Dd03drm
06 Aug, 12:42 AM UTC
Jeongyeon 💭 "Todavía no he tenido COVID-19 así que ㅜㅠ" "Tengo que tener mucho cuidado ㅠㅠ" Cr: OT9TRANS
06 Aug, 02:52 AM UTC
ágatha | BORNPINK♥︎
jeongyeon entrando quietinha, mexendo no cabelo da nayeon e a nayeon nem percebendokkkkkkkk, só quando olha pra ela e ficando felizinha logo em seguida em vê-la😭 https://t.co/gwnRRCBvY4
06 Aug, 12:55 AM UTC
Hello! This is new fan account for Nayeon and Jeongyeon aka 2yeon, if you like them don’t hesitate shoot a follow and please help me for spread this news out RT this video would help a lot! #NAYEON #JEONGYEON #TWICE #2YEON #NAJEONG #트와이스 #나연 #정연 #나정 @JYPETWICE https://t.co/hvZ1kaFeDS
06 Aug, 02:42 PM UTC
Chien MYooiTozaki 🐧💚
I trust Jeongyeon’s words. She said that Talk The Talk is good, then is definitely good.
06 Aug, 02:53 PM UTC
His Man Brasil
#SOCIAL | Changmin está realizando uma LIVE nesse momento conversando sobre sua vida e o quanto anda ocupado com seu bar e nosso amorzinho jeongyeon apareceu por lá https://t.co/LYHAp8fk3V
06 Aug, 01:42 PM UTC
it9WICE ✌️
[MSJ BBL 💭 JEONGYEON] JY: “Para ser honesta, es bonito cuando el público en general le gusta la canción pero solo cuando ONCE la recuerda y le gusta, creo que esa es la mayor felicidad para mi”. © OT9TRANS
06 Aug, 02:58 PM UTC
Eda 트와이스🐯🐧 MiChaeng 💚
Jeongyeon really said it’s BETWEEN 1&2 Everything in Twiceland is between Once and Twice bc Love is the biggest 🤍
06 Aug, 02:49 PM UTC
mands ♡ BETWEEN 1&2
Agora que chegou na jeongyeon e vimos que nossa união tá dando certo é agora mesmo que não podemos desistir
06 Aug, 03:14 PM UTC
ONCE Chile ✨
🧪FOTO•220805🧪 Actualización de More magazine con TWICE Cr: more_magazine #ONCEChile👑🐭🍑 #TWICE #트와이스 #IM_NAYEON #PopPopPop #Nayeon #Jeongyeon #Momo #Sana #Jihyo #Mina #Dahyun #Chaeyoung #Tzuyu #나연 #정연 #모모 #사나 #지효 #미나 #다현 #채영 #쯔위 https://t.co/6mh1NUQQ1K
06 Aug, 02:59 AM UTC