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Haggis_UK 🇬🇧 🇪🇺
Q: What do you say to people if you interrupt their Christmas travel plans? Mark Serwotka(GS, PCS Union): "Your anger should be directed at Rishi Sunak, Jeremy Hunt & the Tory govt who crashed our economy.. on an ideological binge, that we're paying the price for..." https://t.co/KuMSiEm8hX
07 Dec, 03:24 PM UTC
Sporting CP Adeptos
Jeremy Mathieu pelos distritais de França… só para se divertir 🤪⚽️https://t.co/BbV3ycisaC
07 Dec, 02:46 PM UTC
Frank Owen's Legendary Paintbrush 🟨🟥🥀🇵🇸🇾🇪
Whenever Lisa Nandy points out that the Tories have been in govt for 12 years, I always picture her and Owen Smith resigning from Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet in 2016 and giving a joint interview on the BBC. An act of electoral sabotage that gifted the Tories 5 of those years. https://t.co/2qIHTRlG2j
07 Dec, 11:21 AM UTC
jeremy strong, sarah snook, and kieran culkin: succession’s big three https://t.co/jC9lwpEBP2
07 Dec, 07:03 PM UTC
Daniel Grigg
British journalists: "why is the country such a mess; why is my train ticket/energy bill/rent so expensive". Because you should have voted for Jeremy Corbyn. @UKLabour
07 Dec, 08:04 PM UTC
James Foster
When people tell me to “move on” from Jeremy Corbyn, & to just “get over it”, it just highlights to me that they don’t understand the meaning of solidarity. That man was treated like shit on a shoe by some people. It is our duty to stand with him in solidarity & offer support.
07 Dec, 09:04 PM UTC
Abdullah Quilliam
Bay Kemal mi Jeremy’e talimat verecek, Jeremy mi Bay Kemal’e? Şimdi kim kimin efendisi oluyor? Ya da kim kimin valisi olmak istiyor?
07 Dec, 10:41 AM UTC
Jeremy’s Razors
If your dad isn’t shaving with Jeremy’s, you’ve got two moms.
07 Dec, 07:25 PM UTC
Hollanda Trabzonspor ♥️💙 Taraftar Grubu
ABD , Jeremy Rifkin'i CHP'ye ithal başkan olarak atadı. Atatürk'ün partisi CHP'yi , emperyalist'lere teslim ettiler... BEYAZ SARAYIN ÇOCUKLARI https://t.co/CA8PqhiUhr
07 Dec, 05:08 PM UTC
Ahmet A
Almanya'da "yeşil enerji, temiz enerji" diyerek nükleer santralleri durdurtan Jeremy Rifkin bugünkü enerji krizinin baş sorumlularından, Almanların k*çı donuyor soğuktan Merkel adamını iyi bildiği için Kemal'e kakalamış, işe yarar biri olsa CHP'de ne işi var. Ancak paraya bakar
07 Dec, 09:39 AM UTC
Justin Ling
There's lots of bloviating in the Rebel's plea for funds, including a promise that: "We're not going in with any fixed agenda, other than to follow the facts wherever they lead." Their correspondent, Jeremy Loffredo, used to be on the Russian government's payroll.
07 Dec, 10:30 PM UTC
lau || aftg era 🦊
jeremy knox has a lot of freckles, specially in his collarbones, and jean finds amusing kissing all the spots.
07 Dec, 05:29 PM UTC
QRP - Quarter Rock Press
Se cumplieron 30 años de una de las canciones más exitosas de Pearl Jam en la voz de Eddie Vedder, ‘Jeremy’, como parte de su clásico disco ‘Ten’: https://t.co/oFOLwYuset #PearlJam https://t.co/etUubKkKrJ
07 Dec, 11:48 PM UTC
Emeka Gift Official
The calamities of Nigerian soldiers against innocent Biafran civilians mostly women and children. NO to Biafran killings. Support #Biafra Referendum to leave Nigeria. #FreeNnamdiKanu https://t.co/1OIh4I7LYs @DawnButlerBrent @EmilyThornberry @michaelgove @zarahsultana @Jeremy_Hunt
07 Dec, 10:19 PM UTC
Miss N || HM
Jeremy x Anji ang cute lang ng friendship nila 🥰 https://t.co/DE1iWOJuDc
07 Dec, 12:03 PM UTC
My friend @Aoga_Jeremy does really nice abstract wall art😊...affordable too and superb customer service..hit him up if you need these beauties for your home😊 https://t.co/9HQm5TCwiF
07 Dec, 05:34 PM UTC
The GAHLAY! Co.⚡️
NEW DROP! 💣 Ending 2023’s collaboration w/ @Topps with a bang! Only 99 numbered cards, celebrating Jeremy Clements Daytona win, it’s @JClements51 & @OhMaffew w/ the big trophy signed by both. Benefiting The Fisher House Foundation for US Vets! 🇺🇸 https://t.co/DOxnYwC1AK https://t.co/GwoPtdDt9Q
07 Dec, 08:23 PM UTC
🔰━━━ ★Bon✫Jovi★ ━━━🔰 ⫷𝓕𝓪𝓷 𝓪𝓬𝓬𝓸𝓾𝓷𝓽 ⫸
Pearl Jam - Jeremy (AO VIVO) Até Gente LetsGo no Bagulho! Bôra!!?? #QuintaHeroisDoSDV #QuintaResgateSDV https://t.co/EAWonHXWBU
07 Dec, 10:40 PM UTC
Si Parkes
@MartinSLewis @Jeremy_Hunt Just wondering if anything was discussed regarding the millions of ex Northern Rock customers who are stuck on increasing variable rate mortgages with Heliodor Mortgages. Why can't they offer other mortgage products rather than the SVR?
07 Dec, 07:15 PM UTC
❤Jana🧜‍🤙🍀#TRIBALCHIEF ❤☝ RReigns 🤙❤🇩🇪
Boah ist der EKELHAFT !!! Jeremy #PromiBB
08 Dec, 12:26 AM UTC
Jeremy💖Nicht(乳揺れ禁止法違反)called "Azrael"(CV:遠藤綾)💉3
@wakamononogimon @Banban37797205 @ryoma09012 @stc_bp100 @KrehaSp そもそも、現在主張されている #選択的夫婦別姓 制度では、別姓を選択できると同時に、望まない"別姓の強要"も起きてしまうのだよ😩 https://t.co/JSafxevBZD
08 Dec, 12:29 AM UTC
@Jeremy_Baker YES! I am on board with this!
08 Dec, 12:28 AM UTC
Dru Viergever
@Jeremy_Baker @Fearless_Fred I will literally help finance this venture personally 🥂
08 Dec, 12:28 AM UTC
Cowboy State Daily
When Cheyenne residents Jeremy and Cecelia Bay saw a Wyoming Pearl Harbor Survivor license plate in a Hawaii pawnshop, they knew they couldn’t leave it there. That plate needed to go home. They couldn’t leave it behind. https://t.co/5IGnVnFnvu
07 Dec, 11:57 PM UTC
Bret Taylor
@Micro_Mama @Jeremy_Baker Fair. But I still think the shaming would be worth the time.
08 Dec, 12:29 AM UTC
Louise Jane
I loathe Jeremy Vine, Fiona Bruce and Laura Kuenssenberg
08 Dec, 12:29 AM UTC
Eugene Goh
@jeremy_hzq & gud luck. remember add math 8 marks is already passed. source: trust me bro
08 Dec, 12:29 AM UTC
Dylan il est trop drôle comme gars en vrai j’aurai pas trouver mieux comme partenaire pour le Japon 🤣
08 Dec, 12:29 AM UTC