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Grateful Dead
“What we're thinking about is a peaceful planet. We're not thinking about anything else... And about moving the whole human race ahead a step.” -@jerrygarcia We'd like to think #JerryGarcia's birthday wish would be to continue pushing it forward. Listen: https://t.co/aBlUI2uIE5 @GratefulDead's photo on #JerryGarcia
01 Aug, 01:00 PM UTC
Well Happy Birthday to this guy! #JerryGarcia ⚡️ 💀 🌹 ✌🏼 & ❤️ https://t.co/WWrfXVDhzJ
01 Aug, 01:30 PM UTC
Grace Slick
“The perception of Jerry has gotten skewed over the years, so I drew the man I knew. ­Someone who was smart, who listened, & who was interested in a lot of things.” - #GraceSlick Happy Birthday to the legendary #GratefulDead frontman, #JerryGarcia. Painting by Grace. @GraceSlick_JA's photo on #JerryGarcia
01 Aug, 03:45 PM UTC
Hippie Ben
Remembering Jerome John Garcia who would have celebrated his 78th birthday today. #HappyBirthdayJerry #JerryGarcia #DazeBetween @jerrygarcia https://t.co/NkvtFltRTy
01 Aug, 10:00 AM UTC
Today would have been Jerry’s 78th birthday ~ let’s do the very best that we can while we travel through this land ~ we call be together shakin a hand when we make it to the promise land ⚡️ #strangersstoppingstrangers #jerrygarcia #deadheads https://t.co/cx4pa0PIHu
01 Aug, 02:12 PM UTC
Billy Strings
Happy birthday #JerryGarcia! 🌹⚡️💀 I'm participating in @Keen Presents Rock My Soul: A @JerryGarcia Birthday Celebration TODAY beginning at 1PM ET to benefit @RexFoundation. Check out the full lineup and RSVP at—>> https://t.co/Lq3iMyIpp4 https://t.co/LeSZ7VemeY
01 Aug, 02:53 PM UTC
Grateful Dead
Help us shine our love light on Jerry with our Days Between design. Simply download the graphic to your desktop & upload it as your profile picture on your socials from August 1st through the 9th. Download yours → https://t.co/KOfdygoR9K #JerryGarcia #GratefulDead #DaysBetween @GratefulDead's photo on #JerryGarcia
01 Aug, 03:00 PM UTC
Happy Birthday 78th #JerryGarcia (b. August 1, 1942) A lovely view of heaven but I'd rather be with you... #NFA https://t.co/w1PIgpAmjr https://t.co/VKxj2KnVBR
01 Aug, 02:26 PM UTC
Grateful, Yet, Dead
Happy Birthday Jerry. We miss you very much. Sending much love up to you standing on the moon. #gratefuldead #deadhead #jerrygarcia https://t.co/C4GYKuui8o
01 Aug, 01:50 PM UTC
David Gans
Happy birthday, Jerry, and THANK YOU. I cannot imagine what my life would be today if I hadn’t become a fan in 1972. #gratefuldead #jerrygarcia https://t.co/mmKGsboh4G
01 Aug, 03:46 PM UTC
Happy Birthday #JerryGarcia ! This year I turn 54. Jerry didn’t make it to 54. That kind of freaks me out. But few musicians have left the kind of legacy he has. This is how I picture Jerry when I think of him - it’s the Jerry I “knew” and like to remember. Thanks for music, JJG. https://t.co/X0QnAStemd
01 Aug, 01:36 PM UTC
Lydia McCauley
Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia! I love you more than words can tell! #GratefulDead #deadheads #daysbetween #JerryGarcia https://t.co/GGuVjKjYzL
01 Aug, 03:26 PM UTC
David Matteson
#HeyNow ⚡️🌹🐢💀⚡️ #HappyBirthday #JerryGarcia https://t.co/82EU6KHRpA
01 Aug, 02:16 PM UTC
Joel Rush
Bob Dylan on Jerry Garcia: "He is the very spirit personified of whatever is muddy riveer country at its core and creams up into the spheres. He really had no equal." #JerryGarcia #JerryWeek https://t.co/DftIh2O6mF
