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Wisconsin Football
𝐉𝐓𝟓𝐊 Jonathan Taylor becomes just the fourth player in NCAA history to rush for 5,000 yards before the end of their junior season #JT23 || #OnWisconsin @BadgerFootball's photo on Jonathan Taylor
19 Oct, 04:02 PM UTC
ESPN College Football
Only three players in FBS history have rushed for 5,000 yards before their senior season: 🏈 Herschel Walker 🏈 LaMichael James 🏈 Jonathan Taylor - the fastest to reach the milestone @ESPNCFB's photo on Jonathan Taylor
19 Oct, 05:03 PM UTC
ESPN Stats & Info
With his first carry of the game, Jonathan Taylor has eclipsed the 5,000 career rushing yard mark. He is now just the 3rd player to accomplish the feat before his senior season. He joins LaMichael James (Oregon, 2009-2011) and Herschel Walker (Georgia, 1980-1982). @ESPNStatsInfo's photo on Jonathan Taylor
19 Oct, 04:32 PM UTC
Big Cat
Jonathan Taylor not work from the 2 yard line? What the hell was that?
19 Oct, 06:50 PM UTC
THE™️ David Hale
Travis Etienne now has 15 career runs of 40+ yards, including his two today. That’s tied with Wisconsin’s Jonathan Taylor for the most over that span. Career carries Taylor - 759 Etienne - 408
19 Oct, 06:39 PM UTC
JK Dobbins vs Jonathan Taylor, common opponents. Dobbins vs MSU: 24 carries 172 yards(7.2 ypc), 1 TD. vs NW: 18 carries 151 total yards, 2TDs --- Taylor vs MSU: 26 carries 102 total yards(3.1 ypc), 2 TDs. vs NW: 26 carries 134 total yards, 1 TD. Stop sleeping on JK Dobbins.
19 Oct, 04:20 AM UTC
Jonathan Taylor lost to Illinois. You know who's never lost to Illinois? JK Dobbins.
19 Oct, 07:23 PM UTC
Jesse Temple
Wisconsin had the ball at the 2-yard line with Heisman candidate Jonathan Taylor on the field. Badgers handed off to fullback John Chenal twice and settled for a field goal. Wisconsin leads 23-14, enough for a two-possession lead.
19 Oct, 06:47 PM UTC
Adam Hoge
Wisconsin handing the ball off to the fullback on back-to-back plays at the goal line instead of Jonathan Taylor. @AdamHoge's photo on Jonathan Taylor
19 Oct, 06:49 PM UTC
Jax Falcone
The Power 6 The top 6 Running Backs in the 2020 Draft are an elite tier. Jonathan Taylor Deandre Swift JK Dobbins Cam Akers Travis Etienne Chuba Hubbard As long as you have a top 6-9 pick in the 2020 draft, you should be able to secure one of these guys.
19 Oct, 06:51 PM UTC
Matt McCoy
Watched the 2nd half of Wisconsin’s loss to Illinois. Up 20-14, with the ball at the 1, Wisconsin gave the ball to their fullbacks twice, rather than Jonathan Taylor. They were stuffed & settled for a field goal. Turned out to be huge. Sometimes coaches out smart themselves.
19 Oct, 07:43 PM UTC
🧟‍♂️The Monster Math🧟‍♂️
@BadgerFootball Don't come home. Just go to Columbus and lose. We don't care. Just like you guys didn't care today. Another season down the drain. Good luck to Jonathan Taylor in the NFL
19 Oct, 07:23 PM UTC
No. 6 Wisconsin suffered an inexplicable loss to Illinois and the college football world lost its mind!! @247Sports's photo on Jonathan Taylor
19 Oct, 07:54 PM UTC
Scott Richey
Lovie: I thought we played good run defense. We were playing against, what I've seen, the best running back in college football (Jonathan Taylor). To hold him down like that, no one else has. #Illini
19 Oct, 07:56 PM UTC
FOX Sports Wisconsin
Illinois pulled off the biggest upset of the college football season, knocking off the No. 6 #Badgers 24-23 #StoryOfTheGame
19 Oct, 08:19 PM UTC
Imagine thinking the Jonathan Taylor Badgers had even the slightest chance to come in and win on HOMECOMING while we are wearing the GALLOPING GREYS BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHA GIVE ME THE KRAFT MAC N CHEESE BOWL WOOOOOO
19 Oct, 08:19 PM UTC
it's just lauren
I saw Jonathan Taylor trending, thought it was Jonathan Taylor Thomas, worried that he had died, then googled him just to make sure he's still out there somewhere. He is.
19 Oct, 08:07 PM UTC
You know you’re a 90s kid when you see Jonathan Taylor trending and assume it’s about Jonathan Taylor Thomas. 😂
19 Oct, 07:52 PM UTC
Kyle Levi Hickerson
JK Dobbins > Jonathan Taylor
19 Oct, 06:20 PM UTC
Eli Antczak
Maybe Jonathan Taylor will stay another year and we can run it back?
19 Oct, 08:08 PM UTC
Raised Right
Prediction for Next Week: @OhioStateFB: 55 @BadgerFootball: 10 -> Jonathan Taylor fumbles twice -> Jack Coan throws 3 INTs -> Wisconsin drops out of the Top 25 -> Heisman committee shuns Taylor -> Paul Chryst gets a raise just 'cause #WISvsILL Illini #FucktheBadgers
19 Oct, 07:53 PM UTC
Lee Harvey
Jonathan Taylor : 28 carries for 132 yards & a TD (157 carries for 957 yards & 15 TD's this season)
19 Oct, 08:36 PM UTC
Kyle Rapp
Can we stop talking about Jonathan Taylor for heisman and how “this years team is different?” I get we lost to Purdue and Iowa in the past but damn not Illinois
19 Oct, 08:24 PM UTC
Todd Hollinger ✞
So when’s everyone going to realize @Jkdobbins22 is a better running back than Jonathan Taylor? Perhaps next week?
19 Oct, 08:09 PM UTC
Milltown Mafia
It’s 3rd and 5 with two minutes left in the have Jonathan Taylor in your backfield and you fucking pass...instead of running and even IF you fail, then you punt and place them deep with under two minutes. Fucking stupid. Poor coaching on this one boys
19 Oct, 07:54 PM UTC
Ryan Petty
@Hank_T_Hennessy I’ve never been more pumped for a 3-4 team lol Jonathan Taylor is gonna be running pissed off next weekend tho.
19 Oct, 08:21 PM UTC
Lucinda Morningstar
I don't like little simba's voice 😕 I loved Jonathan Taylor Thomas's voice better😞
19 Oct, 08:21 PM UTC
$Bankroll Goals$
Jonathan Taylor 2 touchdowns ❌
19 Oct, 08:21 PM UTC
joey stagano
@BarstoolBigCat is it time to ask whether Jonathan Taylor sits the rest of the season to preserve his draft status?
19 Oct, 08:20 PM UTC
Sir Meliodas
Bruh Jonathan Taylor got over 700 carries in college, gonna end with 800+ easily. He already in his NFL prime 😭😭😂
19 Oct, 08:10 PM UTC

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