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The people who say jerry rice was better than randy moss are the same ones who say Jordan is better than lebron lmao @iam_johnw's photo on Jerry Rice
25 Mar, 05:18 PM UTC
⚾️ Pete Rose 🎾 Roger Federer 🏌🏿‍♂️Tiger Woods 🏀 Michael Jordan ⚽️ Leo Messi 🏈 Jerry Rice 🥊 Sugar Ray Leonard 🏎 Michael Schumacher
25 Mar, 01:34 PM UTC
Adrian Amos
“MY” Top 3 receivers lol 1. Randy Moss 2.Jerry Rice 3. Calvin Johnson yaw goina be mad at that but idc I’m biased. you ain’t seen him in person before 😂
25 Mar, 04:08 AM UTC
Footwork_King 🤴🏾
Calvin Johnson...Just different than everybody else. Chad Johnson...Release 👑 Jerry Rice...Ran Routes back in the day like boys are running them now. Steve Smith...straight dog! & would let DB’s know anyone of them can get it. Andre Johnson. Solid as they come.
25 Mar, 04:32 PM UTC
5 players in NFL history have 3 or more seasons with 1,500 yards. Jerry Rice Antonio Brown Julio Jones Marvin Harrison Andre Johnson
25 Mar, 05:48 PM UTC
in 1995, jerry rice had 1,848 receiving yards in a season where the backup qb, who was in his second season, started five games. i mean...
25 Mar, 08:44 PM UTC
Cris Carter
Last 20 yrs Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Marvin Harrison, Terrell Owens, Calvin Johnson Last 10 yrs Larry Fitzgerald Jr. , Julio Jones , Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins .....
25 Mar, 06:46 PM UTC
Evan Sowards
People that say Randy Moss is better than Jerry Rice are the same people that will tell a joke no one laughs at and then talk over everyone else and interrupt to say it again
25 Mar, 05:22 PM UTC
Mike Wallace
@stefondiggs Moss,T.O,Jerry Rice,Julio, Megatron
25 Mar, 05:47 PM UTC
Evan Sowards
@stefondiggs - Jerry Rice in 1980’s - Jerry Rice in 1990’s - Jerry Rice in 2000’s - Randy Moss - Terrell Owens
25 Mar, 05:08 PM UTC
Mecole Hardman Jr.
Moss, Calvin, Jerry Rice, TO, Marvin Harrison
25 Mar, 11:12 PM UTC
EA 2020 🧙🏼‍♂️
@stefondiggs Julio most 1400 yard seasons consecutively (5) All time record Julio most 1300 yard seasons consecutively (6) streak active still Fastest player in NFL history to 12,000 yards 2nd most recieving yards ever in a season 1871 1 1400 yard season to tie Jerry rice for most ever
25 Mar, 05:01 PM UTC
Jason Aponte
Let me know if you believe anyone is better than Jerry rice so I can block you. Thanks, management.
25 Mar, 05:45 PM UTC
Shia Lé Buff 🏃🏽‍♀️💨
Randy Moss > Jerry Rice
25 Mar, 11:35 PM UTC
Asst to the Minister of Culture
When there’s a Jerry Rice vs Randy Moss debate trending all day...
25 Mar, 11:37 PM UTC
Javier Zenteno
@Gil_Padilla @Ivan_Pirron @Chiefs @Broncos @Chargers @Raiders @49ers @RamsNFL @Seahawks @AZCardinals Mis jugadores favoritos de todos los tiempos: AFC OESTE @Chiefs Derrick Thomas @Broncos Shannon Sharpe @Chargers Dan Fouts @Raiders Marcus Allen NFC OESTE @49ers Jerry Rice @RamsNFL Eric Dickerson @Seahawks Steve Largent @AZCardinals Aeneas Williams
25 Mar, 08:54 PM UTC
CND Fernández
@Ivan_Pirron @Chiefs @Broncos @Chargers @Raiders @49ers @RamsNFL @Seahawks @AZCardinals AFC OESTE @Chiefs Tony González @Broncos Cham Bailey @Chargers LaDainian Tomlinson @Raiders Tim Brown NFC OESTE @49ers Jerry Rice @RamsNFL Marshall Faulk @Seahawks Shaun Alexander @AZCardinals Larry Fitzgerald
25 Mar, 08:56 PM UTC
Luis A. Martinez “Furby”
@Ivan_Pirron @Chiefs @Broncos @Chargers @Raiders @49ers @RamsNFL @Seahawks @AZCardinals AFC OESTE @Chiefs SteveDeBerg @Broncos Steve Atwater @Chargers Kellen Winslow @Raiders Howie Long NFC OESTE @49ers Jerry Rice @RamsNFL Jim Everett @Seahawks Dave Krieg @AZCardinals Larry Fitzgerald
25 Mar, 08:57 PM UTC
Coach Jay Valai
@robertanthony00 Who you need more help against Calvin Johnson (6’5” 240, 4.35, 42 1/2 vert) or Jerry Rice? The question was “Help Me Please” not slant to win the game
25 Mar, 11:41 PM UTC
Shia Lé Buff 🏃🏽‍♀️💨
#1 Randy Moss #2 Jerry Rice #3 Calvin Johnson #4 Larry fitzgerald #5 Terrell Owens
25 Mar, 11:24 PM UTC
Kevin Lockett
@stefondiggs Randy Moss is a legend, but I don't understand folks putting him ahead of Jerry Rice. Time for people to pull out Rice's clips on YouTube and study.
25 Mar, 11:41 PM UTC
Dalton Oconnor
(1) Calvin Johnson (2) Randy Moss (3) Jerry Rice (4) Julio Jones (5) Terrell Owens
25 Mar, 11:39 PM UTC
@DakZekeCooper My list of wr. 1. Megatron 2. Randy Moss 3. Jerry rice 4. Michael Irvin 5. Terrell owens
25 Mar, 11:39 PM UTC
@FantasyStarts_ Randy Moss the Boss Jerry Rice Larry the Legend Fitzgerald Megatron and TO
25 Mar, 11:39 PM UTC
1 Randy Moss 2 Jerry Rice 3 Terrell Owens 4 Marvin Harrison 5 Calvin Johnson
25 Mar, 11:38 PM UTC
Albie Shore
@JaysonBraddock @RickeyGirouard @BigSargeSportz @StatZ_G @CRO31 @ChrisKennedy318 Top 5 wideouts all time 1. Jerry Rice 2. Randy Moss 3. Michael Irvin 4. Calvin Johnson 5. Larry Fitzgerald Honorable mention: Andre Johnson, TO & Steve Largent
25 Mar, 11:37 PM UTC
Kyle Zies
My top 5 #NFL WRs of all-time: 1. Randy Moss 2. Jerry Rice 3. Terrell Owens 4. Larry Fitzgerald 5. Marvin Harrison Tell me your list.
25 Mar, 11:37 PM UTC
Neno 🔗
Julio jones Randy Moss Ocho cinco Larry fitzgerald Jerry Rice
25 Mar, 11:35 PM UTC
Bobby Kunz
Jerry Rice, Calvin Johnson, Randy Moss, Chris Carter, & Larry Fitz
25 Mar, 11:35 PM UTC
pnapo FFW
@stefondiggs Randy moss , Antonio Brown, Terrell Owens, Jerry rice, and my favorite @ochocinco!!
25 Mar, 11:33 PM UTC