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ESPN College Football
LSU fans after Week 3 post Joe Burrow:
10 Oct, 09:17 PM UTC
Cincinnati 💔
Joe Burrow steps back to throw and @CincyProblems's photo on Joe Burrow
11 Oct, 06:26 PM UTC
Joe Burrow dropping back to pass @PFF's photo on Joe Burrow
11 Oct, 07:06 PM UTC
Matthew McGovern
Joe Burrow's brain after the Ravens knock him into the turf every other play @MatthewMcGovern's photo on Joe Burrow
11 Oct, 05:59 PM UTC
Dov Kleiman
What was A.J. Green doing on this Joe Burrow INT? @NFL_DovKleiman's photo on Joe Burrow
11 Oct, 05:46 PM UTC
Cincinnati 💔
At this rate, Joe Burrow won't survive the season. This is getting really hard to watch.
11 Oct, 07:09 PM UTC
Rachel Hasse
#Bengals game plan to protect Joe Burrow @CincyProblems
11 Oct, 06:55 PM UTC
Connor Newcomb
Joe Burrow Joe Burrow Against college Against the Defenses Ravens
11 Oct, 05:57 PM UTC
Jax Teller
Joe Burrow: “Aj please can you try and go up for the catch just once” Aj Green:
11 Oct, 06:57 PM UTC
Dave Biddle
The Bengals' awful OL is going to get Joe Burrow killed. In pure Bengals' fashion, they draft their franchise QB and do nothing to upgrade the OL. But they did sign bust cornerback Trae Waynes for $42M guaranteed.
11 Oct, 06:27 PM UTC
Blake Jewell
Joe Burrow stepping back to pass
11 Oct, 07:38 PM UTC
octopus ⛩
You can tell that Joe Burrow is really good but he’s gonna be seriously hurt and worn down by his fourth season because the Bengals offensive line is about as good as pee wee kids
11 Oct, 07:36 PM UTC
Gary Miller
Joe Burrow is head of the class, but Logan Wilson has looked like a steal in the 3rd rd of draft
11 Oct, 07:15 PM UTC
Willie Anderson
Man y’all do realize Joe Burrow is feeling what a lot of @Bengals and other AFC north QBs who face @Ravens and Steelers 2x a year is feeling. Some years they are Dominant . U have to build teams to defeat their dominance. Other divisions don’t face this kind or terror #AFCNORTH
11 Oct, 07:30 PM UTC
Follow @SecretBase
The Ravens making Joe Burrow want to uninstall 😭
11 Oct, 07:40 PM UTC
Sordi (Miami Dolphins Insider)
Joe Burrow playing a real team and getting exposed?
11 Oct, 07:02 PM UTC
TBP College Football
Ils ont remporté ensemble le titre national 2019 avec les Tigers de LSU... QB Joe Burrow (Cincinnati Bengals) et LB Patrick Queen (Baltimore Ravens) seront face-à-face aujourd'hui lors la week 5 de la NFL.
11 Oct, 04:57 PM UTC
Package Sports
When Joe Burrow says hike and is on the floor in 2 seconds: #Bengals #Ravens
11 Oct, 07:40 PM UTC
Justin Gillerman
Joe Burrow after every game this season
11 Oct, 07:41 PM UTC
'Milly's Happy Tweets' by Lightningpuma
Bengals better use their 1st and 2nd round picks towards drafting O-Lineman so Joe Burrow doesn't end up becoming the next Andrew Luck.
11 Oct, 07:25 PM UTC
Devon Violanta
Joe Burrow’s offensive line hates him lmao
11 Oct, 07:42 PM UTC
Shawn Ambrose
This isn't College anymore kid welcome to the AFC North Joe Burrow #Ravens
11 Oct, 07:43 PM UTC
Would you rather start your franchise with Teddy Bridgewater (with the current contract), Joe Burrow, or Herbert? Bridgewater is quietly having a really nice season for the Panthers. #NFLSunday #PantherPride #Bengals #CARvsATL #BALvsCIN #NFL
11 Oct, 07:44 PM UTC
Mookie Foofus 🇲🇩⛳️🌲🏌️‍♂️🇲🇩
@billyliberty Joe burrow blasting lasers out of his third eye with eight seconds in the pocket
11 Oct, 07:44 PM UTC
Dakota Vine
@wadezanc27 I want to know the bet for “More total touchdowns Patrick Queen over Joe Burrow”
11 Oct, 07:43 PM UTC
emmalee reiser smith
if the bengals o-line doesn’t start blocking for joe burrow I SWEAR @emmaleersmith's photo on Joe Burrow
11 Oct, 07:43 PM UTC
The Astronaut Kid 🚀🧑🏾‍🚀
Joe Burrow got sacked 7 times and the game not even over.
11 Oct, 07:42 PM UTC
Brent Collins
@Bengals Joe Burrow will be added to the list shortly.
11 Oct, 07:41 PM UTC

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