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JOCELYN ALO GIVES @OU_SOFTBALL THE LEAD IN THE 6TH ‼️ #WCWS @SportsCenter's photo on Jocelyn Alo
10 Jun, 12:49 AM UTC
"We’re a very resilient team, and we’re not gonna take a loss two times in a row to the same team." 😤 —Jocelyn Alo with @sportsiren @espnW's photo on Jocelyn Alo
10 Jun, 01:59 AM UTC
Eddie Radosevich
Jocelyn Alo has the Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray I’m going to do something special everytime thing going on. All-time athlete. All-time moment. Shit, that’s some sports.
10 Jun, 12:47 AM UTC
Kayla Lombardo
Jocelyn Alo’s parents saved up $10K per summer so she could live in mainland US & play travel ball. Her goal was to pay them back with her performance on the field. She’s done that & it’s beautiful. But imagine if she could profit off her own NIL? Would be even more beautiful.
10 Jun, 01:02 AM UTC
Holly Rowe
Championship mindset kicked in for @OU_Softball with a new record single season home run record 159. Jocelyn Alo explains how they did it. @sportsiren's photo on Jocelyn Alo
10 Jun, 02:21 AM UTC
Amari Rodgers3️⃣
Jocelyn Alo you are goated 🐐
10 Jun, 12:47 AM UTC
FOX Sports: MLB
PACKED house today at the Women's College World Series National Championship 🏆 Jocelyn Alo and @OU_Softball strike first! (via @NCAAsoftball) @MLBONFOX's photo on Jocelyn Alo
10 Jun, 07:29 PM UTC
Céspedes Family BBQ
JOCELYN ALO WE ARE NOT WORTHY @CespedesBBQ's photo on Jocelyn Alo
10 Jun, 07:25 PM UTC
Florida State Softball 🥎
B1 | Jocelyn Alo hits a solo home run. FSU 0, OU 1
10 Jun, 07:22 PM UTC
Rodger Sherman
having to play Boomer Sooner after every Jocelyn Alo home run would finally kill the Oklahoma band
10 Jun, 07:24 PM UTC
AP Top 25
Jocelyn Alo’s go-ahead homer in the sixth inning helped Oklahoma beat Florida State 6-2 and force a decisive Game 3 for the Women’s College World Series title. by @cliffbruntap
10 Jun, 02:06 AM UTC
Baseball Quotes
Winner-take-all for the National Championship currently on right now and Player of the Year Jocelyn Alo lead it off with a BOMB 💣
10 Jun, 07:28 PM UTC
Reese Gorman
I just heard a rumor that Jocelyn Alo is now the mayor of Oklahoma City after that home run, trying to confirm. Could be big if true
10 Jun, 07:25 PM UTC
Bianka Bell
Jocelyn Alo is not human
10 Jun, 07:22 PM UTC
Matt Ravis
lmao why would you pitch to Jocelyn Alo
10 Jun, 07:23 PM UTC
TJ Eckert
10 Jun, 07:29 PM UTC
Joey Helmer
Jocelyn Alo has gone yard. That's her 34th of the season, 1-0 #Sooners.
10 Jun, 07:22 PM UTC
10 Jun, 07:22 PM UTC
Bally Sports
An absolute no-doubter by Jocelyn Alo ☄️ (via @NCAAsoftball) @BallySports's photo on Jocelyn Alo
10 Jun, 07:40 PM UTC
How #Sooners slugger Jocelyn Alo has helped pave the way for Mackenzie Donihoo's breakout
10 Jun, 07:39 PM UTC
Cliff Brunt
The single-season Division I record holder for homers in a season is Arizona’s Laura Espinoza. She hit 37 in 72 games back in 1995. #Oklahoma's Jocelyn Alo has 34 this season, but she’s only in her 60th game. #Sooners #WCWS
10 Jun, 07:33 PM UTC
WCTV Sports
Oklahoma strikes first in the bottom of the first on a solo home run from Jocelyn Alo, her 88th of her career.
10 Jun, 07:29 PM UTC
Zach Fielder
Jocelyn Alo is not normal
10 Jun, 07:35 PM UTC
Jocelyn Alo seems really cool and is obviously an incredible athlete but as a Florida State fan that’s really IRRITATING right about now
10 Jun, 07:24 PM UTC
Centennial Cougars
Just saw that Oklahoma’s Jocelyn Alo who is the national player of the year was also a high school wrestling state champion and was recruited after that in her 10th grade year. Wrestling makes athletes better at other sports period. Coaches get on board. @SeWrestle
10 Jun, 07:30 PM UTC
hot vax summer sparks 🖤🥂⚾️🏀
AtDodgers sign Jocelyn Alo you cowards
10 Jun, 07:49 PM UTC
Mike Benson
This OU softball team is UNREAL. 161 HR on the season (new record). 15 HR in WCWS (new record). 13 HR in ONE GAME earlier this season (new record). Jocelyn Alo has 88 HR for her career. 95 is the all time record and she has one season left to play next season. 🤯 Yo @BCSportsDad
10 Jun, 07:47 PM UTC
Thomas Warren
Watching Jocelyn Alo hit is like watching Steph come across half know what's coming but you can't stop it. #wcws2021
10 Jun, 07:45 PM UTC