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People on twitter really wanna try to make an issue at any chance they get. If an 18 year old girl matches with a guy who is 50 she set her preferences for that to be a possibility. Y’all will NOT cancel Jerry Trainor on my watch. NOT ON MY WATCH 🗣🗣🗣 @whoszachkolberg's photo on jerry trainor
08 Jun, 07:38 PM UTC
manifesting graduating
I would absolutely date jerry trainor are u joking
08 Jun, 07:40 PM UTC
The only thing shocking about Jerry Trainor’s Bumble profile is that it seems to have made zero use of Spencer’s whynotdateme dot com videos @rileyxanders's photo on jerry trainor
08 Jun, 09:37 PM UTC
💘🦇brooke the bimbo🦇💘
need to move to LA just so i can match with jerry trainor on bumble
08 Jun, 06:59 PM UTC
Morgan Porter ⊬🏳️‍🌈Ψ
Jerry Trainor when he checks Twitter today:
08 Jun, 09:00 PM UTC
let me in please. 🏳️‍🌈
08 Jun, 08:38 PM UTC
jerry trainor is trending on twitter bc someone matched with him on a dating app and ppl reacted like "omg he has his preferences set to date 18 YR OLDS??!" and then i checked the profile of the girl who matched with him and she's almost 30. bitches are so stupid its unreal
08 Jun, 10:06 PM UTC
ok like I know jerry trainor isn’t an A list celebrity but this shit always has blown my mind like people will match with literal celebrities and hit it off and then just go and blow the whole thing by posting their dms on Twitter or TikTok for 15 seconds of clout like you IDIOT
08 Jun, 07:11 PM UTC
Entertainment Tonight
.@MirandaCosgrove and @jerrytrainor are binging you an exclusive #iCarly apartment tour— no appointment necessary.
08 Jun, 03:08 PM UTC
ziggy 🍒💣
Kanye West and Jerry Trainor are the same age... think about that
08 Jun, 08:26 PM UTC
if i dated jerry trainor one of us would leave with a different gender
08 Jun, 08:46 PM UTC
Rachel McIntosh
Today I learned that while Luke Hemmings is off the market, Jerry Trainor is available. The more you know 🌈 ⭐️
08 Jun, 10:15 PM UTC
Killafoe @ Home
If you fumble the bag with Jerry Trainor, you better disappear from the internet. At that point, the problem was you.
08 Jun, 11:36 PM UTC
Rita 🦋💖
Imagine matching with Jerry Trainor but then ruining it for a drop of clout
08 Jun, 11:04 PM UTC
Leanne Aguilera
#iCarly Reboot Set Tour: Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor Show Off Carly's New Apartment! (Exclusive)
08 Jun, 02:56 PM UTC
Getting on Jerry Trainor's case for being on Bumble and matching with "teenagers" only to find out the person who posted his profile is in her 30s is a massive warning sign that you've been online for too long and probably need to start walking on sidewalks soon.
08 Jun, 11:31 PM UTC
✨ 𝔫𝔦𝔠𝔬𝔩𝔢 ✨
jerry trainor (pushes bra up) is on (slaps some lipstick on) BUMBLE?! (re-downloads bumble app)
09 Jun, 12:03 AM UTC
09 Jun, 12:00 AM UTC
Finding out Jerry Trainor is 44 just doesn’t sit right
09 Jun, 12:12 AM UTC
𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐭 🦋
imagine matching with jerry trainor on bumble......... i would date him
09 Jun, 12:11 AM UTC
jerry trainor is old enough to be my father and that should be illegal.
09 Jun, 12:09 AM UTC
i c y . k a y
Jerry Trainor is one fine white man.
09 Jun, 12:14 AM UTC
you could've dated jerry trainor and ask him if dan schneider is a creep or not :/
09 Jun, 12:11 AM UTC
@Z33nuh Honestly tho that’s a better question tf is Jerry Trainor doing searching bumble for young women
09 Jun, 12:06 AM UTC