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Mark Zuckerman
Josh Bell 448 feet to right-center for his 15th homer of the season. He's not just hitting them over the fence. He's hitting them way over the fence.
23 Jul, 11:55 PM UTC
MLB Home Run
Josh Bell - Washington Nationals (15) Solo
23 Jul, 11:55 PM UTC
Nationals on MASN
Josh Bell just launched a ball 448 ft 🤯 @masnNationals's photo on Josh Bell
24 Jul, 12:00 AM UTC
Jesse Dougherty
Josh Bell just crushed one out to right-center and the Nationals lead 1-0 in the fourth. That's his 15th of the season.
23 Jul, 11:54 PM UTC
Grant Paulsen
Josh Bell is hitting .302 with an .892 OPS over his last 30 games. He just hit a bomb to right field in the 4th inning. He's on pace for 27 homers in his first season with the #Nats.
24 Jul, 12:01 AM UTC
Sarah Langs
Today in 448-ft, 112.0-mph home runs: Paul Goldschmidt ➡️ Josh Bell
24 Jul, 12:15 AM UTC
MLB HR Videos
Josh Bell - Washington Nationals (15)
24 Jul, 12:03 AM UTC
Jessica Camerato
Josh Bell 🔔🔔🔔🔔 home run
23 Jul, 11:55 PM UTC
Josh Bell: hits absolute nuke to right center Ryan Zimmerman: watches hanging curveball for strike 3
23 Jul, 11:59 PM UTC
Ladies of Nationals Baseball
23 Jul, 11:55 PM UTC
Joe Trezza
Through four innings at Oriole Park, the Orioles have a one-run lead on Patrick Corbin and the Nationals, courtesy of RBI doubles from Austin Hays and Ramon Urias. Jorge Lopez has been inefficient, but held damage to Josh Bell’s solo homer. Orioles, 2. Nationals, 1. End 4.
24 Jul, 12:22 AM UTC
Explaining the Nationals
@Nationals @JBell_19 Here the @Nationals request that we respond with 🔔 emojis because Josh Bell hit a home-run.
23 Jul, 11:56 PM UTC
Jesse Dougherty
Two-out single for Ramón Urias puts the Orioles up 2-1 in the fourth. Josh Bell's homer was erased and then some by the Orioles second hacks against Patrick Corbin.
24 Jul, 12:15 AM UTC
Josh Bell goes yard. Bell crushes a 95 MPH 1-1 sinker and hits it 448 feet to right field for his 15th HR of the year & a 1-0 #Nats' lead over the #Orioles in the 4th.
23 Jul, 11:55 PM UTC
Beisebol Mundo Afora 🌍
JINGLE BELL! Josh Bell solo shot 🚀
23 Jul, 11:59 PM UTC
Los Nacionales
¡JOSH BELL nos regaló un B💣MBAZO de 448 pies!🤯 ¡Y le regaló 🎁 la ⚾ a un fanático! #LosNacionales | #NATITUDE @losnacionales's photo on Josh Bell
24 Jul, 12:10 AM UTC
The Minor League Sports Town Podcast
I really really really really really like Josh Bell.
23 Jul, 11:56 PM UTC
Roch Kubatko
Josh Bell homers in 4th. #orioles down 1-0
23 Jul, 11:54 PM UTC
20P 4th for #Orioles' righty Jorge López, who gives up a solo HR by Josh Bell. 72P total. 1-0 #Nats.
24 Jul, 12:02 AM UTC
Natshow Brasil
23 Jul, 11:59 PM UTC
soto fan club (sad era)
23 Jul, 11:57 PM UTC
Nats Fan Burner
That Orioles fan was so happy to catch the Josh Bell home run. We know they love the Nats!! @FightinHydrant
23 Jul, 11:57 PM UTC
Justin Groc
Josh Bell puts the game's first run on the board.
23 Jul, 11:56 PM UTC
Bobby Blanco
Josh Bell just hit his 15th homer to give the Nats a 1-0 lead. Batting left-handed, Bell elevated that sinker into the bleachers in center field.
23 Jul, 11:55 PM UTC
Josh Bell! Woo Hoo #Nats
23 Jul, 11:54 PM UTC
Jon Meoli
Jorge López was somewhere between cruising and grinding through the Nationals lineup until Josh Bell led off the fourth with a home run. The Orioles trail 1-0.
23 Jul, 11:56 PM UTC
Josh Bell off RHP Jorge Lopez - 112.0 mph, 25 degrees (448 ft Home Run) 94.7 mph Sinker #Nationals @ #Orioles (T4)
23 Jul, 11:55 PM UTC