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Kevin Bowen
Jim Irsay was on @SiriusXMNFL yesterday. FWIW, Irsay said Andrew Luck is dealing with a ‘small little bone’ issue. Nothing to do with the Achilles tendon. Irsay: “But I really feel very confident that he’s going to find his way through this thing.” https://t.co/mY0TTVTPtg
13 Aug, 11:43 AM UTC
Jim Irsay: Andrew Luck has bone injury https://t.co/JsmOKA5d8f
13 Aug, 01:33 PM UTC
1075 The Fan
When Jim Irsay says Andrew Luck is dealing with a ‘small little bone issue’ @1070thefan's photo on Jim Irsay
13 Aug, 11:59 AM UTC
Zak Keefer
Here's what Colts owner Jim Irsay said on @SiriusXMNFL about Andrew Luck's injury. Team has said for months it's a "calf strain" while Luck has acknowledged there is pain in his ankle. @zkeefer's photo on Jim Irsay
13 Aug, 01:45 PM UTC
Stephen Holder
Lots of buzz this morning about Colts owner Jim Irsay's comments on @SiriusXMNFL with Bill Polian regarding Andrew Luck's injury and a reference to a "bone" issue. I have the full audio. Here is what he said, which doesn't really explain much, TBH: @HolderStephen's photo on Jim Irsay
13 Aug, 01:40 PM UTC
mike freeman
Irsay accidentally tells truth about Luck injury status. Jim Irsay: Andrew Luck has bone injury – ProFootballTalk https://t.co/bBvFycuMlb
13 Aug, 01:36 PM UTC
Congrats to Jim Irsay on his promotion to White House Press Secretary https://t.co/PENCYUcn3m
13 Aug, 02:38 PM UTC
Terez A. Paylor
The uncertain status of Andrew Luck’s injury was made murkier by owner Jim Irsay’s recent comments on it. Here’s what Chris Ballard told me about the injury this weekend, & how the Colts have prepped for the worst-case scenario: https://t.co/KzvjTL5Tuf
13 Aug, 02:44 PM UTC
Matt Hammond
First it was a calf, and no big deal. Then it kept him out for the entire offseason. Then there was a setback. Now, Jim Irsay’s doing radio hits saying that there’s a bone issue, too. Andrew Luck’s injury is *this* close to becoming a saga for the Colts. https://t.co/15ayGVTCRS
13 Aug, 01:13 PM UTC
Mike Chappell
Jim Irsay's comments on Andrew Luck injury situation Read: https://t.co/aPMq6W43iI
13 Aug, 01:47 PM UTC
The Fan Morning Show
With Jim Irsay's comments on Andrew Luck's bone (?) injury, what's your level of concern for him starting the season?
13 Aug, 11:33 AM UTC
Michael Hauff
So, Jim Irsay is telling SiriusXMNFL that on top of Andrew Luck’s calf injury, he also has a “small bone” issue. #FantasyFootball #Colts https://t.co/MaqHgC0lIu
13 Aug, 02:06 PM UTC
Mike Wells
Jim Irsay: Andrew Luck injury, absence related to bone issue. This adds another element to what continues to be bizarre situation. Frank Reich recently said Luck’s dealing with pain in his calf, and now the bone issue. https://t.co/NfWglhMXGR
13 Aug, 01:51 PM UTC
Joel A. Erickson
Jim Irsay: Colts quarterback Andrew Luck dealing with an injury related to a 'small little bone' https://t.co/xAIN77ZXoC
13 Aug, 02:13 PM UTC
Dan Dakich
Interesting....Jim Irsay: Andrew Luck has bone injury – ProFootballTalk https://t.co/1OppxiiY6w
13 Aug, 02:09 PM UTC
Luke Schultheis
13 Aug, 03:51 PM UTC
George Bremer
Just catching up on the Jim Irsay “small bone issue” comments. It certainly muddies the water and raises more questions. We’ll see if the #Colts provide clarity.
13 Aug, 01:52 PM UTC
FOX59 News
Andrew Luck dealing with 'small little bone’ as well as calf strain, Jim Irsay says https://t.co/WI3laGwOQH
13 Aug, 02:34 PM UTC
Mike Chappell
Jim Irsay: Andrew Luck dealing with ‘small little bone’ in addition to calf strain https://t.co/CBogzzE7Mj via @cbs4indy
13 Aug, 02:27 PM UTC
Jim Irsay Reports Andrew Luck Dealing with “Teeny Tiny, Eensy Weensy” Broken Leg https://t.co/DrnjqDMIA7
13 Aug, 02:01 PM UTC
Happy-Hour Fantasy
Would probably be smart to go and scoop up Jacoby Brissett. Injuries beginning to pile up for Andrew Luck according to Jim Irsay who just stated that along with the calf injury, Luck is dealing with a bone bruise. #ProActiveAdd #FantasyFootball
13 Aug, 02:07 PM UTC
Stampede Blue
Andrew Luck dealing with a "small little bone" issue per Colts owner Jim Irsay (via @chrisblystone) https://t.co/S9S4MSgeiN https://t.co/IgcrdYKlaE
13 Aug, 02:35 PM UTC
Sean Wagner-McGough
If Jim Irsay says everything is fine, then everything is probably not fine. https://t.co/c73rDuzEPg
13 Aug, 03:23 PM UTC
Andrew Pelsue
@RickardonSports https://t.co/JXGwhQrNKx. Maybe this is what Jim Irsay is alluding to?
13 Aug, 11:15 AM UTC
Mike Randle
Andrew Luck absence due to “bone issue” as per Jim Irsay. 2017 Missed entire season. 2018 Threw for 4593 yards and 39 touchdowns 2019? Place your bets, folks https://t.co/ksDRHbtjug
13 Aug, 03:15 PM UTC
RTV6 Indianapolis
Colts owner Jim Irsay says QB Andrew Luck is dealing with more than a calf strain. There's also a bone injury in his lower left leg. https://t.co/mTJANvsb7q
13 Aug, 03:30 PM UTC
Colts BR🇧🇷
O curioso caso das lesões mal contadas no Indianapolis Colts: em entrevista, Jim Irsay disse que Andrew Luck tem um problema ósseo e não muscular.
13 Aug, 03:24 PM UTC
Joe Gallina
So according to Jim Irsay Andrew Luck has just a small little bone injury #Colts #ColtsCamp #FantasyFootball
13 Aug, 02:47 PM UTC
Sean Wagner-McGough
@JeffKerrCBS that, and don’t let Jim Irsay talk anymore.
13 Aug, 04:13 PM UTC