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♔ Monark
Ontem, Elon Musk publicou uma serie de documentos que provam que o Twitter beneficiou a esquerda em eleições, dando vantagens nos algoritmo e censurando opositores. Estamos vivendo na era das trevas na internet.
03 Dec, 06:24 PM UTC
Ashley Johnson is confirmed to be playing Anna (Ellie’s Mom) #TheLastOfUs @DomTheBombYT's photo on Johnson
03 Dec, 08:28 PM UTC
Legion Hoops
LeBron James: 👑 More points than MJ and Kobe 👑 More assists than Magic Johnson 👑 More steals than Allen Iverson 👑 More triple-doubles than Larry Bird 👑 More field-goals than Wilt Chamberlain Legendary. https://t.co/BcphT6x4Ux
03 Dec, 07:01 PM UTC
03 Dec, 03:47 PM UTC
Gabriel Pogrund
EXCLUSIVE: A businessman made £70m in profit on contract for PPE that was 70% unused — and celebrated his birthday last week by eating “briefcase of cash” cake on private yacht Philip Johnson has paid himself £13m dividend as family lives life of luxury https://t.co/JxA6ilnE5l https://t.co/UTIoSxJbiE
04 Dec, 07:58 AM UTC
Marina Purkiss
Truss & her budget sent our mortgages soaring… Johnson & his Brexit sent our grocery bills soaring Tory cuts & austerity have left our NHS on its knees and our access to care at risk When are we going to see the Conservatives for what they are? A absolute menace to society.
04 Dec, 09:25 AM UTC
A truly irreplaceable individual. @DC_MMA pays his respects to Anthony Johnson ❤️ Learn more: https://t.co/4dfLKeYUye | #UFCOrlando @ufc's photo on Johnson
04 Dec, 04:34 AM UTC
After this Tory government is kicked out - leaving a deeply damaged Britain in its wake - Johnson is expected to earn £10m a year. Hancock will make a million from I'm a Celeb and a book deal, and Javid will have a big money job in investment banking. All in this together?
03 Dec, 12:18 PM UTC
Wes Streeting MP
Johnson and Hancock were warned that they’d left care homes dangerously exposed. They ignored those warnings and people died. To blame care staff is utterly revolting and contemptible. https://t.co/GsAofaIGwa
04 Dec, 09:20 AM UTC
The 33rd Team
In honor of @ChrisJohnson28 joining The 33rd Team and CJ2K’s 2009 season, we’re giving one person a signed Chris Johnson #Titans jersey 🔥 To enter: RT this and follow us within the next 2,006 minutes 😎 @The33rdTeamFB's photo on Johnson
03 Dec, 08:20 PM UTC
Mirror Politics
Boris Johnson complained that Covid wasn't really 'killing many people' any more - just weeks before the deadly second wave of the virus, it has been claimed https://t.co/9bWM2PHqs7
03 Dec, 06:17 PM UTC
Gabriel Pogrund
In response to our story, a member of Johnson’s family posts an image boarding what appears to be a private jet. “Living up to what the paper said.” Plus the emoji: 🤭. Their firm made 21,700% increase on pre-pandemic profits after winning £149m contract for mostly unused PPE. https://t.co/Z6fE4ajfFi @Gabriel_Pogrund's photo on Johnson
04 Dec, 09:28 AM UTC
Jordy 🌱
ashley johnson may be playing ellie’s mom in the tv show, but i will never forget the heart and soul she put into playing ellie in the games https://t.co/GaBklHzRCz
03 Dec, 09:44 PM UTC
Boris Johnson closed the ticket offices on the London Underground when Mayor of London. After having made a campaign promise to keep them open. https://t.co/ZXo9YSTEl1
03 Dec, 09:23 PM UTC
Will Thorpe
Govt awarded Ramfoam a £149m contract to supply 71m PPE visors. 51m (£108m worth) were found to be unusable by NHS. The firm made £70m profit on the contract. CEO Philip Johnson paid himself £13m and 3 other directors £10m. Ramfoam's profits rose to £69m from £317k previously
04 Dec, 09:53 AM UTC
