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Frank Lesser
I'd tell Jim Breuer to stick to comedy but people are suffering enough already https://t.co/FkgnLI5lEa
16 Sep, 01:56 AM UTC
Frank Conniff
Once we get the amount of covid cases down to Jim Breuer fans numbers, we can finally put the pandemic behind us. https://t.co/GIGQQPN7k0
16 Sep, 02:42 AM UTC
Sam Youngman
I feel like someone needs to say this: Weed didn’t do that to Jim Breuer.
16 Sep, 02:29 AM UTC
Mike Scollins
Jim Breuer looks like when the Nightmare on Elm Street kids realize they can’t stay awake forever @mikescollins's photo on Jim Breuer
16 Sep, 01:10 AM UTC
Keith Olbermann
The best part of this is the fact that Jim Breuer thinks he has fans. It’s the first funny thing he’s ever said. @KeithOlbermann's photo on Jim Breuer
16 Sep, 01:32 AM UTC
Kimberley Johnson
Jim Breuer and people like him are the minority. They are loud but they aren’t representative of the majority. Jim and his ilk will be left behind while society proceeds without them. Bye. @AuthorKimberley's photo on Jim Breuer
16 Sep, 01:24 AM UTC
Nice boy of Sound Mind
Jim Breuer's cousin got the vaccine and look what happened @mattshoelace's photo on Jim Breuer
16 Sep, 02:15 AM UTC
Rocco Botte
I never ever in my life thought I would be putting Nicki Minaj and Jim Breuer at the same level of uncool but here we are
16 Sep, 04:15 AM UTC
💀 Scary Larry 💀 🇺🇸🌊✊🏻🗽
There are three things that Jim Breuer is famous for: 1) His performance as “Goat Boy” on SNL 2) His typecast performance as an out-of-control stoner in “Half Baked” 3) His eye bags’ performance as Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s swollen balls on Tucker Carlson. @StompTheGOP's photo on Jim Breuer
16 Sep, 03:27 AM UTC
Steven Crowder
Jim Breuer has inspired us to do some digging here at #LwC and it requires us to make new @LandauDave show announcements today. Thank you, Jim. You’ve done the right thing. Tune in 10AM ET. Especially if you’re a ticket holder.
16 Sep, 11:43 AM UTC
Funny how Fox News won't tell Jim Breuer ( White ) to "Shut Up and Entertain Us" but when LeBron James ( Black ) had an opinion he was told by Laura Ingraham ( CWord ) to "Shut Up and Dribble."
16 Sep, 09:45 AM UTC
Amee Vanderpool
"I'm not vaccinated, I had Covid." This is the perfect example of the ignorance. You get the vaccination to protect yourself from the more aggressive mutations AND to protect others, because you can still be a carrier. Jim Breuer is why we are still in a pandemic. https://t.co/XD50qQKQcv
16 Sep, 10:36 AM UTC
Tristan Snell
Can’t we all agree to ignore Nicki Minaj and Jim Breuer and any other loudmouth who wants to use their platform to spread misinformation and hurt people? Their power comes from our attention. Report, unfollow, ignore.
16 Sep, 12:22 PM UTC
John Pavlovitz
I think Jim Breuer is Nicki Minaj's cousin.
16 Sep, 02:12 PM UTC
Mr. Newberger
Jim Breuer tried to become an Al Franken, and instead ended up a Victoria Jackson.
16 Sep, 12:19 PM UTC
Gail Simone
Hear me out, I am not normally a fearmonger type but what if the vaccination makes you sound like Jim Breuer
16 Sep, 03:31 PM UTC
Sean W
@KeithOlbermann I think it's hilarious how people love to act like someone is completely unheard of and irrelevant just because they have an unpopular opinion. Jim Breuer is actually hilarious and still relevant. How many comics do you know that have opened up for an act as big as Metallica?
16 Sep, 07:40 AM UTC
Nicki Minaj and Jim Breuer’s new followers https://t.co/u8IrBwWHGG
16 Sep, 03:43 AM UTC
Breaking: Brittany Spears’ dad offers to be conservator for Jim Breuer.
16 Sep, 03:40 PM UTC
Fox News host Tucker Carlson praised Jim Breuer's ravings: "Here you are talking like an American man." https://t.co/sPc0W2ATS3
16 Sep, 09:34 AM UTC
Jim Breuer skips town, short of a shingle | Editorial https://t.co/rKxrXG4VIS @njdotcom's photo on Jim Breuer
16 Sep, 11:22 AM UTC
Manda Posthumously🦾🥦🏳️‍🌈
The ONLY thing more pathetic than Tucker Carlson interviewing Jim Breuer and opining about Nicki Manaj’s cousin’s friend’s balls are the people who watch it… And call it “News”.
16 Sep, 02:51 PM UTC
mother dysnomia 🌚
We need to summon Jerry Garcia in a Pouch to have a frank talk w/Jim Breuer
16 Sep, 03:54 PM UTC
Manda Posthumously🦾🥦🏳️‍🌈
Doesn’t @TuckerCarlson get embarrassed interviewing these people. He’s clearly vaccinated himself per #FoxNews mandate. I get he wants to stir up derision, but there has to be a less pathetic way of going about it than interviewing Jim Breuer. https://t.co/pqhO8X0ksf
16 Sep, 02:48 PM UTC
Manda Posthumously🦾🥦🏳️‍🌈
Dear @TuckerCarlson, I get it. The more ridiculous your show is the more people talk about it. But c’mon dude… Are you THAT hard up for anti-vaxxers that you have to “legitimize” the likes of Jim Breuer? That says so much more about you than it does anyone else.
16 Sep, 03:04 PM UTC
potato princess
I'd like to think that when Jim Breuer came in to the Mail Boxes, Etc. I worked in when I was a teenager, acted like a dick, and then apologized, it was because he knew that 20 years later he'd be on Tucker Carlson, looking like absolute shit, begging for a shred of relevancy.
16 Sep, 03:55 PM UTC
Dirty Job Films
Man, as the years go by it looks like #LorneMichaels cast the 90's SNL with as many wing nuts as he could. Jim Breuer, Dennis Miller, Victoria Jackson & Rob Schneider
16 Sep, 03:48 PM UTC
IrishDem ❄️🌊 ☘️
Jim Breuer’s mind has the consistency of a fried pie. This guy is toast. https://t.co/CGtHw5rvwF
16 Sep, 03:51 PM UTC
I decree that the cannabis industry thinks Jim Breuer is gonna get people killed with his stupidity. #GetVaccinated https://t.co/JMfasSAAF8
16 Sep, 03:59 PM UTC
@clubXmiami Jim Breuer replaced Dennis Miller as the current washed up comedian guest on right wing TV.
16 Sep, 03:54 PM UTC