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Read Class Struggle Unionism by Joe Burns
Hard to think of a more classic villain move than tying someone up and leaving them on the train tracks. So naturally the cops did exactly that. https://t.co/HVlINNIT5D
25 Sep, 09:39 PM UTC
rafael shimunov
What is police abolition? https://t.co/TkgKTiPSMa
25 Sep, 05:31 PM UTC
Mandela Barnes
It’s no wonder Ron Johnson is trying to hide his anti-abortion record…the man has a LONG history of appointing judges who oppose abortion AND contraceptives. Ron has been trying to strip women of their rights for years. @RonJohnsonWI will you admit to what you’ve done?
26 Sep, 12:50 AM UTC
Wow so Taylors lawyers (Joseph and Michael) did not leave that roundtable until the votes were confirmed for her. She won on Friday 😭
26 Sep, 05:38 AM UTC
Film & TV rants
Taylor and Joseph. The face and the heart of the season. Thank you! #bb24 https://t.co/abUYENMGaI
26 Sep, 02:12 AM UTC
John Redwood
You cannot close all gas and coal power stations this decade to rely on renewables. There’s no power when the wind does not blow and the sun does not shine. You need a hydrogen, battery storage and nuclear revolution to do so. This will not happen by 2030.
26 Sep, 05:58 AM UTC
hamsterwatch #bb24
Taylor told Derrick/Cody that Joseph is the loverboy she's been looking for
26 Sep, 05:48 AM UTC
If you go back and listen, Taylor addressed every single juror in that speech. Catered to the girls with girl power, shamed Kyle for being racist, shamed Michael for leaving her otb and referenced private convo only Joseph understood. Then challenged them all. Legendary
26 Sep, 03:29 AM UTC
Big Brother Daily
Julie asked the other lawyer to reveal themselves. Joseph stood up #BB24
26 Sep, 01:42 AM UTC
Joseph: you’re the face of the season Taylor; if I’m face, you’re the heart Joseph: you’re a sword, not a shield Taylor: I am a sword, not a shield Joseph: I am voting for the face and sword of the season Like Shakespeare could NEVER write this 😭 https://t.co/4NhDtX4Nd9
26 Sep, 06:08 AM UTC
Tee Mo
But the way Michael and Joseph both admitted that all their moves were to benefit Taylor though? For Michael to admit his HOHs were Taylor’s targets not his own was amazing #bb24
26 Sep, 02:50 AM UTC
Sachin Jose
Cardinal Joseph Zen's trial has started in a Communist controlled court in Hong Kong. Let's say a prayer for this Catholic hero and share this post maximum. https://t.co/74bgeHKhKj
26 Sep, 09:33 AM UTC
yee yee (I WON BITCHES)
JOSEPH AND TAYLOR FOR AMAZING RACE @AmazingRaceCBS #bb24 https://t.co/J0r2CQZOjk
26 Sep, 02:45 AM UTC
Whitney Evans
Okay but knowing that the jury had already decided Taylor was winning at the roundtable, Joseph's pure relief and happiness when he saw Turner walk out as the last juror hits differently now 🥺 #BB24 https://t.co/BIPEWi6Xux
26 Sep, 07:49 AM UTC
This conversation is even more beautiful now becwuse Joseph said “I’m voting for the FACE and SWORD of this season” ❤️😭😭😭 #BB24 https://t.co/BhHaofwilz
26 Sep, 07:05 AM UTC
Joseph really waited until 2 AM for her. That’s a real connection.
26 Sep, 09:09 AM UTC
And Taylor finally knows Joseph didn’t betray her. Yes ma’am
26 Sep, 05:18 AM UTC
U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Congratulations to Joseph Hautman of Plymouth, Minnesota who won the 2022 Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest with his acrylic painting of three tundra swans flying over a wetland! 🎉 Learn more: https://t.co/dPy86s6XOb © USFWS #DuckStamp #WildlifeConservation (1/5) @USFWS's photo on Joseph
25 Sep, 04:50 PM UTC
Pepe Ape Yacht Club
🎉🎉🎉 @NFA_Inc pre-mint party with the Pepe’s!! We’ll be coming in hot with some giveaways in the NFA space!! 🐸Follow @PepeApeYC + @NFA_Inc 🐵Like + retweet + tag 3 🚀Be with us in the NFA space 09/26 from 2pm - 4pm pst!! @PepeApeYC's media on Joseph">https://t.co/Y7laBCjMgu
25 Sep, 11:20 PM UTC
bibi 🗡
Taylor to Joseph right now #BB24 https://t.co/J86JsJLiOZ
26 Sep, 03:02 AM UTC
Joseph reveals hes a lawyer Taylor: stop it! stop it ! okay what like personal injury??(adam on the Q&A said he didn't want to speak for Joseph but he thinks thats the law he would practice.) Taylor knows him so well and Joseph is so humble I love him #bb24 https://t.co/DmoR15JtAp
26 Sep, 09:03 AM UTC
”who in jojo” JOSEPH. the answer is ALWAYS JOSEPH
26 Sep, 06:04 AM UTC
danielle ⚔️
taylor is so iconic 😭 coming on twitter to like jaylor tweets, replying that’s fucking right!, and going on instagram to repost joseph’s story with #jaylorgang 😭 #bb24
26 Sep, 12:15 PM UTC
Só que toda semana viralizava alguma história bizarra envolvendo o projeto. Gente pedido dinheiro de panela de volta, homem mandando órgão genital no chat. A última foi uma “amiga” da Marmita Lelis querendo doar uma carne congelada. Pior que o Joseph Climber.
26 Sep, 01:40 PM UTC
Good morning twitter , I’m looking for a reliable female driver to transport a child to and from school (arouca to st Joseph and back) Signal boost please !
26 Sep, 09:59 AM UTC
PoKKiri PraKash 🎀 ViRat ✨
Craze For Thalapathy 🫂😌 #UnrivalledBeastOpening #Beast #Varisu #Thalapathy67 @actorvijay https://t.co/yD7gxbTo9s
26 Sep, 01:51 PM UTC
Jason Wick
Nap bat yo ak ansyen mizik🐜🐜🐜🐜👑👑👑🐜Wendyyy sa son Génie https://t.co/07lTuqdZbI
25 Sep, 08:53 PM UTC
Ingrid Fuhrmann 🕊🕊🕊
US-Ökonom Joseph Stiglitz: "Inflation resultiert aus wirtschaftlichen Flaschenhälsen". Warum sollten Bürger und Unternehmen bankrottgehen müssen, weil viele Länder – darunter Österreich – schwere energiepolitische Fehler gemacht haben? https://t.co/Yih03oGgfJ
26 Sep, 12:34 PM UTC
Calm Down ❤🔥 #UnrivalledBeastOpening #Beast :: @actorvijay // #Varisu :: #Thalapathy67 // https://t.co/AsCoBimTPE
26 Sep, 01:53 PM UTC
In WENDYY we trust Ps:WENDYY prete TikTok nan men atis afriken yo https://t.co/l0S7qOezFJ
26 Sep, 12:31 PM UTC