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Have I Got News For You
Jerry Hall’s lawyers hopeful that she’ll get the car and house in the divorce, with Rupert Murdoch looking to retain the dog, volcano lair and several governments.
23 Jun, 11:26 AM UTC
Lindy Li
Yesterday a judge ruled Fox must face Dominion's $1.6 BILLION lawsuit cuz Murdoch may have acted w/ actual malice when airing the Big Lie Today Rupert & Jerry Hall are getting divorced Something tells me Hall sees the writing on the wall & wants to get her $ while she still can
23 Jun, 06:36 AM UTC
Yesterday a judge allowed Dominion’s defamation suit to include Fox News. Then Jerry Hall announced she and Rupert Murdoch are divorcing. Money money money.
23 Jun, 12:14 PM UTC
Kent Parkstreet
Looking forward to seeing where Jerry Hall’s career in archaeology takes her next.
23 Jun, 01:23 PM UTC
Yvonne Burdett, 🇺🇦Blocked by Redwood and IDS
So Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall are to divorce. My question is why did she marry a much older multi billionaire in the first place
23 Jun, 06:45 AM UTC
Simon Harris - #LovelyBitOfSquirrel
If Jerry Hall can break up with Rupert Murdoch, so can Britain.
23 Jun, 08:28 AM UTC
Kara Swisher
While everyone makes the obvi jokes about Jerry Hall kicking Rupert Murdoch to the curb this week, let’s not forget his central role in keeping the election lie going with specious propaganda and radicalization. This from the man who accuses social media of the same persistently.
24 Jun, 01:41 AM UTC
Lindy Li
Rupert Murdoch is on his fourth divorce Party of family values, y’all 😆 https://t.co/RCrFaVRXYR
23 Jun, 06:39 AM UTC
And needless to say we ain’t out of the woods yet. If only we could all be Jerry Hall when it comes to escaping Rupert Murdoch.
23 Jun, 11:48 PM UTC
Tim Walker
Jerry Hall has had enough, and now - whoops - I’ve caused a revolt among Murdoch’s subscribers. It’s really not his week. @TheNewEuropean #Carriegate https://t.co/XHzicK1V7c
23 Jun, 12:50 PM UTC
Timothy Jones 🕷
@Dorset_Owl Jerry Hall doing her bit by removing some sewage from the sea.
23 Jun, 09:05 AM UTC
Andi's Mom
Just wondering if anybody has alerted MM that Rupert Murdoch (worth 17.7 billion dollars) is divorcing Jerry Hall so will soon be available for a new trophy wife. He might even already know her from the yachting years...
24 Jun, 02:26 AM UTC
Kent Parkstreet
We’ve all had to pull a length of cold, greasy wet hair out of a shower drain at some point, but we’ve never had to pretend to like it. I think we can all understand why Jerry Hall has to move on.
23 Jun, 01:52 PM UTC
BBC News Türkçe
ABD medyası, Fox News ve Wall Street Journal'ı da barındıran News Corporation'ın sahibi Rupert Murdoch ve eski manken Jerry Hall'un boşanacağını yazdı. https://t.co/Ro2UAemUI0
23 Jun, 01:00 PM UTC
Even if she just keeps the engagement ring she will walk away from this a much much wealthier woman! All the #RupertMurdoch and #JerryHall details HERE: https://t.co/BHJbDTvCsM
24 Jun, 05:30 AM UTC
Angela. Rubin
Jerry Hall will take over control of Australia as early as next week, after the two came to an agreement over their divorce settlement this morning. More ... The Shovel
24 Jun, 05:25 AM UTC
RVAIDYA2000 🕉️
There is a story in TOI today-Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall to divorce. It will be Murdoch's 4th divorce at the age of 91. Marrying at old age a youngster becomes controversial// what about divorce??? RT
24 Jun, 06:11 AM UTC
Diario Expreso
El magnate Rupert Murdoch, de origen australiano y nacionalizado estadounidense se habría separado de la actriz y modelo Jerry Hall, según el New York Times. https://t.co/GULAPu2vez
24 Jun, 01:00 AM UTC
Foro de Televisión por Cable
El magnate Rupert Murdoch, dueño de News Corporation, la cadena Fox y Fox News, se divorcia a los 91 años de la ex modelo Jerry Hall https://t.co/R7cZe9IZ6k
24 Jun, 05:18 AM UTC
Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall getting divorced: report https://t.co/eSxFHzst7B
24 Jun, 05:28 AM UTC
Who cares? BUT We shd care deeply re M👹AttacksOnDemocracies dumb enough2grant MediaLicense: R.IncitedFox2InciteTrump2InciteCoupTry: Constitutn: "Treason:"Levy war w 'actual assemblage of men' 4 PurposeOfExecutgTreasonableDesign". https://t.co/0lVlvMK1xf https://t.co/ygesYp8RFU
24 Jun, 03:58 AM UTC
DBlue True
@JoJoFromJerz Fox Fake News is having a bad day. 1st the pending divorce with Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall. An now a $1.6 Billion dollars lawsuit got the money green light by the courts. “Today was a good day” as Ice cube would say… 🎶🎶
24 Jun, 05:49 AM UTC
@morgfair @HoneyLight Lolz, & jerry hall is divorcing him.
24 Jun, 05:36 AM UTC
Il divorzio di Murdoch e la nuova stagione di Succession che si scrive da sola Il 91enne miliardario sta per separarsi dalla moglie e forse inizierà a capire quanto del patrimonio di famiglia verrà scalfito da un nuovo matrimonio | @lasoncini https://t.co/0abnnK3A0C
24 Jun, 06:15 AM UTC
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, wife Jerry Hall to end their six years of marriage https://t.co/w29raELcUB Download the Wion News App now: https://t.co/EZUncBTTOs -Shared via WION
24 Jun, 06:13 AM UTC
Creative Media News
Reportedly, Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall will divorce. https://t.co/wEBUI1hKhL
24 Jun, 06:07 AM UTC
#FreePalestine #BDS #Yemen #Kashmir #Assange
Mystery over £14bn tycoon Rupert Murdoch's love split with 4th wife Jerry Hall https://t.co/TiAS6DBdQ8
24 Jun, 06:04 AM UTC
Edmonton Journal
Murdoch reportedly spent a considerable amount of time with his new wife, allowing his children to hold more sway over his businesses. #Canada https://t.co/jRoBYda70Y
24 Jun, 06:02 AM UTC
Peter Negri
@Dorset_Owl Has Jerry Hall left him to take up nursing full time? 🤔
24 Jun, 06:01 AM UTC
Thorn In Bureaucrats Ass
@SkyNewsAust EXTRA EXTRA! Hideous TOAD has found another lay! Disgusting creature! https://t.co/gRb0nwmTTj
23 Jun, 09:32 AM UTC