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[#오늘의방탄] 제 35회 골든디스크어워즈🏆 디지털 음원 본상에 이어 음반 본상, 인기상, 음반 대상까지! 2021년도 방탄과 아미 함께라서 기분이가 좋당! 🤟🏻💜 #상탄소년단 #인터내셔널팝케이센세이션_중략_핫백1위그래미노미네이트BTS #7방탄너무소중 #방탄골디음반대상
10 Jan, 09:50 AM UTC
namjoon pics 🍃
happy joon @kimnamjoonpics's photo on Joon
09 Jan, 08:20 PM UTC
ᴮᴱ미니모니🥳🌟⁷ (rest)
Well Wishes for the New Year Relay 🐿->🐥you struggled a lot in 2020, i think that goes without saying. you worked very hard, thanks to our jiminie, i think i was able to hold through 2020 without any loneliness. thank you for always making me laugh, @minimoniT_T's photo on Joon
10 Jan, 10:07 AM UTC
krysten ‧₊✜˚.
GDA 2020 GDA 2021 "Rookie Of "Album The Year" Bonsang" @TXT_members
10 Jan, 08:13 AM UTC
hourly namjin
remember when seokjin wanted joon to take the rose From His Mouth
10 Jan, 06:36 AM UTC
nehaً⁷ I miss seokjin🌙☀️
I hate my mind for thinking about this when I saw joon😭🎻
10 Jan, 09:31 AM UTC

@prodsugazz @Yoonsthetic__ she’s the biggest streamer in this fandom and joon is never not on twitter, im 100% sure they know her 😭
10 Jan, 09:12 AM UTC
THIS BLACK SWAN IS INSANE🔥 THE POWER THEY EXUDE 🔥the power of bangtan amazing performance #hyungline @BTS_twt
10 Jan, 09:46 AM UTC
Louise⁵ ❈
TOMORROW BY TOGETHER WHAT THE FVCK? #TXTonGDA #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #투모로우바이투게더 @TXT_members @TXT_bighit @txtdcm's photo on Joon
10 Jan, 07:35 AM UTC
thinking about changbin
10 Jan, 09:17 AM UTC
joon joined yoongi on his little dance 🥺
10 Jan, 09:54 AM UTC
Actor Choi Joon Yong reveals he divorced his wife after she spent all his money @allkpop's photo on Joon
10 Jan, 03:41 AM UTC
O Jimin abraçando o Nam ... O JIMIN ABRAÇANDO O NAM ... O JIMINZINHO ABRAÇANDO O JOON .... NÃOOOOOOOOOOO ... 🥺💔 #GoldenDiscAwards2021 #BTSxGDA2021
10 Jan, 10:07 AM UTC
ᴴᴼᴾᴱnamu tree⁷
@MOONT0KKI @kookiechimm joon is every Asian mother ever while jimin is me
10 Jan, 10:08 AM UTC
Real Sound(リアルサウンド)
imdkmによる新連載開始 第1回:NiziU、Moment Joonらに見る“日本(語)で歌う”意義と質の変化
10 Jan, 04:01 AM UTC
alex⁷ ◡̈ (slow)
joon's mic is too far and jungkook holds his mic near so the sound is clearer, look at him following joon's head movement too 🥺
10 Jan, 01:43 PM UTC
Jeon Jungkook 😭🥺♥️♥️♥️ 2020 2021 #BlondJungkook #JUNGKOOK #Jk #GDA2021 #GoldenDiscAwards #BTS #방탄소년단 #BTSARMY @BTS_twt
10 Jan, 06:37 AM UTC
You can see how sincere and genuine he is while directly looking at Joon eye's while talking. I'm so soft for this MINIMONI 💜
10 Jan, 01:33 PM UTC
♡fairy⁷💜#RM 🐨(ot7, let's be mooties) 💕
🔥 The Power of Kim Namjoon 🔥🔥 #RM #방탄소년단RM #방탄소년단알엠 #KimNamjoon #김남준 #Namjoon #Joonie #Joon @BTS_twt #BTS #BTSARMY
10 Jan, 11:45 AM UTC
🚨 REPORT 🚨 📂 sp4m 📂 h4cked 📂 targetterd har4ssment 🖇️ : @.joon_is_joon DON'T INTERACT JUST REPORT ❕
10 Jan, 12:31 PM UTC
leila⁷ 🌿
namkook being namkook at award shows ; a compilation
10 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
❄ Lee Joon France ❄
Lee Joon pour son émission de radio sur SBS Power FM "Lee Joon's Young Street" 07.01.2021 🤎 Cr: @ sbsyoungstreet sur Instagram #LeeJoon #이준 #YoungStreet #이준의영스트리트 #영스 #라포엠 #LAPOEM
09 Jan, 06:46 PM UTC
Farhan MALIK
#GovernorDeceivedMedicos Had ho gae hai ,Students Dharny py rhy or in logoon k kan py joon taq nahe reenge @ImranKhanPTI @ChMSarwar @jakramaimc #GovernorDeceivedMedicos
10 Jan, 01:55 PM UTC
whipped for blonde jungkook
10 Jan, 12:51 PM UTC
jungkook blonded
see what i was sayin abt these stylists probably having to alter bts’ fits daily cuz these men are getting more built by the day..... see the way joon’s abt to pop his suit open wit his arms.. see the type of trouble we’re in. no help in sight....
10 Jan, 12:11 PM UTC

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