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【限定歌枠】リレー限定歌枠!!!/みんな集合おおおおおおぉぉぉ!!! / # すとぷり72時間リレー生放送!
03 May, 01:06 PM UTC
スキスキ星人 / # すとぷり72時間リレー生放送!
03 May, 01:28 PM UTC
敗北ヒーロー / # すとぷり72時間リレー生放送!
03 May, 01:34 PM UTC
デ〇ヘル呼んだら君が来た / # すとぷり72時間リレー生放送!
03 May, 01:43 PM UTC
&you / # すとぷり72時間リレー生放送!
03 May, 01:59 PM UTC
君はいつも100点満点! / # すとぷり72時間リレー生放送!
03 May, 02:09 PM UTC
Chanea (sha-NAY)
I’d just like to remind everyone that most teachers didn’t take a summer “break” in 2020 and we’re ending 1.5 school years of crisis teaching. So yes, we’re counting down the days because we’re ungodly exhausted from being ON since March of 2020.
03 May, 02:07 AM UTC
caitie delaney
what are some more good meme/paparazzi photos like Affleck with Dunkin and Jonah Hill dropping the coffee that I should paint??
02 May, 07:16 PM UTC
Stephen L. Miller
.@jonah What the fuck is this? You're just singing at the food court at the mall at this point. Just admit you don't care anymore dude.
03 May, 05:07 AM UTC
Andy 💉 🕗
Random question in heaven "mbona Jonah hakuli samaki "
03 May, 05:22 AM UTC
Tim Carney
Roasting Jonah for being charitable is not the way to go.
03 May, 12:39 PM UTC
The sense people get is that Jonah and Kessler are in the same group, they're on the same team. The team offers to itself mercy, grace, and generosity. There is no bad thing people on "the team" can do that is worthy of real anger.
03 May, 07:09 AM UTC
Mystery Science Theater 3000
TONIGHT! Join us for a #MakeMoreMST3K HOST BATTLE where YOU choose the winner! Team Emily and Team Jonah will face off on @jackboxgames and your votes will determine who takes the crown. Join us on Twitch or YouTube at 5pm PDT/8PM EDT. See you then! @MST3K's photo on Jonah
03 May, 01:58 PM UTC
Thank you for the feature Mr. Jonathan @Jonah_writer .. again, thank you @0828_kimsejeong for inspiring us. We will continue what we started. Let's all spread love and positivity! @__rehina @0103_mafu @Ahndiiz_0205 @SeevXSejeong @SejeongSesang17
03 May, 11:17 AM UTC
jonahrenz jacob
BATTLE OF YOUTUBERS (BOXING) 💪🏻💪🏻 RUSSEL MANYAK VS. BOY TAPANG 🥊 Kanino kayo pupusta? Kampihan na! Basta ko sa meron! Brusko represent! 100K agad pusta ko! 😎💸🔥 Kung gusto niyo pumusta eto yung link sa baba para makapag Register! Lets go! ⏬
03 May, 10:30 AM UTC
Nope and 134 others
@gabrielmalor @JonahDispatch Honest question: Based on Jonah's post-Trump behavior, could you see him writing anything like Liberal Fascism today? I can't. And that makes me sad that the Trump era broke (or maybe just revealed) yet another person whose work i once admired.
03 May, 02:04 PM UTC
is the tl here for a jonah edit
03 May, 02:02 PM UTC
Dr. Seuss readers don’t burn courthouses, MSE, PE
I do not agree with Jonah on "almost everything". Generally I'm not even sure what the guy *believes* anymore. He hate Ron Desantis, hates Trump, hates trust busting, loves woke tax policy, wants people to ignore woke corporate interests, defends media hackishness.
03 May, 02:10 PM UTC
パブロ 羽武露
今日はこんな感じもんね。 Jonah Quizzのシャツ。 今日沢山のライブがあった。全部行けませんが、みんなお疲れ様でした!
03 May, 02:09 PM UTC
Dr Strangetweet Or How I Learned to Love the RT
@bigblueape Jonah Goldberg didn't like how he campaigned.
03 May, 02:08 PM UTC
Burnout the Good
Bullying is awesome when you do it to shameless hacks like Jonah.
03 May, 02:02 PM UTC
「君はいつも100点満点!」 この曲は私がるぅとくんのことを救われて人生が変わって大好きになった曲。あの時、ほんとに辛くてただただ生きてることが辛かったけど、今自分がどうなってるのかどうなりたいか自分と向き合えた曲。見えてる世界が変わったな。
03 May, 02:14 PM UTC
@gabrielmalor It's not bullying, it's demanding a certain standard from those who ostensibly represent us on the right. Jonah represents no one on the right, he represents a moderate left of center weakling.
03 May, 02:10 PM UTC
Multiple serious people saying Jonah hasn't changed can't figure out that their excuse is more of an indictment on Jonah than anything else. "He's always been squish that is worried about his ability to rub elbows with Democratic propagandists" isn't the defense you imagined.
03 May, 02:09 PM UTC
Anthony Abides
Again, it's going to be fun when the media selects the GOP presidential nominee (again) while Jonah and friends are busy tsk-tsking voters instead of blaming assholes like Glenn Kessler for the mass spread of disinformation.
03 May, 02:04 PM UTC
Daniel Brando
@Jonah_666_ geht auch aufm boden natürlich und am besten gehts mit den billig feuerzeugen aus dem dünnen plastik
03 May, 02:04 PM UTC
Ema🇷🇸 (sabine love acc)
@Jonah_666_ will auch dick 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨
03 May, 02:14 PM UTC
@jonah_ven @tcburkejr The best gift my pastor gave me was helping me to understand how therapy (with an actual therapist) could help me cope and heal and become the best version of me. As a result I am so much happier, and more capable of giving back to my community and the church.
03 May, 02:14 PM UTC
@redsteeze @JonahDispatch You don't care if he defends Scott (Jonah reposted a longform piece The Dispatch wrote on Scott from last year that deservedly paints him very favorably), you just wanted him to attack Kessler more viciously. Your beef here is beyond stupid. And it has nothing to do w/ Scott.
03 May, 02:14 PM UTC