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Karen Civil 🇭🇹
JT of The City Girls is officially home and is dropping “JT First Day Out” tonight at 10pm. @KarenCivil's photo on jt first day out
08 Oct, 08:10 PM UTC
Me trying to memorize JT first day out 😭 #JTFirstDayOut https://t.co/xXIcOMiDp5
09 Oct, 02:23 AM UTC
City Girls
"JT First Day Out" tonight @ 10pm EST #JTFree @CityGirls_QC's photo on jt first day out
08 Oct, 10:54 PM UTC
🗣 FIRST DAY OUT. Listen to @ThegirlJT latest track NOW 👉https://t.co/locJCMJJQ2 @SoundCloud's photo on jt first day out
09 Oct, 02:57 AM UTC
“Went in the same day Drake dropped ‘In My Feelings’ I was in prison on my bunk really in my feelings Now I’m back to the millions Bitches in they feelings” https://t.co/UrNcxOHt0f #JTFirstDayOut @RapUp's photo on jt first day out
09 Oct, 02:54 AM UTC
XXL Magazine
JUST IN: City Girls drop new song “JT First Day Out” following J.T.’s release from prison https://t.co/WgJmKBX6V7
09 Oct, 03:27 AM UTC
Apple Music
New @CityGirls_QC. 🔥 Listen to #JTFirstDayOut now. https://t.co/qO67Zo67rh
09 Oct, 03:23 AM UTC
Thirdly Media Group©
JT from The @CityGirls_QC is finally FREE + she’s dropping her freestyle “JT First Day Out” tonight @ 10pm. Welcome home, JT! https://t.co/P6epQoRZ56
08 Oct, 08:14 PM UTC
lil Yachty should of wrote JT first day out song
09 Oct, 02:29 AM UTC
Money Man Roy💸
JT first day out some Mid with hella seeds...
09 Oct, 03:30 AM UTC
How y’all gonna say a made b**ch was pregnant from the CO I don’t f**k with cops or bloggers you bit**es slow Stop with all the rumors & tell your ni**a I’m home & it’s on... - JT (@TheGirlJT) addresses fake rumors on her City Girls’ freestyle track ‘JT First Day Out’ #JTFree @revolttv's photo on jt first day out
09 Oct, 02:20 AM UTC
Kyzmen 🦂
Nobody: Me watching Lil Kim perform and JT First day out: 🤔 https://t.co/LdHPgOSgQN
09 Oct, 02:46 AM UTC
my favorite part of JT first day out is the ending 😂😂😂
09 Oct, 02:05 AM UTC
Listening to JT First Day Out got me wondering if y’all forgot to tell Yachty she was getting out cause..... https://t.co/GLY7L4Bzi1
09 Oct, 02:20 AM UTC
Hell Rail
This girl hung up the phone with me abruptly to hear JT first day out. She belongs to the streets ✌🏾
09 Oct, 02:24 AM UTC
feen 🦁
Who the hell putting JT first day out on my timeline? Hope u get sleep paralysis
09 Oct, 08:47 AM UTC
1 Of 1. 🏁📯
Hold on, JT first day out hard.
09 Oct, 02:45 AM UTC
Jaмya 👑
JT first day out ‼️
09 Oct, 03:27 AM UTC
So I Tweeted One Line Of JT First Day Out Song && Now I Keep Getting Sugar Daddy Request In My DMs && Mentions Im Thinking Really Hard 🤔🤔🤔😂😂
09 Oct, 09:04 AM UTC
JT First Day Out is all I can listen too rn
09 Oct, 08:45 AM UTC
The Mac.
In other news, who listened to JT first day out song? It’s fire or nah
09 Oct, 08:36 AM UTC
The home girl came home talking her shit period https://t.co/gZGYctEm68
09 Oct, 02:44 AM UTC
JT First Day Out WEAK ASL , She Can Go Right Back Tf To Jail ✌🏽
09 Oct, 09:28 AM UTC
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City Girls’ JT Released From Prison, Drops New Song “JT First Day Out”: Listen - Pitchfork https://t.co/hxjmGp5OZn https://t.co/8gm4zTeuqu
09 Oct, 09:28 AM UTC
City Girls - JT First Day Out Listen Mp3 Download Streams Free #CityGirls #citygirl #USA #world #musique #newalbum #songs #newsong #Listen #ListenNow #ListenAndLive #hiphop #Pop #rap #mp3 #Download #hiphopnews #stream #news #media #Album here: https://t.co/XvT7UgqUk7 https://t.co/75O2G7HELE
09 Oct, 09:27 AM UTC
Eyes on the prize, people
The thing about JT First Day Out that everyone is missing is that we are on the verge of runaway climate change and we need a complete re-think of the global economy to ensure a just society & avoid planetary catastrophe.
09 Oct, 09:25 AM UTC

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