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Ben Shapiro
16 May, 02:00 PM UTC
James Martin, SJ
Calling people animals is sinful. Every human being has infinite dignity. Moreover, this is the same kind of language that led to the extermination of Jews ("vermin") in Germany and of Tutsi ("cockroaches") in Rwanda. This kind of language cannot be normalized. It is a grave sin.
16 May, 09:38 PM UTC
Dave Rubin
Bernie, they’re armed, violent and using people like you for PR value. Why don’t you swing by Gaza and remind Hamas that you’re a Jew? Let us know how that works out. Jews, you don’t have to vote Democrat.
16 May, 02:05 AM UTC
The Mossad
✓ 50/60 of those killed were Hamas members (source: Hamas) ✓ Infant death unrelated to events (source: Gazan doctor) ✓ Explicit intent to invade en masses, kill and kidnap Jews (confirmed by: Hamas) We're done explaining ourselves. Next topic.
16 May, 02:24 PM UTC
Brian Krassenstein
Trump this afternoon about ICE's removal of undocumented immigrants: "You wouldn't believe how bad these people are. These aren't people. These are animals!" Hmm, I recall someone else using these words... to describe Jews.
16 May, 09:52 PM UTC
David Bernstein
Sorry not enough Jews die to satisfy you, but we've stopped being so accommodating.
16 May, 10:11 AM UTC
Ari Fleischer
There is something seriously wrong with our schools. What on earth are they teaching?!
16 May, 03:09 PM UTC
David Harsanyi
Jews need to sacrifice lives when defending themselves to make some people happy.
16 May, 11:48 AM UTC
Peter Beinart
The problem with the question: "How would your country react if threatening people rushed toward your border" is, among other things, that Israel DOESN'T HAVE A BORDER with Gaza. Gaza isn't a sovereign country. It's under Israeli control. Peter Beinart's photo on Jews
16 May, 04:25 PM UTC
Isaac Saul
To recap: he is (allegedly) a Jew who hates other Jews for being pro-Palestine and a fluent Spanish speaking lawyer in NYC who thinks Hispanic people shouldn't be able to speak Spanish in his presence. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
16 May, 07:19 PM UTC
Jim Treacher
"I'm not anti-Semitic, I just fly into a rage whenever Jews dare to defend themselves"
16 May, 05:55 PM UTC
Dr. Marty Fox
INACTION Speaks Louder Than Words 26 Jewish Democrats Snub The Embassy Opening In #Jerusalem Because For Liberal Jews As With ALL Liberals #Liberalism Trumps Everything And The Left Is Anti #Israel #StandWithIsrael Dr. Marty Fox's photo on Jews
16 May, 01:26 AM UTC
((((Peter Sagal))))
"The Jews are undoubtedly a race, but they are not human" -- Adolf Hitler, as quoted in the frontispiece for MAUS by Art Spiegelman
16 May, 09:33 PM UTC
Liberals berating blacks, Jews, Christians, Mexicans, whites, farmers, women, kids, babies, patriotism...has become a daily thing. Liberal= you hate everyone that isn’t a brainwashed liberal. Hateful humanoids. That level of hate isn’t human.
16 May, 09:31 PM UTC
Kaz Weida
“We’re taking people out of the country. You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people. These are animals.” -Trump Jews as rats. Tutsis as cockroaches. Slaves as 3/5 of a human. Referring to humans as animals is how genocides begin.
16 May, 11:51 PM UTC
Urban Alchemy
the jews of today whose religion is based on the talmud claiming to be the same as the jews of the old testament is like the mormons whose religion is based on joseph smith's tablets claiming to have a right of return to Constantinople because of the early church of the Bible
16 May, 08:54 PM UTC
This pastor says all Jews are going to hell — Trump picked him to lead the opening prayer at the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem NowThis's photo on Jews
16 May, 11:58 PM UTC
I’m grateful for @IfNotNowOrg and their #YouNeverToldMe campaign because so many American Jews my age are struggling to come to grips with the fact that the institutions that helped raise us also led us so astray. It’s painful but necessary work.
16 May, 11:39 PM UTC
Julie DiCaro
Same kind of rhetoric Hitler used against the Jews.
