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Fake Earpiece 🎧
"One man messes up" Twitter: Men are trash, Men are misogynists, throw Men away . "Amber Heard violently abuses and lies against Johnny Depp" Twitter: Not all women are like that... It's only Amber, not all women are abusive If I use AquaMan's trident to chook you there.
13 Mar, 08:35 AM UTC
Johnny Depp right now ded's photo on Johnny Depp
13 Mar, 12:20 PM UTC
sooo lets admire johnny depp’s beauty i wanna give him the biggest hug
13 Mar, 12:59 AM UTC
Johnny Depp experienced domestic abuse from Amber but bc he’s a male nobody bothered to consider the evidence, yet he had everyone on social media attacking him to ruin his life. Now that everything is proven some bitches still find a way to defend Amber. Fucking double standards
13 Mar, 05:24 AM UTC
She lied about being abused by Johnny Depp, nobody gives a shit if you’re bi
13 Mar, 09:01 PM UTC
When the news of Johnny Depp's lawsuit against Amber Heard came out, a lot of people were like "Why now tho?" Well, it was because the guy was building the atomic bomb of evidences. Nick's photo on Johnny Depp
13 Mar, 04:56 PM UTC
what Amber Heard did to Johnny Depp: “Kicking & punching him, slicing his finger off, shitting in his bed, adultery, blackmail, lying about her abuse, defamation, & mocking ALL victims of DV.” tweeting this because all the other tweets talking abt this are posting Depp’s face.
13 Mar, 04:15 AM UTC
Internet: *finds out Johnny Depp is innocent* Me, knowing Amber Heard was full of shit since the start: Nick's photo on Johnny Depp
13 Mar, 02:27 PM UTC
Speaking of Johnny Depp... laney's photo on Johnny Depp
13 Mar, 01:47 AM UTC
Remember when people were canceling Johnny Depp? Once it's a man no one gives you a benefit of a doubt because we are the designated villains. As it is anyone can say anything about a man but no one will care about his side of the story. That's why I say be careful out there
13 Mar, 07:51 AM UTC
Here's why people are 'uncanceling' Johnny Depp after more details have emerged in his lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard: Complex's photo on Johnny Depp
13 Mar, 12:18 AM UTC
Johnny Depp is trending. It has been revealed that his ex, Amber Heard who got him arrested for domestic violence has confessed under oath to a series of violent attacks on Johnny Depp
13 Mar, 06:37 AM UTC
Aazief Khalid
This is why the doctrine of “innocent until proven guilty” is so so important. Y’all have ruined a man without a single shred of evidence against him. Johnny Depp didn’t deserve what he got. And Amber Heard should be jailed.
13 Mar, 10:18 AM UTC
hash 🌸🌿🇱🇰
youre not a terrible person for boycotting johnny depp because you believed he was an abuser, from the information you had at the time. you can now adjust your behaviour now that you have more information, but you were not wrong to avoid someone you believed was an abuser.
13 Mar, 07:11 AM UTC
people act like men's careers are so affected and destroyed after abuse allegations like Johnny depp continued getting booked after his allegations and there's an endless list of proven abusers still in work but y'all stay repeating this fake narrative indie's photo on Johnny Depp
13 Mar, 12:46 AM UTC
The Daily Wire
People Believed Johnny Depp Was A Domestic Abuser. It Turns Out He Was The Victim.
13 Mar, 07:00 PM UTC
Respect Johnny Depp D's photo on Johnny Depp
13 Mar, 07:11 AM UTC
Deepika Bhardwaj
When Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of Domestic Violence, all she had to do is, write an OpEd for world to believe. But Depp had to produce 87 surveillance videos, photographs, 17 depositions & witnesses to prove that it is actually he who was victim and not her! EQUALITY!!
13 Mar, 04:57 PM UTC
Paul Lando
Amber Heard había acusado a Johnny Depp por abuso doméstico. Todos le cancelaron y odiaron a Johnny por esto. Terminó siendo al revés, la abusadora era Amber. Nunca crean a las “víctimas” hasta que hayan pruebas. Esto ya se descontroló. Sorry not sorry.
13 Mar, 04:56 PM UTC
Melanie Murphy
Men AND Women can experience domestic abuse. That’s what we need to take away from Johnny Depp’s evidence against Amber. That, and that you all need to stop fucking canceling people you don’t even know 👍🏻
13 Mar, 09:52 PM UTC
saulo 🍧
13 Mar, 09:08 PM UTC
Johnny Depp had photos of his injuries. Multiple eye witnesses. Security camera footage. And yet endured all the abuses , smear campaigns , stigma patiently for two years and produced all the evidence in the court of law to prove his innocence A lesson for all sjws
13 Mar, 05:55 AM UTC
Numero Uno
It's annoying that Johnny Depp has to provide evidence to prove his innocence but Amber was believed without proof of her claims The world is really against men All a woman has to do is talk with few tears, men have to fight to be free and believed
13 Mar, 02:16 PM UTC
Central Johnny Depp
📌| “Em documentos e fotografias obtidos pelo The Blast, Johnny Depp foi inocentado de todas as acusações de abuso e maus-tratos contra Amber Heard, e foi revelado que ela era de fato a pessoa abusiva em seu relacionamento o tempo todo.” Link: #JohnnyDepp
13 Mar, 10:12 PM UTC
jincha pero tropical
Quiero ver cómo cogen la situación de Johnny Depp de ejemplo sobre “pOr EsO nO lE cReO a LaS mUjErEs SiN eViDeNcIa” cuando el punto que se debe enfatizar es el hecho que reportar DV para los hombres es su propio hellhole, distinto al de las mujeres víctimas.
13 Mar, 01:44 PM UTC
ⓑⓔⓒⓚ Etcétera...
¿Se puede saber de donde sacan que Kate Moss denunció a Johnny Depp? Oye gente dejad de inventarse cosas. Que ella fue de las primeras en defenderlo. Y apoyarlo. Y que nunca hubo abuso. Se les está yendo de las manos, con tal de atacar a Depp. Porque madre mía.
13 Mar, 02:53 PM UTC
JOHNNY DEPP INOCENTADO! A verdade sempre aparece!
13 Mar, 10:55 PM UTC
Fried Kalamari
@h3h3productions @HilaKleinH3 @theh3podcast On your next podcast can you talk about Johnny Depp and the Amber Heard allegations? Cuz it's so interesting now that Amber was the perpetrator and Johnny was silent about it
13 Mar, 11:01 PM UTC
@neoYaotecatl Yo amo a Johnny Depp, o sea no tiene nada que ver con lo que pusiste, si es la onda, pero quería decirte que amo a Johnny 😜😜😜
13 Mar, 11:01 PM UTC
pensar que toda la "evidencia" de que amber heard abuso de johnny depp es fake y ustedes igual se lo creyeron a los dos segundos de leerlo dice todo
13 Mar, 11:01 PM UTC
What movie star would you most like to meet? — Johnny Depp
13 Mar, 11:01 PM UTC

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