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Nate Blogg
Josh Norman is the worst player in the NFL and it’s not even remotely close
17 Nov, 06:46 PM UTC
Nate Blogg
Watch Josh Norman. Clueless. Looks like a 3rd grader out there.
17 Nov, 06:38 PM UTC
Ian Rapoport
Josh Norman is burned fucking toast. Don’t play him in man coverage. He only did good in Carolina because of zone.
17 Nov, 07:18 PM UTC
Josh Norman is the worst fucking cornerback in the NFL HOW IS HE STILL A STARTER Oh wait it’s the Redskins and we never do ANYTHING SMART
17 Nov, 06:47 PM UTC
Josh Norman’s Play on that 75 Million dollar Contract is far more offensive then my “Slave Deal” comment which I Regret entirely #Free58
17 Nov, 07:26 PM UTC
Nate Blogg
Little Jets fan gets the call ripped from him by a Skins fan. Best play someone in burgundy will make today. Give him Josh Norman’s spot immediately. @BarstoolNate's photo on Josh Norman
17 Nov, 06:50 PM UTC
I’m legitimately convinced we could leave Josh Norman’s position open and we would be better off
17 Nov, 06:55 PM UTC
El Chapo
Who gets cooked on 3rd down.... Josh Norman
17 Nov, 07:18 PM UTC
Offseason Champions
How is Josh Norman still playing corner for this team, honestly? There is no one else available in the league?? Week in and week out he is getting burnt, he needs a fresh start somewhere else... SMH #HTTR
17 Nov, 06:48 PM UTC
Ken Burgundy
Josh Norman is slower than a Galapagos tortoise in Barrow, Alaska in the month of December. Fabian Moreau couldn't cover double sized bed with a king sized sheet. Montae Nicholson can't cover Mary Poppins while she is holding five umbrellas.
17 Nov, 07:50 PM UTC
Double L must Rock The Bells
I can’t wait until burnt toast sues Josh Norman for impersonation
17 Nov, 06:46 PM UTC
Reese Waters
*Sees Josh Norman slander on the tl Me: @reesewaters's photo on Josh Norman
17 Nov, 07:59 PM UTC
Chris Russell
BTW, for as bad as Josh Norman has been this year, and he's been real bad. Fabian Moreau has been dreadful too. Never met a holding penalty he didn't like. He's allow 23 catches on 26 targets. That was first TD allowed tho. #Redskins
17 Nov, 08:34 PM UTC
Can somebody, anybody, please explain to me why Josh Norman is in the offense huddle for THE WRONG TEAM #ONLYtheREDSKINS #Redskins
17 Nov, 08:28 PM UTC
ESNY Jets Film Room
Jamal Adams ain't messing around. Josh Norman playing games. Jamal, the slot wideout? He'd probably be more of a change-of-pace back. #TakeFlight
17 Nov, 08:29 PM UTC
Corey Coleman (not the WR)
What is Josh Norman doing? Look at this shit. Cut his ass, please. Good grief. @Redskins #HTTR #NYJvsWAS
17 Nov, 06:49 PM UTC
Diesel the Dawg [Trent's Gapped Teeth]
Josh Norman is a below average corner
17 Nov, 08:52 PM UTC
@PackofPantherz Josh Norman is a bad cornerback outside of 2015. Looking forward to anyone trying to disprove that. Props to him for getting paid but this team would not be better if he was on it.
17 Nov, 08:41 PM UTC
El Chapo
Everytime there is a touchdown Josh Norman is involved in the play in some fashion lmao god he really is the worst football player in the NFL
17 Nov, 08:32 PM UTC
I don’t care that this won’t be reversed. I like that someone fucking tried in the secondary. Josh Norman and montae Nicholson did not.
17 Nov, 08:57 PM UTC
Michelle’s Redskins got Buffaloed🤦🏽‍♀️
@CalquL8ted Get rid of that FO specifically Bruce Allen, the bullshit interim coach, Manusky, Josh Norman, and a host of other issues...then we can talk.
17 Nov, 08:50 PM UTC
Joe to See the Show
@granthpaulsen Josh Norman’s value is the $3M cap hit right now. He is guaranteed to be cut in the off-season.
17 Nov, 08:34 PM UTC
Korrey Blount
You knew Josh Norman was somehow involved in the switch off. #Redskins #NYJvsWAS
17 Nov, 08:33 PM UTC
#Redskins Passing thoughts: Josh Norman being a wise-ass listening in on the other teams huddle...if only he could justify his presence on the field under any circumstances...still not sure why Greg Manusky is allowed in the stadium...Haskins not close to being ready for the NFL.
17 Nov, 08:29 PM UTC
Salvo por una lesión o por obviamente el partido perdido, pero ya no ví a Josh Norman en las últimas jugadas defensivas. Simeon Thomas, Aaron Colvin y Jimmy Moreland estuvieron presentes
17 Nov, 09:00 PM UTC
Chris Shoemaker
@CraigHoffman Gotta save Josh Norman for the playoffs
17 Nov, 08:59 PM UTC
Josh Norman needa be out the league
17 Nov, 08:55 PM UTC
I’m sick of rebuilding. We’ve been rebuilding since the Super Bowl. When we should have paid Josh Norman. And Norwell. But Gettleman forever fucked this team then took his fat ass to NYG. And we’re left with this.
17 Nov, 08:51 PM UTC
Josh Norman sucks🤦🏽‍♂️
17 Nov, 08:50 PM UTC

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