16 May, 07:51 PM UTC
Matthew Modine
In a closed room, this POS would bad mouth and dehumanize Asians, Latin Americans, Africans, French, Scots, Brits, Welsh, Australians, Jews, Arabs, Irish, Spaniards, Native Americans, and even Canadians. Trump is hatred and evil incarnate.
16 May, 11:53 PM UTC
Stanley Cohen
Not all that long ago some Israelis picnicked overlooking Gaza and applauded as each new phosphorous bomb exploded on helpless civilians below. It seems almost all Israeli Jews do so now.
16 May, 11:43 PM UTC
fed-up not_takin_it
@ABC Why does ABC feel free to have a bureau on the side of the fence where the Jews live and criticize them freely but not have a bureau in Gaza? Because Hamas terrorists would put your heads on pikes. Yet you still shill for Hamas.
16 May, 11:08 PM UTC
Hananya Naftali
UNBELIEVABLE: Security Council members bow their heads for #Hamas & Islamic #Jihad terrorists who died trying to kill Jews. #Gaza Hananya Naftali's photo on Jews
17 May, 12:00 AM UTC
(((Old Hippie)))
@wealdengirl I'm not sure if it's leftist or liberal but yes, it's all lies However my friend, this article may interest you Just to give you a heads up, it's unsettling, if downright disturbing @SussexFriends
16 May, 11:43 PM UTC
Nick Mackenzie
@JamesJa15494083 @QuantStratTradR @BretStephensNYT The walls were built to stop HAMAS suicide bombers killing people on buses in Israel. I don't recall any evidence of polish Jews doing the same on German buses in the 30's, but I'm open to evidence if you have any.
17 May, 12:01 AM UTC
@PeterWard09 brain dead Chelsie Handler, Bette Midler , Gigi Hadid think differently. IT IS OK TO MURDER JEWS, SLAUGHTER CHILDREN IN THEIR BED, not a peep from the “justice seekers” . Kill terrorists and the ladies are up in arms. they need to host some of those wonderful “protestors” .
17 May, 12:01 AM UTC
@nytimes Hitler called the Jews 'parasites & Untermenschen (sub human) Slave owners to slaves 'less than human' Hutu called the tutsis in Rwanda 'cockroaches' Don't ever underestimate who this man is and the dangerous people who follow him.
17 May, 12:01 AM UTC
Erwin Schrodinger
I had to leave Austria due to the persecution of Jews. #disgusting
17 May, 12:01 AM UTC
Jack Kelly
Moreover, this is the same kind of language that led to the extermination of Jews ("vermin") in Germany and of Tutsi ("cockroaches") in Rwanda. This kind of language cannot be normalized. It is a grave sin. Did you ever imagine that this could occur here in America? I did not.
17 May, 12:01 AM UTC
"Only jews are good people" In all the films bad guys are catholic wearing big cross or muslims. They ve been putting these ideas in minds.
17 May, 12:01 AM UTC
@NenaEspinosa @SonofLiberty357 No of course you wouldn't speak against muslims. People who are against Jews are always for muslims.
17 May, 12:00 AM UTC
@swilkinsonbc Zionists took all the jews around the world hostages by pretending to represent the jewish people. Is like the KKK representing all the US people, the italien mafia representing all the Europeans, the pedo priests representing all the christians and so on
17 May, 12:00 AM UTC
Tomas Nunez
17 May, 12:00 AM UTC
Polly Wants A Cracker
@rolandscahill Didn’t #Hitler refer to Jews as Animals too? #ImpeachTrumpNow
17 May, 12:00 AM UTC
Nick Hyduke
This is Hitler-speak. He de-humanized Jews, Poles and others. Trump ramps up rhetoric on undocumented immigrants: 'These aren't people. These are animals.' via @USATODAY
17 May, 12:00 AM UTC
Defending History
3/4 And in fairness, it should be said that a precisely accurate memory of the Holocaust in Ukraine or anywhere else is not with due respect the exclusive preserve of Ukrainian Jews. It’s the preserve of the entire worldwide Jewish community, if not humanity writ large.
17 May, 12:00 AM UTC
Ari Moshe
Well done! 👏👏👏 Jews stand in solidarity with an oppressed people and instead of commending them for it you choose to attack them for the actions of a state thousands of miles away. This is #antisemitism.
17 May, 12:00 AM UTC

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