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Be A King
Sharing a thread of King family and movement photos. Hope they cause someone to smile or meditate on love, hope and promise, even for a few moments. Here: A. Philip Randolph, John Lewis, Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King, Jr. #WeShallOvercome @BerniceKing's photo on John Lewis
21 Mar, 03:06 AM UTC
Sky News Breaking
John Lewis Partnership says it has taken the "difficult decision" to temporarily close all 50 John Lewis shops at close of business on Monday
21 Mar, 03:36 PM UTC
Emma Simpson
All 50 John Lewis department stores to temporarily shut at close of business on Monday due to Coronavirus. First time in 155 year history that it won’t be opening doors to customers. But customers can continue to shop online.
21 Mar, 03:32 PM UTC
Ashley Armstrong
Co-op is donating £1.5 million to food banks, John Lewis working with more charities and Lidl is donating all its surplus flowers to NHS workers. Tesco also giving staff a 10% bonus. Food retailers under so much pressure at moment & still stepping up for wider good
21 Mar, 12:26 PM UTC
John Lewis & Partners
Sadly due to the unfolding situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will be temporarily closing John Lewis shops from the end of the day on Monday 23 March. However, we are very much open - you can still order online at See @jlandpartners's photo on John Lewis
21 Mar, 05:18 PM UTC
Impressed with John Lewis & Partners closing their main stores and redeploying their staff in Waitrose with extended hours to keep food supplies going. ✅
21 Mar, 05:36 PM UTC
Robert Peston
Like many of us, I have been very anxious about the safety of shop workers travelling into central London on bus and underground in rush hour - and of course their exposure to the virus in the store. So John Lewis’s decision to close makes sense. Will other retailers of...
21 Mar, 03:48 PM UTC
Harry Wallop
John Lewis closing all its stores. Its Oxford Street store was flattened during the War. Remarkably 100 staff that had been made homeless by the Blitz were sheltering in the basement. And all survived. I hope they get through this similarly unscathed.
21 Mar, 05:35 PM UTC
John M. Upright. GTTO. CorbynWasRight
Sales of freezers at John Lewis go through the roof. Greedy bastards, not satisfied with filling their house with stuff to deprive the vulnerable amongst us. They now try to put the nail in the coffin by buying freezers to fill also.
21 Mar, 12:24 PM UTC
The Independent
John Lewis closes shops for first time in 155-year history over coronavirus
21 Mar, 05:53 PM UTC
Emma Simpson
More than 2000 John Lewis workers already transferred you Waitrose shops to help with unprecedented demand in grocery.
21 Mar, 03:38 PM UTC
John Lewis said it will shutter its stores for the first time in the British retailer’s 155-year history amid the coronavirus pandemic
21 Mar, 06:43 PM UTC
John Ashton
Coronavirus: John Lewis to close all its 50 stores as virus crisis intensifies | UK News | Sky News
21 Mar, 04:12 PM UTC
Jay Beecher
All its surplus 'FLOWERS'?? What the fook are they going to do with flowers? @LidlGB is literally raking it in right now - even more so than before. Donating surplus food, or better still MONEY to NHS workers would be an idea. Hats off to the Cop-op, Tesco & John Lewis though.
21 Mar, 08:40 PM UTC
Tony Potter
What the hell is going on. John Lewis are closing its doors due to Coronovirus and our government leaves open our airports and international travel. Can someone please explain this to me. #Coronavirus
21 Mar, 04:09 PM UTC
The Scotsman
John Lewis to close all 50 stores temporarily as country responds to latest government measures
21 Mar, 07:52 PM UTC
Dave Kennedy
Well done to John Lewis Tunbridge Wells for supporting their local nhs
21 Mar, 07:13 AM UTC
Daniel Emery
Really Twitter? Trends for you Trending in United Kingdom #wanking 2,957 Tweets Trending in United Kingdom Snowdon 2,351 Tweets Entertainment · Trending Gallifrey 2,268 Tweets Entertainment · Trending ALL THIRTEEN 1,799 Tweets Trending in United Kingdom John Lewis 4,127 Tweets
21 Mar, 09:04 PM UTC
ruth clout
Why wait till Monday! Increases rhe risk of more people going in and spreading the virus for another 2 days #CoronaCrisis #FlattenTheCuve
21 Mar, 08:02 PM UTC
@LovesVintage43 @Papercuts_Paws @amazingraceart @sheilax18 @FluffyKnittens @Danibaggs85 Lockdown can’t be far off. I’ve had emails today from Seasalt and John Lewis. Both are closing up after the weekend.
21 Mar, 09:07 PM UTC
CGTN Europe
High-end department store @jlandpartners will temporarily close all 50 of its UK stores as they struggle to cope with the effects of COVID-19. Online shopping will continue.
21 Mar, 07:35 PM UTC
Damn Scenes
@daveih @MichaelPDeacon @Freedland @liz_lizanderson Frankly, I feel like John Lewis department stores have shown more concern for my safety than my own government has
21 Mar, 08:56 PM UTC
john lewis, hamleys, quiz, wilkos and claire’s all shut there doors but wishy main street still needs birthday cards n balloons
21 Mar, 09:07 PM UTC
@BBCEmmaSimpson Who knew John Lewis had 50 stores? 🤷🏻‍♂️
21 Mar, 09:16 PM UTC
Pooks 🔴
John Lewis wasting no time in closing stores to save on staff wages following yesterday’s PAYE announcement.. quick to claim whatever they can, oh the irony 🤣
21 Mar, 09:15 PM UTC
John Lewis and Waitrose announce closures
21 Mar, 09:15 PM UTC
News Media Central
John Lewis Partnership says it has taken the "difficult decision" to temporarily close all 50 John Lewis shops at close of business on Monday
21 Mar, 09:15 PM UTC
D.Foster Johnson,111
One of the keys to survival in this season is to RETHINK how are currently doing things. It is definitely a season of change or DIE. Having a conversation with prophet John Lewis this…
21 Mar, 09:15 PM UTC
@NabilahMayat @zennykauser In fairness I bought a tv recently (good purchase in hindsight given all that’s going on) and got it from John Lewis with a 5 year guarantee at the same price as curry’s
21 Mar, 09:13 PM UTC
Sal Elmo
@XstaticHealth @rhamilton755 @Lincoln1710 @Goss30Goss @AmyMcGrathKY 🇺🇸🦅🕊️We must remain unshaken, and hold on to Gabby Gifford's TRUE GRIT, "John Lewis", the McCabes in the FBI, Amy McGrath and to Lt. Col. Vindman's courage and belief in his father's America which is Nancy's and my father's, Ellis Island at 3yrs old.🙏 🇺🇸
21 Mar, 09:05 PM UTC