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Donald J. Trump
Biden’s Handler’s want to expand the Court. This would be very bad for the USA. On top of that they don’t want to provide a list of who would be chosen for the Court. MUST HAVE A LIST OF THESE RADICAL LEFT JUDGES!
27 Oct, 11:07 AM UTC
Ben Shapiro
The funniest part about this tweet is that Democrats were first to destroy judicial candidates for mere interpretational disagreement, the first to use the filibuster against judges, and the first to nuke the filibuster against judges...but she thinks the Republicans started it. https://t.co/gMqrlAsvjC
27 Oct, 12:54 AM UTC
The republican senate has confirmed 220 federal judges nominated by @realDonaldTrump incl 3 Supreme Court justices w 2nite’s confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett This is another PROMISE MADE, PROMISE KEPT by Pres Trump
27 Oct, 12:23 AM UTC
Ben Wikler
BREAKING: Supreme Court upholds Republican-appointed judges’ decision siding with Trump’s GOP on Wisconsin voting rights. Absentee ballots *must* arrive by 8pm on Election Day. We’re dialing up a huge voter education campaign—chip in to support: https://t.co/R81hRnrd2C https://t.co/a4naZJ9YEI
26 Oct, 11:49 PM UTC
Trump War Room - Text TRUMP to 88022
President Trump promised to appoint solid conservative judges to the Supreme Court. He kept his promise – 3 times now.
27 Oct, 01:11 AM UTC
Sara Gideon
Amy Coney Barrett's stance on the ACA was clear when Senator Collins voted to confirm her to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Senator Collins has voted for 181 of Trump's far-right, anti-health care judges and has put our health care in extreme jeopardy. #mepolitics
27 Oct, 12:14 AM UTC
Ari Berman
GOP traded 225,000 American lives for 220 Trump judges
27 Oct, 01:13 AM UTC
David Roth
None of these Federalist Society droids are even employable as lawyers! Neither Kavanaugh nor ACB ever tried a case to verdict. They just passed the bar and worked in the Conservative Politics Business until they got to become conservative judges. https://t.co/6oZkvaWdet
27 Oct, 04:07 AM UTC
‘This is the most rank hypocrisy I’ve ever seen ... We’re not the world’s greatest deliberative body, we’re just a little factory that approves federal judges.’ — Sen. Schatz rips GOP for rushing Barrett’s confirmation after stopping Merrick Garland and ignoring COVID-19 relief @nowthisnews's photo on Judges
27 Oct, 02:23 AM UTC
Scott Huffman For Congress
Trump has appointed a total of 220 white judges. Not one Judge of color. #nc13
27 Oct, 10:00 AM UTC
Chris Geidner
The motivation behind this is 100% right. But we need more than more judges. We need a different *type* of judge. We will need a Biden administration to appoint diverse former public defenders and legal aid, civil rights, and similar lawyers if we’re going to see real change. https://t.co/pfuuAHGLQV
27 Oct, 04:02 AM UTC
Arlen Parsa voted early
Number of Supreme Court judges by country: Sweden: 16 Japan: 15 Italy: 15 Russia: 19 Norway: 20 UK: 12 Denmark: 18 USA: 9
27 Oct, 12:32 AM UTC
Jenna Ellis
2017: Justice Gorsuch 2018: Justice Kavanaugh 2020: Justice Barrett PLUS more than 200 federal judges! Promises Made, Promises KEPT! #MAGA 🇺🇸
27 Oct, 01:02 PM UTC
Jake Maccoby
If another country’s political party was as soundly and consistently rejected by the people as the GOP but kept instituting policies and installing judges anyway, we’d have a name for it
27 Oct, 12:21 PM UTC
Ben Wikler
GOP-appointed judges on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, including Trump appointee Amy St Eve, ruled against relief for Wisconsin voters. As (also GOP-appointed!) Judge Rovner wrote in her dissent, “this court leaves voters to their own devices." @benwikler's photo on Judges
27 Oct, 12:19 AM UTC
- Patriarchy is a judge who judges us for being born - and our punishment is the violence you don’t see. - It is femicide, impunity for my murderer, - it is disappearance, it is rape. - And it wasn’t my fault, where I was, or how I dressed. - The rapist is you, the rapist is you.
