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If you ever feel dumb just remember there are people who believe Jimmy G is an elite QB
02 Mar, 08:55 PM UTC
Deebo Samuel SZN🔥⚡️🍽
If the 49ers do indeed keep Jimmy G, and have no interest in going another way.. I hope he hears my criticism along with others, and balls out.
02 Mar, 06:29 PM UTC
Wiseman and jimmy g talk every day on this app https://t.co/zlw1jYHKJb
02 Mar, 09:06 PM UTC
49ers on NBCS
Chris Simms believes Jimmy G only has one QB obstacle left to clear to return as the 49ers' starter, but it's not who you think it is https://t.co/z7IZ4ZrvHF @NBCS49ers's photo on Jimmy G
02 Mar, 05:13 PM UTC
Tiff Guy
Seeing that Jimmy G is trending only to find out he’s not back on the Patriots yet https://t.co/YL9e6RcYyz
02 Mar, 09:54 PM UTC
everyteenager bot
02 Mar, 09:05 PM UTC
@batson24 @BrandonThornNFL I would take a washed ancient Big Ben over Jimmy G and I’m a Niners fan.
02 Mar, 08:45 PM UTC
Jimmy G is trending and some fans are back again with the slander. I hate this fan base sometimes. 🙄
02 Mar, 10:28 PM UTC
Just completed my first trade in awhile due to being busy with work and other matters. Which side are you on? 12 Team SF PPR @MyFantasyLeague and why? 🥵- Jimmy G, David Johnson, 22’ 1st 🥶- Jalen Hurts, 22’ 3rd
02 Mar, 10:27 PM UTC
Lmao bro jimmy g trends everyday 😂 I know mentally he has to be sick
02 Mar, 10:02 PM UTC
Johnny Clements
My ideal #pats offseason: 1. Re-Sign Cam or trade for Jimmy G 2. Sign one of Marvin Jones/Chris Godwin/Allen Robinson 3. Bring back Kyle Van-Noy 4. Draft- target young defenders, move Darby to TE https://t.co/GGBKHyt6Uq
02 Mar, 10:56 PM UTC
Emmit Fitz-Hume
@lindseyyok Are you going to lose it, when the Pats trade pick 15 and Gilmore for Jimmy G ? 🏈🍻🤣
02 Mar, 10:52 PM UTC
Get Watson You COWARDS 9ers
@Wallred1976 @ReepahGrim Love them also. But they obviously do not trust jimmy g. Even if ppl hate it stafford would have been an upgrade.
02 Mar, 10:50 PM UTC
Abdulaziz Kahaili
Everybody forgot that Jimmy G got the 49ers to a superbowl. One year later, he is a bum?? Y’all need to stop smoking.
02 Mar, 10:42 PM UTC
rose⁷ WV lockdown
mahomes in the same tier as jimmy g 😟😟 https://t.co/c6NXANvHhu
02 Mar, 10:30 PM UTC
@PinMorin @49erfaithful93 How and where did you get the idea that Jimmy G put himself before the team? https://t.co/lsquanorFA
02 Mar, 10:04 PM UTC
@Blacks4Trump24 @Point_God_11 Nope jimmy G has had 1 good season as a starter, he is middle of the pack QB, if he was better than Patty they wouldn’t be considering releasing or trading him
02 Mar, 09:52 PM UTC
Pittsburgh Steelers
Jimmy G OTB someone come get him
02 Mar, 11:02 PM UTC
Lev 🔜 Progress
If you ever feel dumb just remember there are people out there who believe Jimmy G is trash despite the facts and numbers stating otherwise. You can’t help stupidity 🤷🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/JK18U0lZ0C
02 Mar, 11:00 PM UTC
@theamricndream Today the human shit stain known as Colin Cowherd said Jimmy G was better then Baker😂, Baker is still hated because he was swag. Nothing wrong with being swaggy, as I am thriving embodiment of swag.
02 Mar, 10:55 PM UTC
Princess B
@JavierVeg_ @ReepahGrim @JasonAponte2103 Ok I rather get the necessities the team needs. I'm not going QB at 12. Jimmy G in my QB. And he can be elite level
02 Mar, 10:54 PM UTC
Jimmy G trending got me like https://t.co/EKvDRtBLm8
02 Mar, 10:54 PM UTC
Frankie Lovehall
@Point_God_11 Oh that isn't even IT. If ever feeling dumb, just remember there are people in a professional NFL team front office in a city that rhymes with Fran Sancisco that gave Jimmy G...A NO TRADE CLAUSE!
02 Mar, 10:52 PM UTC
Spitting Fire YT Podcast
31 years old. Future bear and #2 TE? ND connection with Cole Kmet, age 21.... Oh wait, jimmy G, age 34, still on the books.... #DaBears https://t.co/PG7DZshAYR
02 Mar, 10:51 PM UTC
@49ersHive I think Garoppolo has what it takes.. it says value.. so I assume its more about their contract then ability.. but I'm hoping if I tweet it enough it will happen.. sooo.. Jimmy G for M.V.P! Go Niners
02 Mar, 10:48 PM UTC
Abdulaziz Kahaili
@jro_27 Are u serious? Comparing Jimmy G to Rex I don’t know who?
02 Mar, 10:45 PM UTC
RickyTicky BobbyWobbin
@TChange212 @Patriots @E_Scal John Lynch has said that he wants Jimmy G to be the guy heading into 2021. He’s the GM, so he has all the power. I think they r gonna roll with Jimmy G but sign a backup QB just in case. What WE need to do is sign a bridge QB cheaper than that and draft one of the top 4 QBs.
02 Mar, 10:44 PM UTC
RickyTicky BobbyWobbin
@TChange212 @Patriots @E_Scal Jimmy G is the worst case scenario. He is not worth what his cap hit is (he is gonna have a $24 million cap hit both next year and in 2022). All 4 of the top QBs in this years draft have superstar potential, and I want one of them. I don’t wanna wait to draft a QB, I want one NOW
02 Mar, 10:40 PM UTC
Sta-Sea Lea,RD
Jimmy G can do no wrong in the eyes of most women. He’s one of the most beautiful human beings ever. We don’t care if he’s an elite QB. We just want to look at him.
02 Mar, 10:38 PM UTC

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