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Naomi Biden
Thankful for a lot today 🦃 🤍 @NaomiBiden's photo on Judi
24 Nov, 12:04 PM UTC
"A Walmart manager pulled out a handgun before a routine employee meeting, began firing wildly around the break room of a Virginia store & killed 6 people in the nation’s second high-profile mass shooting in 4 days." IN 4 DAYS! THIS IS FUCKING PATHETIC! WHAT'S WRONG WITH US?
24 Nov, 01:04 AM UTC
Fifty Shades of Whey
A Black FedEx driver in Mississippi was chased and shot at by a white father and son after dropping off a package. Brandon Case and Gregory Case literally tried to lynch an innocent man and it took almost 10 months for Lincoln County to indict them on attempted murder charges. https://t.co/SKV18eBZrq
24 Nov, 02:08 PM UTC
Bernie Sanders
Warren Buffett, the owner of BNSF Railway's parent company, became $1.38 billion richer yesterday. In one day, Mr. Buffett made twice as much money as it would cost to guarantee 15 paid sick days a year to every rail worker in America. The greed of the rail industry must end.
23 Nov, 11:10 PM UTC
Angry Staff Officer
No - soldiers join the Army to serve the people of the United States. Sometimes, that involves violence. But our ethos is not to be murderers If you want that kind of army, the kind that murders, can't handle logistics, and is without a moral compass, look to Russia https://t.co/vs0xilQ3nu
24 Nov, 01:26 AM UTC
We are either a country of laws, or we’re not. She was warned in the last election. This time she should be disqualified. Give it to Frisch. You want people to follow the law? UPHOLD the law. https://t.co/DVMMcgyWs8
24 Nov, 08:55 AM UTC
Lindy Li
The MAGA granddad of the Colorado Springs killer supported the Jan 6 riot & likened it to the Revolutionary War His homophobic dad is a porn star who’s just relieved his son isn’t gay—never mind he’s a mass murderer You’re telling us THESE people are the party of family values?
24 Nov, 07:08 AM UTC
Glasnost Gone
Please join me in paying tribute to President Zelensky @ZelenskyyUa. It's nine, long, bloody months since Russia's full-scale invasion of #Ukraine - and yet he endures the pressure of responsiblity most of us would buckle under. He's a hero and role model. https://t.co/RvztVDyfq9
24 Nov, 01:16 PM UTC
Ricky Davila
Hillary Clinton was right about every single thing, she also never hid her tax returns, she never lied about her medical records, she never refused to testify, she never stole classified documents and she never tried to overturn an election.
23 Nov, 09:00 PM UTC
Anton Gerashchenko
Rescue Services worker tells about how hard his job is. He cannot hold back tears. These Heroes from @SESU_UA do some of the toughest things possible - every day. They deal with so much grief and suffering. And the next day they get up and do it all over again. @Gerashchenko_en's photo on Judi
23 Nov, 07:14 PM UTC
Laurence Tribe
“Wealthy religious zealots paid big money to pray and socialize with and extract priceless personal favors from Supreme Court justices.” That some justices undisputedly welcomed such outrageous behavior is a huge problem. The leak is the least of it. https://t.co/YCEoB5Zteq
24 Nov, 04:36 PM UTC
Staff Sergeant Gonell, Aquilino
I hope today is a great day for you and your family. Thanks to everyone who supports me and my colleagues. Happy thanksgiving.
