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Bleacher Report NFL
Wyd Josh Allen? 🤔 Bleacher Report NFL's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 01:18 AM UTC
Billy Marshall
Lmaooo. This is the FULL JOSH ALLEN EXPERIENCE Billy Marshall's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 01:09 AM UTC
instead of punting they should just have Josh Allen go out on 4th down and throw a 78 yd intereception every time
10 Aug, 12:49 AM UTC
NFL Update
Josh Allen has a monster arm. Makes it look so effortless NFL Update's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 12:49 AM UTC
Barstool Sports
Josh Allen. 4th and 3. Inside the red zone. Let’s see what he’s got @LacesOutShow
10 Aug, 01:31 AM UTC
NFL Update
This was bad, Josh Allen. Like really bad. NFL Update's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 01:13 AM UTC
Josh Allen had a 4th and 3 and decided to run backwards like he was playing Madden online NOTSportsCenter's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 04:16 AM UTC
Josh Norris
Here’s a clean pocket cannon from Josh Allen Josh Norris's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 01:32 AM UTC
Dov Kleiman
Josh Allen is going to need a loooot of work. Dov Kleiman's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 01:09 AM UTC
Peter Resister #FBR Kid Ω
"Josh Allen" Perverted Jism Jim jordan got coaches to threaten wrestlers who testified against him . This dirt-bag deserves jail time where perhaps he can get a feel for what the kids went through
10 Aug, 02:18 AM UTC
Warren Sharp
Super slow mo for the full Josh Allen experience. Check the still at the end 🤣 Warren Sharp's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 01:24 AM UTC
Pete Prisco
If you actually watched Josh Allen tonight, he's done some really good things. Just missed a 60-yard TD stepping up in pocket on third-and-22, took a shot too.
10 Aug, 01:38 AM UTC
Heather Prusak
Josh Allen arrives before playing in a game at New Era Field for the first time. @WGRZ @TheBillsMafia Heather Prusak's photo on Josh Allen
09 Aug, 08:23 PM UTC
Heather Prusak
Josh Allen walks off the field after his first game in a Buffalo Bills jersey. @WGRZ Heather Prusak's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 02:15 AM UTC
Chris Wesseling
Video of all 19 throws from #Bills rookie Josh Allen:
10 Aug, 03:13 AM UTC
Nick Wojton
That's an NFL throw from Josh Allen. #Bills Nick Wojton's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 01:31 AM UTC
Bills QB Watch
Josh Allen rolling out falling backwards😮 #GoBills Bills QB Watch's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 03:43 AM UTC
Chris Wesseling
Josh Allen powers through a tiny window for a Ray Ray McCloud TD. Allen has been as advertised, unfurling effortless bombs and showing easy gas on mid-range throws. Electric talent, but issues with timing, pressure and decision-making.
10 Aug, 02:08 AM UTC
Ian Rapoport
The first glimpses of Josh Allen’s big arm...
10 Aug, 11:23 AM UTC
Joe Buscaglia
The first #Bills preseason game is done! Among my 7 observations: - Josh Allen shows a tantalizing arm and a hair-pulling tendency - One rookie wide receiver stepped up in a big way - The time for sleeping on one RB is over And much more. All here:
10 Aug, 04:59 AM UTC
Rob Quinn
My range of emotions for Josh Allen tonight
10 Aug, 02:08 AM UTC
Danny J.
I've become a big Josh Allen fan. I think part of me is still salty that he's not a Brown. Allen will be a better pro than Baker Mayfield. And I believe Baker will be a good pro. There's just a belief in me that Cleveland took the wrong QB and Buffalo got the future star.
