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Barstool Carl
I’m officially challenging Jim Nantz to a fist fight in a Chicago alley of his choosing
10 Jan, 11:12 PM UTC
Barstool Carl
I hate Jim Nantz @barstoolcarl's photo on Jim Nantz
10 Jan, 10:57 PM UTC
NFL Update
Over on CBS, Tony Romo is calling today's game from home due to COVID-19 protocols. Jim Nantz is at the stadium.
10 Jan, 09:41 PM UTC
Barstool Carl
“Hello my name is Jim Nantz and I absolutely suck at calling Bears games.” - Jim Nantz
10 Jan, 10:27 PM UTC
Barstool Carl
“HERE IT IS” - Jim Nantz cumming in his pants as Taysom Hill gains 1 yard
11 Jan, 12:12 AM UTC
Jim Nantz congratulates Tony Romo on making the College Football Hall of Fame Class of 2021 👏👏👏 @NFLonCBS's photo on Jim Nantz
11 Jan, 12:28 AM UTC
Barstool Carl
Fuck Jim Nantz that stupid asshole
11 Jan, 12:41 AM UTC
Lance Briggs
Jim Nantz wanted that touchdown more than Drew did.
11 Jan, 12:43 AM UTC
Barstool Carl
I need this retweeted enough so he sees it JIM NANTZ FUCKING SUCKS
11 Jan, 12:19 AM UTC
Frank Caliendo
Jim Nantz & Tony Romo trying to keep their chemistry while calling the game from different locations @FrankCaliendo's photo on Jim Nantz
10 Jan, 10:21 PM UTC
now THIS is the hard-hitting commentary you just don’t get from Tony Romo and Jim Nantz... #NickWildCard https://t.co/A3McqdgPRK
10 Jan, 10:00 PM UTC
Chris Cote
Here for Jim Nantz “just the tip” jokes... even if they’re terrible.
11 Jan, 12:41 AM UTC
Momento muito legal, Jim Nantz anunciando que o Tony Romo foi eleito para o College Football Hall of Fame. https://t.co/WuZNyv36Mu
11 Jan, 12:32 AM UTC
Jennifer Lee Chan
Romo: “Just the tip there, Jim.” Nantz: “Yep. It wasn’t enough.”
11 Jan, 12:12 AM UTC
FCS Football
Jim Nantz has revealed former Eastern Illinois quarterback Tony Romo, the 2002 Walter Payton Award recipient, will be named Monday in the 2021 induction class of the National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame. Stats Perform has presented the FCS Awards since 2015. https://t.co/58jEZBgzId
11 Jan, 12:31 AM UTC
Bret Beherns
Really cool moment and pub for @EIU_Panthers with Jim Nantz announcing former @EIUPantherFB QB Tony Romo is heading into the College Football Hall of Fame on National TV during the Bears-Saints game
11 Jan, 12:26 AM UTC
Best moment: CBS Sports Jim Nantz announcing on-air that Tony Romo would inducted into the 2021 College Football Hall of Fame.
11 Jan, 12:22 AM UTC
Amy Lawrence
Awww, what a cool moment for Tony Romo to find out he'll be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame from Jim Nantz. @NFLonCBS
11 Jan, 12:22 AM UTC
Jim Nantz in the booth calling the game while Noah Eagle and Nate Burleson call the game for Nickelodeon https://t.co/nFOb8Czn9r
10 Jan, 10:55 PM UTC
Funniest line: CBS Sports Jim Nantz, on whether Brees outreached the tip of the football to brake the plane, “Tony, it's like when you and I go out to dinner, it's all about the tip!"
11 Jan, 12:47 AM UTC
Around the Dial: CBS Sports will have Jim Nantz, Tony Romo, Tracy Wolfson, and Jay Feely on the call for the Chiefs game next Sunday at 3:05pm EST. Opponent will either be Baltimore/Cleveland.
11 Jan, 01:26 AM UTC
Awful Announcing
Tony Romo knew he was selected for the College Football Hall of Fame before Jim Nantz told him, thanks to an early delivery https://t.co/wU8zQZmj6s https://t.co/O6OWKQ9Poz
11 Jan, 01:25 AM UTC
The Comeback NFL
Jim Nantz talks with Tony Romo about Romo's selection for the College Football Hall of Fame. https://t.co/OsYNwApxPP
11 Jan, 01:18 AM UTC
🏀🐿 The HORSE Champions League 🐿 🏀
“Just the tip there Jim.” -@tonyromo to Jim Nantz. #nfl  #Tony Romo #Bears #bearssaints #Saints https://t.co/2Ny2xfZGTg
11 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC
Matthew Postins
If you watched the #Bears & #Saints game you know the news. If not, Tony Romo is headed for the #CFHOF. Official announcement tomorrow, but Jim Nantz had to congratulate his partner on-air. #CowboysNation #Cowboys #NFLPlayoffs https://t.co/hhvldycO2s
11 Jan, 01:15 AM UTC
Pete Sirianni
@ChrisCoteDLPA Jim Nantz saying, "It's like when Tony and I go out to dinner, it's all about the tip."
11 Jan, 01:35 AM UTC
Nickelodeon #onlybreathe Bears #CHIvsNO Nagy Pagano Romo Jim Nantz lana Anthony Miller Wims Gardner-Johnson Double Dare Ravens Lamar Titans Arnold Samantha Eddie Jackson Boogie Young Sheldon Taysom Hill Sean Payton #happybirthdaycorpse Armie Hammer https://t.co/nWphdY5ZcL
11 Jan, 01:20 AM UTC
Scott Kater
Jim Nantz: "Cleveland fans you are not dreaming this!" Might be best call of his life cause this feels like a dream!
11 Jan, 01:44 AM UTC
@Ninergirl99 I legit enjoyed it. Silly sure but way less hyperbolic and Jim Nantz is a bore.
11 Jan, 01:38 AM UTC
Chandler Carney
“It’s all about the tip.” - Jim Nantz
11 Jan, 12:40 AM UTC

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