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Solid 🦋
If it weren't for Etika, I probably wouldn't have made many friends, nor would I have made it through school. Homie kept me going, making each day a lot better for me with his hype & upbeat energy. We love you & will always remember you. Forever. Rest easy 🖤 #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER @_Solid's photo on #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER
19 Jun, 02:20 PM UTC
On this day, two years ago we lost Etika, he was the one to cheer me up when I was down, and the one who made me laugh like crazy, and his smash reactions were the shit, can't believe it's been two years... I miss you man. #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER @DashrYT's photo on #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER
19 Jun, 01:49 PM UTC
Gone two years but your impact on the community has never been stronger. Miss you, @Etika. I say this as both your friend and one of your biggest fans, so many of us would not be doing what we do if it wasn’t for YOU paving the way. Never forget that. #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER
19 Jun, 03:31 PM UTC
2 years ago today, the world lost Etika. #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER @Dexerto's photo on #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER
19 Jun, 01:33 PM UTC
It's been 2 years. #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER Here's one of my favorite moments from Etika. @toastedish's photo on #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER
19 Jun, 01:32 PM UTC
Double A
It's been two years since you've been gone. I hope you can see us today and see how far we've come. Thank you for bringing us together and more importantly, thank you for providing us a space for us to laugh, cry and heal with your presence. Rest easy Etika #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER @DoubleA_Charged's photo on #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER
19 Jun, 02:53 PM UTC
Gold Kiru Kami
#JOYCONBOYZFOREVER It's been two years since we lost this beautiful beacon on hype and happiness. "No bitch niggas. No snitch niggas. No Twitch niggas. And no fake Switch niggas." Rest in peace Desmond "Etika" Amofah. You're my fucking hero. @TheMakotoMain's photo on #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER
19 Jun, 02:29 PM UTC
It’s been 2 years since our homie died... #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER anyways here’s my favourite Etika clip @SwitchCastPlays's photo on #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER
19 Jun, 02:59 PM UTC
each anniversary of your death doesn't get any easier, rest easy etika. #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER https://t.co/RI5yTmDByO
19 Jun, 01:57 PM UTC
Always makes me so happy to see #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER trending 🥲 @TheAlicePika's photo on #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER
19 Jun, 03:02 PM UTC
It's been 2 years since Etika passed on. whenever I see banjo & kazooie, I think of him cause it was his last smash bros reaction ever. but I know he's still watching. ❤️#JOYCONBOYZFOREVER @DynamoSuperX's photo on #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER
19 Jun, 06:02 PM UTC
it's been 2 long years without you but not a day goes by where i don't think about how good it could've been with you here @Etika #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER 9999999999999999 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/Xg4oInkhI8
19 Jun, 02:08 PM UTC
It's been two years since we lost Etika. Yet it feels like a whole other life time. Truly he was taken from us too soon. #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER https://t.co/CWmvqMaioK
19 Jun, 02:14 PM UTC
Rest In Peace to one of the best streamers of all time, genuine and real with all his actions and emotions and cared for his fans a lot. Take care of your loved ones and their mental health cause you never know what they could be going through. RIP ETIKA #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER https://t.co/LxX2noCHZA
19 Jun, 04:00 AM UTC
Nef 🥸
Des is a huge inspiration for me the true essence of working your ass off and making every moment matter..it’s been two long years and we all still miss you and we’re never gonna forget the joy you brought rest easy..🤍 #etika #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER https://t.co/zKGX3mJBgS
19 Jun, 03:36 PM UTC
Johnny 🔥
2 years ago we lost a legend. I wish you were still here to consume all this hype with us. We all miss you the true hype king. Rip Etika, you’ll forever be in our hearts. 🖤 #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER https://t.co/8cLcbDtrz8
19 Jun, 07:05 PM UTC
luigi gaming
its been 2 years #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER https://t.co/xKAjoDEBf0
19 Jun, 05:35 PM UTC
I used to wake up early any time there was a Nintendo direct or E3 just to make it to Etika's stream to see his own hype and reactions. His vibes and energy are truly unmatched by anyone else and there was never a bad or boring moment during his streams. RIP🖤 #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER https://t.co/zzmrTeIwks
19 Jun, 04:25 PM UTC
Been thinking of what to say about Etika and it’s kinda hard man. Truly my inspiration, and the reason I really, really jumped into this YouTube thing. Changed my life man. Grateful 4L. Since we lost him social media has made me uncomfortable. But #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER
19 Jun, 08:22 PM UTC
Thank you, Desmond. #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER https://t.co/rQihfAdv0Q
19 Jun, 03:05 PM UTC
W.F. 🌸💚
Been 2 years since you’ve been gone, yet it feels like only yesterday that you were still here, making us smile. Your presence and influence is still felt to this day, and it always will. Your memory is eternal. Rest in paradise Etika.🦋 #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER https://t.co/mTjRqHGDuT
19 Jun, 07:39 PM UTC
#Juneteenth #PORGER Semedo #GERPOR #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER #Caturday https://t.co/i3z0DIfNMR
19 Jun, 06:54 PM UTC
#Juneteenth #PORGER Semedo #GERPOR #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER #Caturday https://t.co/8fSW2U9laq
19 Jun, 06:54 PM UTC
@RogersBase @Etika #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER indeed. You know our boy is partying out there with us always 👊 https://t.co/LoEynkpEuy
19 Jun, 03:52 PM UTC
19 Jun, 06:32 PM UTC
j a i m e ✨
two years ago we lost a real one, thank you for everything Etika. #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER https://t.co/ishkSIPzHP
19 Jun, 07:58 PM UTC
damn two years man, hoping you doing well up there Etika #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER https://t.co/FGhCYLRSyE
19 Jun, 04:34 PM UTC
although I am a website marketer by profession, I like football and I watch this section with a little little attention. I have a favorite team. I love it more than that favorite team. #NFTartist #RecklessStreamingParty #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER #PORGER #EnglandvsScotland #EUROS2020 https://t.co/3SjQHjtdZr
19 Jun, 08:25 PM UTC
Two years. We all still miss you. Words can't describe how much an impact you made an everyone's life, and my own life. I hope you're having a good time up there man, we all need your energy right now. Rest in Peace, Power, Paradise, and Pride, Etika. #Etika #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER https://t.co/dDamG96Spq
19 Jun, 08:27 PM UTC
19 Jun, 08:26 PM UTC