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Patriots Militia
Jonathan Jones has straight up been slacking lately
08 Dec, 10:14 PM UTC
Hoodie 🅱️oomstick #TankForBurrow ❄️
The Patriots shipping Jonathan Jones to Mars at halftime
08 Dec, 10:13 PM UTC
Mike Reiss
Defensive starters for Patriots (lighter front w/ Wise over Danny Shelton): DT: Lawrence Guy DT: Deatrich Wise Jr. LB: Kyle Van Noy LB: Dont’a Hightower LB: John Simon LB/S: Patrick Chung CB: Stephon Gilmore CB: J.C. Jackson CB: Jonathan Jones S: Devin McCourty S: Duron Harmon
08 Dec, 09:39 PM UTC
Savage Boston Sports 🇺🇸🍀❄️☃️
Does someone want to wake up Jonathan Jones?
08 Dec, 10:13 PM UTC
Ben Volin
Second straight week that Jonathan Jones has been beaten deep for a TD. It's becoming a thing
08 Dec, 10:12 PM UTC
Mark Daniels
Mecole Hardman is fast. He got by Jonathan Jones and the rest of the Patriots defense for a 48-yard touchdown pass. Not bad for a rookie receiver.
08 Dec, 10:12 PM UTC
Nação Patriots Br
Jonathan Jones voltou a ser o jogador medíocre das últimas temporadas... #NFLnaESPN
08 Dec, 10:15 PM UTC
Lord BAElish Eovaldi
Jonathan Jones gave up two big plays on that drive. Mahomes getting rocked on many drop backs and the secondary decides to play like ass.
08 Dec, 10:13 PM UTC
Full Press Patriots (SBLIII Champs)
Great throw by Mahomes as he throws the 48 yard TD as Jonathan Jones lets Hardman past him and does not get his turned back around to make a play on the ball. Duron Harmon...ummm, no safety help there? 10-7 Chiefs. #PatriotsNation #NFL100 #GoPats #KCvsNE | #NEvsKC
08 Dec, 10:13 PM UTC
When they find Jonathan Jones they’ll have to treat him for 3rd degree burns
08 Dec, 10:14 PM UTC
richard house
@ThatDaveBrown got another one for you - Jonathan Jones is the worst player in the secondary maybe the whole defense. ANY time this defense gets beat its him.
08 Dec, 10:14 PM UTC
Red Sox Gifs
@PatsMilitia The whole defense dominated and literally Jonathan Jones alone cost them. Sucks.
08 Dec, 10:14 PM UTC
Jonathan Jones has played like an absolute joke 3 weeks straight. If he doesn’t make a game changing play by the end of this game he needs to be shipped to Cleveland immediately.
08 Dec, 10:15 PM UTC
Jake Rolly
How much do Patriots fans hate Jonathan Jones
08 Dec, 10:14 PM UTC
La misma mamada de la semana pasada. Las pendejadas de Meyers y las otra de Jonathan Jones. #bb tus putas reglas le parten la madre al equipo ptm.
08 Dec, 10:32 PM UTC
Jonathan Jones has been unreal all year and is so far solely responsible for 10 of their points
08 Dec, 10:25 PM UTC
Pats Suck Major
Seventeen unanswered points. Second week in a row that Brady’s idiocy gift wrapped 6. Jonathan Jones is a walking toaster. I hate this team.
08 Dec, 10:23 PM UTC
Jonathan Jones my guy but he’s getting burnt on all the key downs smh
08 Dec, 10:15 PM UTC
Peter Domenichella
Jonathan Jones exposed twice on that drive on that drive handed the chiefs a touchdown.
08 Dec, 10:15 PM UTC
Bench Jonathan Jones dude reeks
08 Dec, 10:14 PM UTC
My doubts on Jonathan Jones are starting to come true.
08 Dec, 10:15 PM UTC
Cody McClain
Live footage of Jonathan Jones on any 3rd and Long
08 Dec, 10:15 PM UTC
Daniel Canaday
Jonathan Jones is straight trash. It seems that, every week, he's giving up long passes simply because he apparently is too stupid to look back at the ball. #patriots
08 Dec, 10:14 PM UTC
William Bendetson Patriots
Surprised the Chiefs did not throw the ball to Tyreek Hill. Jonathan Jones had single coverage on him.
08 Dec, 10:41 PM UTC
Mason Sousa
Yeahhhhh maybe Jonathan Jones covering Tyreek Hill one on one is not in the Patriots best interest
08 Dec, 10:40 PM UTC
Sigo sin entender que hacen en los pats Jonathan Jones y mayers
08 Dec, 10:35 PM UTC
Artlink Magazine
OUT NOW Food Bowl (39:4). Contributing to the conversation about food, inspired by Bruce Pascoe’s #DarkEmu and #Bunha-bunhanga: Aboriginal Agriculture in the South-East curated by Jonathan Jones for #Tarnanthi. Editorial and links here:
08 Dec, 10:27 PM UTC
Doug Jones
Jonathan Jones has been hot dumpster juice lately! Ball skills suffering !
08 Dec, 10:26 PM UTC
Live NFL Tweets
@JoeyMurr And as soon as the Patriots for some unforsaken reason overpaid Jonathan Jones he’s on that list soon
08 Dec, 10:24 PM UTC
Rabbo Scolah
Jonathan Jones gotta get himself together
08 Dec, 10:22 PM UTC

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