01 Aug, 02:47 PM UTC
Lt. Uhura
I saw #JerryGarcia trending, and I ran to make sure he was still dead. 2020 is no joke, Tweeps! 😳 Happy Angel B-day to him. https://t.co/OJ59Et1Mb9
01 Aug, 03:12 PM UTC
La Cueva
#Efemérides #LaCueva 1 de agosto de 1942. Nace Jerry García, líder de Grateful Dead. Considerado una figura emblemática de la contracultura de 1960. Puesto 13 entre los 100 mejores guitarristas de todos los tiempos según la revista Rolling Stone. Murió en 1995 #JerryGarcia https://t.co/BpN2g2yuxb
01 Aug, 01:23 PM UTC
Happy Birthday to the late, great Jerry Garcia, who begins his long, strange trip when he is born In The Rock 8/1/42. #JerryGarcia #RockHonorRoll https://t.co/QaeL6fYazn
01 Aug, 03:05 PM UTC
Joel Rush
The🐐Jerry Garcia, born August 1, 1942, would've been 78 today.🎂 Every year his birthday marks the start of Jerry Week, ending on 8/9, the anniveersary of his death. So happy Jerry Week to my deadhead friends, hope you'll all celebrate the music!🎶💕 #JerryGarcia #GratefulDead https://t.co/4sHdc8MSVD
01 Aug, 02:06 PM UTC
🌹 Opa & Oma Rising Up ✊ #MedicareForAll 🦺 #BLM
To celebrate #JerryGarcia's Birthday I will now become an understanding molecule in evolution, a conscious tool of the Universe. 🍄😛🍄 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JER. #JerryGarcia #GratefulDead https://t.co/82Xv7j9QN2
01 Aug, 03:42 PM UTC
Ardmore Music Hall
"You know our love will not fade away." Happy birthday Jerry ❤️💙 We celebrate the music of #JerryGarcia and the Dead TONIGHT with #SplinteredSunlight ft. @johnkadlecik ~ won't you come with us? More info here >> https://t.co/yRCMdBFv7L #ArdmoreMusicHall #HappyBirthdayJerry https://t.co/j8RUB3PY2x
01 Aug, 02:59 PM UTC
Patty Cross😃😃❤💜😎🖕 Block ALL maga rats. VOTE
#JerryGarcia https://t.co/QBXzCSoTR6
01 Aug, 04:25 PM UTC
🌹 Opa & Oma Rising Up ✊ #MedicareForAll 🦺 #BLM
I was fortunate enough to attend the services of #JerryGarcia 171 times in my life and I would give anything to be able to hear him preach through his guitar just one more time. Thanks Jer, sure do miss ya. Happy Birthday. #GratefulDead https://t.co/3XYE4KIs4P
01 Aug, 03:32 PM UTC
Remembering Jerome John Garcia who would have celebrated his 78th Birthday today 1st August. "I'm shopping around for something to do that no one will like." #photooftheday #RockArt #JerryGarcia @jerrygarcia © RB/Redferns/Getty Images https://t.co/1hokTpxHqs
01 Aug, 08:27 AM UTC
🍃Sage Against the Machine🌊🌻🌊Sunflower 🌊❤️🌊
Happy Birthday #JerryGarcia #August1st 🎶 You know our LO💙E will not fade away 🎶 ❤️ https://t.co/cTcixFGA29
01 Aug, 04:10 PM UTC
🎨#JerryGarcia #BOTD ~ 🖌️Feeding in the Light https://t.co/b1iictQlmS
01 Aug, 04:23 PM UTC
Arslan Eroğlu
sevgiyle... #JerryGarcia (1 Ağustos 1942 - 9 Ağustos 1995) #TheGratefulDead https://t.co/aDBB2oXI7a
01 Aug, 04:18 PM UTC
John Tague
One of the greatest ever! I’ll be listening to Workingman’s Dead on vinyl to celebrate. #JerryGarcia https://t.co/j5o3CPrz1k
01 Aug, 04:26 PM UTC
🌹 Opa & Oma Rising Up ✊ #MedicareForAll 🦺 #BLM
Marijuana: Exhibit 'A'. Happy Birthday #JerryGarcia https://t.co/7XjS9NP9KL
01 Aug, 04:25 PM UTC
#ProblematicIsAnUnderstatement #Remove #Imprison
Soulful steel for #JerryGarcia's birthday: "The Wheel" - Jerry Garcia https://t.co/RNCVmUAc72 via @YouTube
01 Aug, 04:23 PM UTC

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