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Taylor Lorenz
Here is the FULL BACKSTORY on how Bloomberg's massive meme campaign came together
13 Feb, 05:40 AM UTC
Yashar Ali 🐘
So not only did Bloomberg pay Fuck Jerry to post on IG, he has also hired Meme 2020, the company being run chief executive of Jerry Media Jerry Media helped Fyre Fest & are regularly slammed for posting other people's content Great story by @TaylorLorenz
13 Feb, 05:52 AM UTC
Taylor Lorenz
The Bloomberg campaign is working with Meme 2020, a new company formed by some of the people behind a group of meme accounts with a collective 60 million followers @TaylorLorenz's photo on Jerry Media
13 Feb, 05:41 AM UTC
Charles M. Blow
This dude is literally trying to BUY this election ——> Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign Suddenly Drops Memes Everywhere
13 Feb, 06:39 AM UTC
Taylor Lorenz
Evan Reeves, a creative director for Jerry Media, was brought in as the head of creative for Meme 2020 to devise an unconventional campaign, and to build a "self-aware ironic character around Mr. Bloomberg."
13 Feb, 05:43 AM UTC
da share z0ne
13 Feb, 02:03 PM UTC
Taylor Lorenz
@MikeBloomberg @GeorgeResch Some teen memers, many of whom can’t yet vote, were excited abt the prospect of working w/ Bloomberg “I would be down — bread is bread,” said the 15 yr old admin of @BigDadWhip. “That would be kind of dope. I could say I helped a presidential candidate”
13 Feb, 05:58 AM UTC
Taylor Lorenz
I have the full backstory on this campaign, who was involved, how it came together and more here:
13 Feb, 01:05 PM UTC
Taylor Lorenz
@MikeBloomberg @GeorgeResch The Bloomberg campaign is still actively seeking memers and influencers to work with. “We want to work with creators and we’ve never been shy about paying people for creative work,” an aide said.
13 Feb, 05:56 AM UTC
Downtown Josh Brown
These are the memes that are going to get @MikeBloomberg the nomination. DO NOT miss @TaylorLorenz story on how they marshaled influencers with a combined 60 million followers to pull it off.
13 Feb, 01:14 PM UTC
X Soviet
Mike Bloomberg has contracted with some of the biggest meme-makers. If you thought the Russian Facebook campaign was a concern in 2016, wait until you see what Americans can come up with.
13 Feb, 07:07 AM UTC
Emily Hughes ✨
absolutely the stupidest most cursed timeline imaginable
13 Feb, 01:35 PM UTC
Tiffany Hsu
“yes this is really #sponsored by @mikebloomberg” @TaylorLorenz on campaign memeing
13 Feb, 02:09 PM UTC
Michael Bloomberg, candidato del partido demócrata, contrató una empresa creada por meme-makers" que crean contenido en ese formato para su campaña. Clickfarms, bots, call cters, memes...algunos de los nuevos desafíos en materia de comunicación política.
13 Feb, 02:23 PM UTC
Kerry Flynn 🐶
Bless @TaylorLorenz for taking us inside the Bloomberg meme factory
13 Feb, 02:23 PM UTC
Benjamin Freed
The Bloomberg meme story is absolutely wild but here’s Da Share Zone and NUMTOT in the New York Times @brfreed's photo on Jerry Media
13 Feb, 02:22 PM UTC
Kayla Epstein 📰
If any reporters are out with Bloomberg this week please ask him if he knows what a tank.sinatra is by, who else, @TaylorLorenz
13 Feb, 02:20 PM UTC
Chi Nguyễn
We do not need a Fyre Festival presidency.
13 Feb, 02:16 PM UTC
Will Rabbe
NYT via @TaylorLorenz: Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign Suddenly Drops Memes Everywhere, The campaign has already placed sponsored posts on Instagram accounts including @GrapeJuiceBoys, Jerry Media’s most popular account and Tank.Sinatra
13 Feb, 02:21 PM UTC
Bennett D. Bennett ♠️
@versharma Jerry Media is gonna be the death of so much.
13 Feb, 02:13 PM UTC
mike ayers
"i hate this" commented ed droste, a musician
13 Feb, 02:30 PM UTC
Timbob Ditty
The New York Times: Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign Suddenly Drops Memes Everywhere. @PoliticalMemes5 we gotta step up our game!
13 Feb, 02:28 PM UTC
Sarah Thankam Mathews
mum? pick me up i hate it here
13 Feb, 02:28 PM UTC
Alden Golab
My grandpa and I agree that the moderate to beat in the Dem primary isn’t Klobuchar, Biden, or Buttigieg. It’s Mike Bloomberg.
13 Feb, 02:27 PM UTC
Lanae Spruce
And the best digital will win 😭Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign Suddenly Drops Memes Everywhere - The New York Times
13 Feb, 02:27 PM UTC
Gerrit Hall
I'm not on the take, nor do I care for "memes". So if the well-heeled troll army at #Meme2020 didn't catch this low-hanging fruit, then #Bloomberg should request his millions back.
13 Feb, 02:23 PM UTC