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Tressie McMillan Cottom
Every time Joyce Carol Oates tweets I feel so vindicated for telling my undergrad professor that her short stories were white and mean and I just couldn’t put my finger on one reason why. He was LIVID. I hope he sees this send tweet.
14 Sep, 03:20 PM UTC
Jon Winokur
#Writing is a solitary occupation, and one of its hazards is loneliness. But an advantage of loneliness is privacy, autonomy and freedom. JOYCE CAROL OATES #amwriting #writelife
14 Sep, 12:00 PM UTC
hate to say it but maybe joyce carol oates should just post more feet on main
14 Sep, 02:48 PM UTC
Erik Hane
On Joyce Carol Oates’ recommendation I have decided to start a new legacy prestige magazine. Would anyone like a staff job
14 Sep, 02:22 PM UTC
nicki’s cousin’s friend’s ex 🐝✌🏾
@adamjohnsonNYC googling “joyce carol oates isis” at 10 am bc i hate myself
14 Sep, 02:18 PM UTC
John Moe
Joyce Carol Oates tweets are like if hitting your head while getting into a car had a Twitter account.
14 Sep, 02:24 PM UTC
nathan ma
I'm not in the business of asking interview subjects to comment on matters far outside of their purview but I would LOVE to watch a video of someone trying to explain media layoff rounds to pool cash for TikTok-friendly new hires to Joyce Carol Oates
14 Sep, 02:33 PM UTC
I'm on twitter, so yes, I've read Joyce Carol Oates
14 Sep, 02:24 PM UTC
Keith "the mixed metaphor" S. Wilson
a new game show where contestants try to come up with the status quo-est response to institutional racism only one of the contestants is always Joyce carol Oates
14 Sep, 02:17 PM UTC
Kaya Oakes
My office is in the same very old building as JCO's at Berkeley, and one day, one of my colleagues was seriously spooked because he thought he'd seen a ghost. It was not a ghost: it was Joyce Carol Oates. @kayaoakes's photo on Joyce Carol Oates
14 Sep, 02:48 PM UTC
Adam Goldman
I'm done complaining about the existing joyce carol oates, the time has come to start a new, better, less wretched joyce carol oates @theadamgoldman's photo on Joyce Carol Oates
14 Sep, 03:41 PM UTC
nicki’s cousin’s friend’s ex 🐝✌🏾
i would’ve bullied joyce carol oates in middle school, no doubt
14 Sep, 03:07 PM UTC
scotus disliker
let's talk about how Joyce Carol Oates is a long-running twitter mvp. just logs on at seemingly random times to post the worst fucking opinions and flounce off into the ether. I could not name a single published work of hers off the top of my head but I remember that keyboard pic
14 Sep, 02:16 PM UTC
Paul Blest
Joyce Carol Oates x Dischord Records
14 Sep, 03:03 PM UTC
Critical Dawson Leery Theory
Hi I'm Joyce Carol Oates and I'm a huge ugly racist. Don't believe me? I'll be back tomorrow to reiterate this
14 Sep, 02:40 PM UTC
nathan ma
Me: So the title to Gawker was acquired by Bustle Digital Group after the original format was forced into closure as the co-founder of Paypal and Hulk Hogan teamed up to sue them into oblivion and it's been relaunched with a digital-friendly team o Joyce Carol Oates: girl wtf
14 Sep, 02:36 PM UTC
Dr. Christina Wyman
@JoyceCarolOates OFC she wouldn't want things to change. Why should she?
14 Sep, 02:19 PM UTC
Patrick Nathan
a New Yorker editor literally said “let’s talk about racism” and Joyce Carol Oates seeped out of the mahogany to say “not me again”
14 Sep, 03:13 PM UTC
god emperor jt
this sucks ass, Joyce Carol Oates!
14 Sep, 02:30 PM UTC
Joe Bernstein
Joyce Carol Oates... usually she's so on the ball here. Surprised to see her miss on a hot button social issue like this
14 Sep, 03:54 PM UTC
Annie Mok
Joyce Carol Oates is a hack, I knew it when she visited my high school to give a speech and described her ridiculous term "anti-poetry"
14 Sep, 02:23 PM UTC
Erik Hane
Bored, might see if I can get the podcast blocked by Joyce Carol Oates
14 Sep, 02:18 PM UTC
Sam Obisanya's Hot Auntie
*mutes Joyce Carol Oates* *cranks up the best Oates*
14 Sep, 03:03 PM UTC
Daniel Allen Cox
a Joyce Carol Oates themed journal called Bad Takes
14 Sep, 03:27 PM UTC
Peter Hintz
Every generation has its own awful Joyce Carol Oates Tweets
14 Sep, 02:33 PM UTC
Wherein esteemed author Joyce Carol Oates asks the most essential question of our time: "Why would i, esteemed Author and educator Joyce Carol Oates, want to read what black people think anyway?"
14 Sep, 02:27 PM UTC
Cat Cardenas
venmo requesting Joyce Carol Oates $10 million so I can start my own prestigious magazine where the fun little thing we do is ~diversity~
14 Sep, 02:57 PM UTC
bradley babendir
say what you will about joyce carol oates
14 Sep, 02:57 PM UTC
who's your daddy montreal?
joyce carol oates telling people to start a magazine in 2021 is the funniest thing about that tweet
14 Sep, 02:24 PM UTC
Begoña Gómez Urzaiz
Y luego va Joyce Carol Oates y lo entiende todo al revés.
14 Sep, 02:55 PM UTC