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Mount Rushmore of Cleveland Sports- but that you have actually seen play-- LeBron James Jim Thome Kyrie Irving Joe Thomas
25 Mar, 12:11 PM UTC
warm potato salad
Woke up and saw Joe Thomas trending - thought my man caught the big rona
25 Mar, 02:54 PM UTC
Now people in the US are going to be freaking out that NBA legends Joe Thomas and Bernie Kosar tested positive. @Reflog_18's photo on Joe Thomas
25 Mar, 02:30 PM UTC
Eric Straßhofer
Mount Rushmore Cleveland Sports*: Joe Thomas Lebron James Peyton Hillis** Jim Thome *played for Cleveland 1994 and up **Peyton Hillis embodies what it means to be Cleveland Sports and deserves to be recognized for that
25 Mar, 03:11 PM UTC
Marc Aliotta Jr.
Joe Thomas opening up Twitter this AM @joethomas73
25 Mar, 03:15 PM UTC
Swamp Life
@joethomas73 When Joe Thomas checks Twitter trends but finds out he's not dead from the Rona
25 Mar, 04:00 PM UTC
Saw Joe Thomas trending..thought he was going to Tampa to protect Brady
25 Mar, 03:53 PM UTC
LBJ Stipe Phil Dawson Joe Thomas
25 Mar, 02:02 PM UTC
LeBron James Joe Thomas Kylie Irving Josh Gordon
25 Mar, 03:47 PM UTC
Mt. Rushmore of Cleveland sports that I’ve seen play Joe Thomas LeGOAT James Josh Cribbs Phil Dawson Honorable mentions: Kyrie, Lindor, Kluber, KLove, Dellavedova
25 Mar, 05:34 PM UTC
Lebron James Omar Visquel Joe Thomas Grady Sizemore
25 Mar, 04:18 PM UTC
Solly the DC
@TerinNajae Mine: LeBron Joe Thomas Stipe Josh Cribbs I never really watched baseball so that could be my problem.
25 Mar, 04:16 PM UTC
Solly the DC
LeBron Joe Thomas Stipe Miocic Josh Cribbs
25 Mar, 04:13 PM UTC
@William_Kellar3 Bron Joe Thomas Lindor Stipe
25 Mar, 04:06 PM UTC
omar elghazawi
LeBron James Kyrie Irving Joe Thomas Francisco Lindor/Jim Thome
25 Mar, 03:59 PM UTC
Michael Caiazza
LeBron James Joe Thomas Jim Thome Corey Kluber Gotta include someone from the Indian's recent playoff run.
25 Mar, 03:43 PM UTC
Ryan Lencl (Len-sul)
@Reflog_18 Lebron Joe Thomas Omar Stipe
25 Mar, 04:23 PM UTC
matt hauck
@William_Kellar3 LeBron, Lindor, Omar, Joe Thomas
25 Mar, 04:12 PM UTC
Joe Ickes💰
@chuckthabigboy @Reflog_18 Lebron, Kyrie, Joe Thomas, Delonte West. #Gloria
25 Mar, 04:06 PM UTC
rafael aguilon
@StrassAndBrass Joe thomas Albert belle Jim thome Lebron james
25 Mar, 03:52 PM UTC
❌ichael ❌cFerren
@Reflog_18 Mark Price Bernie Kosar Omar Vizquel Joe Thomas Wanted to stick to players that WANTED to be here and didn't leave chasing the money...other than Joe Thomas, they were all more or less tossed aside.
25 Mar, 03:46 PM UTC
THEE Terence Fluellen🏋🏾‍♂️
@Reflog_18 Lebron James Albert Belle Kyrie Irving Joe Thomas
25 Mar, 05:40 PM UTC
Ric Stumpf
@Reflog_18 Lebron Thome Joe Thomas Omar
25 Mar, 05:38 PM UTC
Casey Yandek
@Reflog_18 @joethomas73 LeBron James Joe Thomas Ozzie Newsome Jim Thome
25 Mar, 05:35 PM UTC
Patro 🥥
@Reflog_18 1) Lebron James 2) Joe Thomas 3) Corey Kluber 4) Jim Thome Honorable mention Timofey Mozgov
25 Mar, 05:23 PM UTC
Gary M. Pasqualicchio
@Reflog_18 LeBron Z Joe Thomas Omar I view this as being more than just being a great player for a few years. These guys embodied our city while they represented the colors.
25 Mar, 05:23 PM UTC
Riva Isle Ben
LeBron James Corey Kluber Joe Thomas Sandy Alomar Jr.
25 Mar, 05:22 PM UTC
@DickBammerXXX @ryandeaton3 Joe Thomas was a beast too just not my fav lol
25 Mar, 05:13 PM UTC
ジョーイ・レールズ ♏️
@itsssharp @ryandeaton3 Lbj kyrie stipe joe thomas ??
25 Mar, 05:12 PM UTC