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Jonathan Allen just destroyed Daniel Jones 😳 @PFF's photo on Jonathan Allen
17 Sep, 01:19 AM UTC
NFL Fashion Advice
Jonathan Allen’s facemask is a delightful blast from the past.
17 Sep, 12:32 AM UTC
Pete Hailey
Jonathan Allen is the best D-lineman on this team right now
17 Sep, 01:15 AM UTC
Art Stapleton
Surprised Jonathan Allen didn't get called for a personal foul. That was more egregious than what Chase Young did earlier.
17 Sep, 01:17 AM UTC
Alabama DieHards
Jonathan Allen 😤🔥
17 Sep, 01:18 AM UTC
David Helman
I’m not saying he’s Aaron Donald, but Jonathan Allen is so damn good & so underrated. His game doesn’t translate to the box score as much as others, but he is terrifying.
17 Sep, 02:10 AM UTC
Mark Bullock
Jonathan Allen, still really damn good @MarkBullockNFL's photo on Jonathan Allen
17 Sep, 02:11 AM UTC
Jonathan Allen working the push/pull. Finishes with a swim & gets the sack. Hand placement is key! #passrush #WashingtonFootball
17 Sep, 01:22 AM UTC
SoBros Network
Jonathan Allen dropping Daniel Jones with a German suplex out here #NYGvsWAS
17 Sep, 01:24 AM UTC
Alabama Pro Updates
Jonathan Allen is being a problem tonight.
17 Sep, 01:16 AM UTC
Ben Standig
Jonathan Allen had two sacks last season. He has two in five quarters this season.
17 Sep, 12:30 AM UTC
Skins ♫
I’m expecting a Jonathan Allen career game today
16 Sep, 06:11 PM UTC
Alabama Rydeouts 🐘🅰️
Jonathan Allen gets the SACK!!! #RollTide 🅰️🌊 #NYGvsWAS #TNF #BuiltByBama
17 Sep, 12:35 AM UTC
Alabama Rydeouts 🐘🅰️
Jonathan Allen gets SACK #2 tonight!!! #RollTide 🅰️🌊 #BuiltByBama #TNF #NYGvsWAS
17 Sep, 01:22 AM UTC
SportzStew Ⓥ
Jonathan Allen to Daniel Jones:
17 Sep, 02:06 AM UTC
Rhiannon Walker
First sack of the evening, Jonathan Allen does the honors. He had the first sack of the season last week against the Chargers, too
17 Sep, 12:29 AM UTC
Coach GDaddy
Try to outman Jonathan Allen at the point of attack and you’ll be disappointed. Every time. Dude’s a warrior.
17 Sep, 02:13 AM UTC
Jonathan Allen got held.
17 Sep, 02:27 AM UTC
Thomas Christopher
Chase Young is the stud on Washington's DL, but Montezuma Sweat and Jonathan Allen are the biggest values in #FantasyFootball IDP
17 Sep, 02:26 AM UTC
Jonathan Allen #BuiltDifferent
17 Sep, 02:23 AM UTC
Btw Jonathan Allen was worth every penny.
17 Sep, 02:14 AM UTC
Raymond Renteria
Ive seen Jonathan Allen held all game and they call that bs
17 Sep, 02:37 AM UTC
Jonathan allen really a force😭
17 Sep, 02:28 AM UTC
Miami sports Random Stats
Jonathan Allen with 3 tackles for loss, 2 sacks tonight!! Good defense wins games
17 Sep, 02:18 AM UTC
NFL DL Rankings 1. Aaron Donald 2. Jonathan Allen
17 Sep, 02:11 AM UTC
Brandon Simpson
Jonathan Allen is mauling guys up front
17 Sep, 02:10 AM UTC
Get used to deez sacks - Jonathan Allen (probably) @WashingtonNFL #RollTide
17 Sep, 02:09 AM UTC
@jawilloughby55 @EBJunkies you realize the attention paid to him gets Jonathan Allen those sacks right?
17 Sep, 02:32 AM UTC
fher25 
#WashingtonFootball con Chase Young, Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne, y Montez Sweat defensa élite!! Son 4 1ras. Selec. de Draft y ofensiva con Terry McLaurin, Curtis Samuel, Adam Humphries, Antonio Gibson, y Taylor Heinicke luce interesante! Pero línea ofensiva mala. #NFL
17 Sep, 02:25 AM UTC
man Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen are special
17 Sep, 02:23 AM UTC