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Brendan Keefe
That's the Johns Creek Police cruiser that parked in front of my home the day after the mayor called to complain about my reporting on the confidential $325,000 settlement with his police chief. We filed more records requests which led to all of this: @BrendanKeefe's photo on Johns
24 Nov, 12:59 PM UTC
Brendan Keefe
More on what happened next, over the last year:
24 Nov, 01:06 PM UTC
Barbara Malmet
The U.S. has reported more than 47.9 million COVID-19 cases and 773,900 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. This is NOT okay.
25 Nov, 01:31 AM UTC
The Associated Press
As a kid, Broadway star Brittney Mack faithfully watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV from her home in Chicago. Now she’s getting ready to perform in it for the first time. “I’ve got my long johns and it’s going to be epic,” Mack said.
24 Nov, 06:05 PM UTC
4 Immediate changes that need to be made: Make Collins the point guard. Turn Jones loose as 6th man swing man scorer like Chaundee last season. He is not a PG. He’s a slasher. Make Houstan a stretch 4 to space floor improve drive defense. Don’t play Johns as much.
25 Nov, 01:55 AM UTC
Mark e johnny: Ama zon Jaehyun: ama john Ten:...... johns banana
24 Nov, 11:17 PM UTC
People continue to ask if natural immunity is durable, health officials continue to say "we don't know". They have $50 billion, 30,000 employees yet can't seen to conduct one of the most important studies we need to inform the public. Dr Marty Makary, Johns Hopkins
25 Nov, 01:01 AM UTC
Dacula HS Athletics
New Story: Football Playoffs - Elite 8 vs Johns Creek
24 Nov, 02:32 PM UTC
Firdevs☝️ 📢 😷💊💉❌
Rahmi Koç JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY mezunu!!! Şimdi değerlendirin zorunlu pcr testi istemesini. #KoçHoldingHaddiniBil
24 Nov, 10:29 PM UTC
Jackson Rosenthal
@MaizenBrew Frankie, Brooks, Houstan, Diabate and Hunter. Johns doesn’t touch the floor and Jones plays 10 minutes per game.
25 Nov, 02:01 AM UTC
Someday I want Kevin Feige, Zack Snyder, and Geoff Johns to get in a room together and talk about whether or not Geoff Johns stole Zack's idea and gave it marvel or not
24 Nov, 08:21 PM UTC
Frog Legs 🐸
@BrendanKeefe I know this Johns Creek very well. Keep reporting Brendan! We need you. 🙏🙌 I’m sorry this intimidation attempt happened to you.
24 Nov, 08:40 PM UTC
@MaizenBrew One without Devante’ Jones for a while. He’s a liability everywhere. Diabate for Johns.
25 Nov, 02:02 AM UTC
Ninjas: "Go away Mariah!"🥷🏼🍉
@TheBrandiRhodes Kens, terrys or gregs. Instead of being a version, maybe more along the lines of an enabler of karens. Kyles, chads, kevins, richards or todds probably would compete dominance or something. beckys and stacys exist too names can establish trait names like Johns been here 4ever
24 Nov, 02:12 PM UTC
Hopkins Nursing
Comfort in Sharing: David M. Schwaber knows the good fortune of crossing paths with Johns Hopkins Nurses. He’s out to make their journey smoother. @JHUNursing's photo on Johns
24 Nov, 07:56 PM UTC
Dana Grimaldi
Their Mountain Reunion by Patricia Johns is on sale for only $1.99 (in ebook)! It's the first book in @AuthorPatJohns's sweet, uplifting (and now complete!) Second Chance Club miniseries. #BookPromo #HarlequinHeartwarming #HarlequinEditor
24 Nov, 03:41 PM UTC
Johns Hopkins Radiology
Whether attending RSNA in-person or virtually, be sure to add this list of Johns Hopkins faculty and residents presentations and posters!
24 Nov, 09:36 PM UTC
mize’s glove enthusiast
@MaizenBrew Not Brandon Johns Not Brandon Johns Not Brandon Johns Not Brandon Johns Not Brandon Johns
25 Nov, 02:04 AM UTC
B$ | FuegoFrank 🔜CEO
better player. better fundies. better pizza. papa johns.
24 Nov, 11:52 PM UTC
🌹Thirteen🍖 (100%💉)
@fullmewtal will you be joining the pap johns fandom?
25 Nov, 02:03 AM UTC
Sean O'Connell
A win is a win, but holy crap. I know Juwan is a loyal guy, but Moussa is running circles around Johns right now and should probably start. I'd also rather see Frankie in there than Jones at this point. Play like this against UNC and you get blown out again. #GoBlue
25 Nov, 02:02 AM UTC
Cric Fan #JadejaFan
@Ddnyana Yeah correct. Maybe I'll use my Alt for only seeing Johns and Mufas tweets😅 when major exams start from 30th
25 Nov, 02:10 AM UTC
Y’all, can my name be less common. This caught me off guard. Is this how Emily’s and Johns feel?
25 Nov, 02:09 AM UTC
@MaizenBrew Johns is so much better off the bench as the 6th man IMO. Needs to be Diabate starting.
25 Nov, 02:05 AM UTC
@Mateo_Alvarez02 A Papa Johns pa que comamos pizza
25 Nov, 02:05 AM UTC
Jimmy Johns for pre-Thanksgiving meal. Accidentally ordered a coke - haven't had pop in several years and this sh!t is trash.
25 Nov, 02:15 AM UTC
Roy Burrell
@Rauchambeaux @RealCandaceO Johns who play together stay together, except one of these johns did the honorable thing—he took his life own life, or did he? You may want to ask the other john. Just saying!!
25 Nov, 02:14 AM UTC
In The Sky DC
Aircraft #N522ME operated by Johns Hopkins Lifeline is over Latitude: 38.97 and Longitude: -76.95 flying at Altitude: 289.56ft. #WashingtonDC #ADSB
25 Nov, 02:14 AM UTC