27 Oct, 07:28 AM UTC
EuroKpop ltd
Just a quick update on voting - 40% fan votes 40% judges vote 20% steams, sales and show wins ⭐️
26 Oct, 11:12 PM UTC
Hugh Hewitt
Thus far in @senatemajldr leader run as captain of the @SenateGOP: Supreme Court: 3 justices confirmed Circuit courts: 53 appellate judges confirmed District courts: 162 trial court judges confirmed Court of International Trade: 2 judges confirmed. Grand Total of judges: 220
26 Oct, 11:37 PM UTC
Bill Pascrell, Jr.
Rightwing political hack judges have declared open war on democracy this election. The courts must be rebalanced. https://t.co/lXELDmzJuw
26 Oct, 11:49 PM UTC
Matt O'Brien
Republican judges always—always!—make it harder to vote because they think that helps Republican politicians. There is no principle at work here, it’s just pure power politics in the guise of interpreting the law. https://t.co/jJe07ytXMA
26 Oct, 11:49 PM UTC
Note for Euro Kpop Awards 40% fan votes 40% judges 20% steams, sales and show wins Keep streaming MVs as well I vote #BAEKHYUN @B_hundred_Hyun as Best Male Soloist on #EKP_bestmalesolo_Baekhyun I vote EXO-SC on #EKP_bests for the Best Sub Unit #EXO_SC #EKP_bestsubunit_EXOSC https://t.co/TOD22wsTh2
27 Oct, 07:13 AM UTC
@MollyJongFast @marcorubio Imagine if they cared as much about healthcare and covid19 and education and voting rights and equality as they did about judges
27 Oct, 12:04 PM UTC
Paul Begala
7 days till we tell @realDonaldTrump #YOUREFIRED. Reason 7: he has packed the courts with Trump judges, selected by a shadowy dark-money pressure group, and hostile to your economic rights, your environmental rights, your voting rights, your privacy rights, your civil rights.
27 Oct, 01:16 PM UTC
An impeached president who lost the popular vote has been permitted to appoint a total of 3 SCOTUS justices and over 200 federal judges. America is in deep trouble. Please, for the love of all you hold dear, vote.
27 Oct, 11:34 AM UTC
Yes, I’m a Therapist
Dating yourself sounds good until you realize we live in a society that judges singleness as “bad karma” for something totally unrelated
26 Oct, 10:39 PM UTC
Craig Ogawa
@guypbenson Pres Reagan picked that fight. It's not even that I blame him for it because when it comes to originalist judges, Reagan lost the battle but helped conservs win the war. But to blame Dems on top of that for a fight Reagan picked is outrageous 2/
27 Oct, 02:49 AM UTC
Clark Neily
Which are absolutely packed to the brim with former prosecutors and other courtroom advocates for government. That’s the thing that most needs to change. https://t.co/bT8tL8oojA
27 Oct, 01:05 PM UTC
CALL: 202-224-3121
@ReallyAmerican1 @JoeBiden I want @JoeBiden to RESTORE, REFORM and REBALANCE the courts. It's not "court packing". Our courts are ALREADY packed with unqualified extreme right wing judges and justices. They are INCAPABLE of dispensing justice due to this imbalance & the method used for packing them in.
27 Oct, 02:39 AM UTC
Josh Zembik
It’s so frustrating that so much coverage of Coney Barrett says she could help decide the presidential election. People - NOT JUDGES - should decide elections. Stop normalizing judges picking winners!
27 Oct, 01:06 PM UTC
@woozleweasels Listen to Bill Moyers interview Anne Nelson about her book The Shadow Network. Her book traces 40 years of efforts to come to this point of judges making decisions favoring wealthy white people. The Federalist, NRA, Council for National Policy working to this end.
27 Oct, 12:37 PM UTC

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