A C Grayling #FBPE #Reform #Rejoin #FBPR
Boris Johnson 'moaned Covid wasn't killing many people' weeks before second wave - The Mirror https://t.co/9nBns2YdkB
04 Dec, 08:26 AM UTC
Shelagh Fogarty 💚
Nadim Zahawi proved under `Boris Johnson he’ll say anything no matter how ludicrous. Now exercising your trade union rights is helping Putin. What should nurses do instead? Continue with unsafe staff to patient ratios? Work til they drop? https://t.co/KncVRHCA6m
04 Dec, 09:56 AM UTC
Lindsay Galloway aka Little Whisky
We know what you did. We lived through it. Johnson, Hancock - we’re #NotMovingOn until justice has been served. #ToriesOut150 #ToriesCostLives
04 Dec, 09:03 AM UTC
dave lawrence 🐟🐟🐠
@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson Pathetic attempt to blame the Opposition. The vote of No Confidence was refused by Johnson He then decided to call his own vote of confidence which is what delayed your Bill It was a self serving skin saving attempt by Johnson to save himself - not the Opposition who were refused
04 Dec, 10:05 AM UTC
Terra cremada
Senador Ron Johnson: "Es una política demente obligar a cualquier persona a tomar una inyección de covid-19" "La conclusión aquí es que la vacuna no previene la infección, no previene la transmisión, entonces, ¿por qué haríamos que alguien la tome?" .. https://t.co/5cOIWJMCuT
03 Dec, 06:26 PM UTC
Five-for on Test debut for England in the 21st century: James Anderson vs ZIM in 2003 Richard Johnson vs ZIM in 2003 James Kirtley vs SA in 2003 Graham Onions vs WI in 2009 Adil Rashid vs PAK in 2015 Toby Roland-Jones vs SA in 2017 Will Jacks vs PAK in 2022
04 Dec, 06:15 AM UTC
Richard Wilson
Brexit has made food prices rocket up and real wages drop in the UK. The Tory chancers behind it, Gove and Johnson, have made our country so much poorer. https://t.co/Vzin3gop1Z
03 Dec, 06:50 PM UTC
Sir Stuart Glover
My favourite tweet ever Frankie Boyle, when Johnson said that doctors were preparing for his death, he tweeted, so was I, I’d bought fireworks
04 Dec, 10:33 AM UTC
Richard Bentall #FBPE #FBPA Woke and proud!
Sharp is a Tory peer, former advisor to both Johnson and Sunak, and has donated £400k to the Conservatives. It’s not hard to see who is biased here. https://t.co/wNHCxjjUIc
04 Dec, 10:41 AM UTC
Just caught up with Nadhim Zahawi on #Ridge . He seems to be saying that Putin should call off his nurses strike, Labour should be worried that they are 20 points ahead and Boris Johnson is a wonderfully selfless man . Oh and that he’s got some lovely 2nd hand cars for sale
04 Dec, 09:08 AM UTC
Conor Burns was sacked as a result of a third party homophobic smear. That he was fired ar all and hasn't been immediately reinstated speaks volumes about Sunak's character, or lack of it. They hounded Johnson over Pincher, also cleared, but I know what kind of boss I'd want.
04 Dec, 10:42 AM UTC
Paul Sophocli
https://t.co/Wc5hTZoyBo Maybe if you didn’t sell it for all that money and kept it at Lionsgate you’d still be rich and have a proper theatrical release.
04 Dec, 09:59 AM UTC
Antony Sheehan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇮🇪🇩🇪 #FBPE
@GOV2UK Boris the Billionaire's Bitch How Boris Johnson's ruthless drive for power is dismantling democracy in the interest of the super-rich. #Bozo #BorisTheLiar #NeverBoris #ToriesOut150 #GeneralElectionNow https://t.co/pzSMYskweg
04 Dec, 10:45 AM UTC
KentishFran (also on Mastodon) 💙 3.5% #FBPE #GTTO
Just to mention that the new Chairman of the BBC is a former Boris Johnson advisor and has given £400,000 to the Tory Party. Did he buy the job? #BBCNews https://t.co/1Jb5lceNrA
04 Dec, 10:40 AM UTC