10 Aug, 02:29 AM UTC
Ryan Mura
watching josh allen throw it deep #bills Ryan Mura's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 02:01 AM UTC
Chris Wesseling
Promising debuts for rookie QBs: @MarcSesslerNFL on #Browns Baker Mayfield My report on #Bills Josh Allen
10 Aug, 02:43 AM UTC
Toby Motyka
RIP Ray Ray McCloud's sternum, courtesy of Josh Allen fastball. SOUND UP for the THUD. (@JennaCottrell on the camera) Toby Motyka's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 03:20 AM UTC
Marc Sessler
Cycling back to watch Josh Allen’s debut with the #Bills: Areas to work on, as expected, but he brings unusual energy and raw power to the role. Arm strength from Jupiter. A mesmerizing wildcard.
10 Aug, 04:45 AM UTC
Sleeper Athletes
#Sickles HS (FL) alum, former #Clemson #Tigers & #Buffalo #Bills rookie WR Ray Ray McCloud (@RMIII_34) catches his 1st #NFL TD from rookie QB Josh Allen (@JoshAllenQB) vs the #Panthers Sleeper Athletes's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 02:58 AM UTC
QB Film Room
Josh Allen Understanding the value of Touch QB Film Room's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 04:30 AM UTC
Josh Allen throws a bullet to Ray Ray McLoud for a touchdown TheRenderNFL's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 02:29 AM UTC
Mayfield and Josh Allen were both brilliant tonight... cannot wait to see what Darnold and Rosen bring to the table!!!! Let’s goooooo #Jetup
10 Aug, 04:05 AM UTC
Nathan Peterman in the 1st qtr: 9/10, 119 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT A.J. McCarron in the 2nd qtr: 7/10, 116 yds including a 59-yd pass to Brandon Reilly Needless to say, Josh Allen has his work cut out for him in the 2nd half after those two impressive outings. #Bills #CARvsBUF
10 Aug, 12:42 AM UTC
Vic Carucci
#Bills rookie QB Josh Allen shows encouraging sign in second half of preseason-opener. At BNblitz:
10 Aug, 04:47 AM UTC
2-1 first night. Josh Allen blew a 10 point lead which means I’ll never trust him again. Dead to me
10 Aug, 11:58 AM UTC
Rob Quinn
From my in-depth breakdown on whether Josh Allen can defy history, (Stafford reference) at @Cover_1_
10 Aug, 01:24 AM UTC
Spencer Barletta
Unless you watched every play Josh Allen made last night, I don’t want your opinion. The kid showed poise, accuracy, and the arm, and had terrible O line and drops to show for it. Cherry picking one throw where he had nothing else to do is weak sauce. #Bills #GoBills #BillsMafia
10 Aug, 11:36 AM UTC
Sweet Lou
This is a throw you never want to make in an actual game. However, Josh Allen got a bazooka attached at this right shoulder so that helps
10 Aug, 11:07 AM UTC
The Sports Sticker Tooer
Your friend from high school who got excited about Josh Allen's throw out of bounds last night also wants to sell you some energy patches through Facebook.
10 Aug, 12:15 PM UTC
TJ Luckman
the josh allen water carriers have logged on
10 Aug, 12:12 PM UTC
POBSports Chat
#EyeCatching Performances from Thursday in #NFL Panthers 28 - Buffalo 23 #CAR: Cam Newton: 6-9, 84 yards T. Heinicke 7-9, 121 yards, 1 TD DJ Moore: 4 rec, 75 yds #BUF Josh Allen: 9-19, 116 yards 1 TD K. Benjamin: 4 rec, 59 yds, 1 TD
10 Aug, 12:16 PM UTC
amy sprague
@hsimon62 what if maybe Josh Allen starts the next game and then McCarron starts the third game because they already have him as the number one starter and that's the game to get ready for the regular season... I don't know just pick somebody!!!
10 Aug, 12:15 PM UTC
FugaziLifeNFL 🔥🐶🔥
Most people are going to talk about Barkley’s run, how good Mayfield-Njoku look, the return of Luck, but for me? It's all about Josh Allen. Seriously, that bionic arm is ri-dic-u-loussssss
10 Aug, 12:15 PM UTC
Dominic Buttari
That one play everyone keeps showing was rough but Josh Allen didn’t have a terrible outing, especially when you consider he is a project Dominic Buttari's photo on Josh Allen
10 Aug, 12:14 PM UTC
@WGR550 Is it sad that when Josh Allen's first play was a 65 yard bomb to foster, I was almost as excited as the time Andy Dalton broke the drought? I literally jumped off the couch n spit my beer out cause I was expecting the typical handoff. Sadly out of bounds tho
10 Aug, 12:13 PM UTC
Kyle McCarthy
@newskoolsports @geile04tm It’s also weird that Josh Allen receiver drop rate was only 7.8%🧐. Yet again better than WIFE Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen,Lamar Jackson all had In real college football.
10 Aug, 12:12 PM UTC
Jason Hamm
@stephaniehamm The game was fun!!! Awesome sitting with you guys!!! They aren’t terrible!!! Josh Allen looked pretty good!!!!
10 Aug, 12:12 PM UTC
The Blue Fox Stang 🦊
Rewatching all of Josh Allen's plays and damn he is a God.
10 Aug, 12:12 PM UTC
Josh Allen played well last night #CARvsBUF
10 Aug, 12:11 PM UTC
Brandon Coble
@RossTuckerNFL i feel like the arm talent comments about josh allen were the same things we all said about cutler
10 Aug, 12:11 PM UTC
Bills Josh Allen Proves He's Nowhere Near Ready To Start
10 Aug, 12:09 PM UTC
Buffalo Bills Fan
NFL Preseason Blitz: Now we know why the Bills fell in love with Josh Allen's arm
10 Aug, 12:07 PM UTC
Tha One
Watching Josh Allen highlights put a smile on my face. I forgot a QB's job was to throw it downfield. #BuffaloBills #BillsMafia
10 Aug, 12:06 PM UTC
Bad opener for Josh Allen - from running backward for nearly 20 yards to finally flipping the ball away as he was falling onto his back. Kelvin Benjamin might have even harder time now then back when he played with Cam Newton.
10 Aug, 12:05 PM UTC
@GolicAndWingo Josh Allen will be a bust! #bookit
10 Aug, 12:05 PM UTC
Sickles Nation be proud. Ray Ray McCloud with his first NFL TD. A strike from Josh Allen. We 👀 ya Ray. 🚨
10 Aug, 12:05 PM UTC
Adam Kaspersson
Baker Mayfield ser spännande ut. Lamar Jackson kommer att skada sig. Saquon Barkley behöver en O-line. Josh Allen har en jävla arm. Mason Rudolph gör många smarta beslut. #ExpertisfrånAdam #nflse
10 Aug, 12:04 PM UTC
Darnell Fails
Josh Allen has a fucking cannon for an arm
10 Aug, 12:03 PM UTC
Rhys (don’t @me)
@PFF_Sam @PFF_Steve Baker and Josh Allen
10 Aug, 12:02 PM UTC
Kevin Adams
NFL Preseason Blitz: Now we know why the Bills fell in love with Josh Allen's arm via @YahooSports
10 Aug, 12:01 PM UTC
If I were the Bills QBs coach I would tell Josh Allen not to run the “run 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage” play anymore but hey what do I know
10 Aug, 12:01 PM UTC
Tony Isaman
@kcos194 You see Josh Allen? Dude has a cannon
10 Aug, 12:00 PM UTC
Anthony Marino
Bills Links, 8/10: The QB competition heats up in Buffalo via @BuffRumblings
10 Aug, 11:59 AM UTC
Why isnt this Josh Allen pass going viral!? 🤔🤔🤔 which other quarterback in this years draft can complete this?
10 Aug, 11:59 AM UTC
Steve Cono
Bills fans talking themselves into Josh Allen in the replies is fantastic.
10 Aug, 11:57 AM UTC
WBEN NewsRadio 930AM
Capaccio: About 20 percent of crowd gave Josh Allen a standing ovation when he went in. He was asked about it in the locker room and he said #BillsMafia came out in full-force with their support. I'm glad he got a full half, too.
10 Aug, 11:57 AM UTC

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