24 Nov, 02:39 PM UTC
House Oversight investigating $2B #Saudi investment in #JaredKushner's firm —- about time! https://t.co/UvCUZ7qYOr
24 Nov, 04:30 AM UTC
judi billing
Mama, grandmother, activist, Labour councillor for over 40 years, cockapoo servant and maker of the best roast potatoes in the world. We are heartbroken and sorry to say Judi Billing MBE passed away with her family around her in the early hours of this morning. https://t.co/VmzQ4MWNUN
24 Nov, 12:00 PM UTC
@papersky8 @GenuineHeart11 @tanyarlfes bokap gue juga pernah ngomong gini pas gue ngerasa kasian sama kakek2 yg luntang lantung di jalan : Kita gak ada yg tau semasa hidupnya dulu bapak itu gmn. Orang bener/bukan. Mungkin suka judi/gak bener/jahat ke keluarga jd sama anak cucunya jg gak diurusin. But who knows ya 😢
24 Nov, 03:34 AM UTC
Gank judi udah, gank narkoba juga udah diseret Sambo, sekarang giliran gank tambang. Tapi kayaknya gak bakal dalem serangan ini, kalau mau sampe berantas habis agak sulit karena bakal nyeret ex jenderal polisi yg udah pensiun dan masih ada power, bukan yg diem di rumah urus cucu. https://t.co/DskKVjbm33
24 Nov, 01:03 PM UTC
Keir Starmer
I’m saddened to learn that Judi Billing MBE has passed away. A councillor for over 40 years and committed to helping others, Judi’s service to the Labour Party and to Local Government was unparalleled. My thoughts are with Judi’s family and friends.
24 Nov, 04:22 PM UTC
चयन 🇮🇳
aaj gujarat mein Punjab ke CM sardaar bhagwant mann ke road show mein lakho ki tadaad mein janta judi. Prashashan tak dang reh gaya aur kehene laga hume modiji ke peak time mein bhi aise rally nahi dekhi, Yeh toh rally nahi railla hai. https://t.co/dSA4ot6ohU
24 Nov, 02:49 PM UTC
𝙎 𝙖 𝙢 𝙪 𝙚 𝙡 🦊𝙈 𝙘 𝙥 𝙖 𝙩 𝙤🦊
@comunidademc https://t.co/4TmsoIc0t7
24 Nov, 11:19 AM UTC
Maître Hess
Imagine t’aimes pas contrarier les gens et t’es avocate
24 Nov, 08:37 AM UTC
ácida braba
não aguento as expressões da sobrancelha iguais até hoje 🤏🏻 https://t.co/oderaSnrcE
23 Nov, 10:52 PM UTC
Heran masih aja orang2 pada judi. Udahlah kalo kalah rugi, kalo menang pun itungannya uang haram. Ntar lg jam makan siang, yang abis menang mau traktir2 di mana nih?
24 Nov, 03:46 AM UTC
Jewish Labour Movement
Judi was an amazing woman and a true friend to us at JLM. We’d like to send our love and support to her family and friends. We’re sharing her phenomenal speech from last year’s Labour Party Conference. May her memory be a blessing. https://t.co/Gax7XReodK https://t.co/l8AU5oUyF9
24 Nov, 12:56 PM UTC
Labour East
Judi was the very best of us. An absolute stalwart of our movement, particularly here in the East of England where she was very much loved. Our deepest condolences to Judi's family at this difficult time. https://t.co/ZaTB1JRr15
24 Nov, 01:23 PM UTC
Fahira Idris DPD RI
Setujuuuu! Bagi sahabat2 yang nobar Piala Dunia 2022 Qatar, jangan sampai disertai pesta miras apalagi narkoba, krn sejatinya olahraga jauh dari hal2 negatif tersebut. #WorldcupQatar2022 #FIFAWorldCup #IndonesiaButuhUUMiras https://t.co/xQwpezMeDm
24 Nov, 08:38 AM UTC
@OposisiCerdas Uang tambang Uang judi Uang narkoba Uang prostitusi Uang ektp Uang harun masiku Uang aliran koruptor partai. DLL... Itu lebih diutamakan diusut pak...
24 Nov, 11:06 AM UTC
Local Government Association (LGA)
It is with great sadness that we learn of Judi Billing's passing. Judi was a remarkable person, who dedicated so much of her life to #LocalGov. For many years Judi worked tirelessly with us... (1/2) https://t.co/qvK02iQtwe
24 Nov, 04:38 PM UTC
Hertsmere Labour
We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Labour Party Grandee, a giant of local government, Cllr Judi Billing MBE. Our thoughts are with Judi’s family at this sad time. https://t.co/6Dq5GJ6ho9
24 Nov, 12:28 PM UTC
North Herts Council
It is with great sadness that we announce that Cllr Judi Billing MBE, Executive Member for Community Engagement and ward councillor for Hitchin Bearton, passed away suddenly in the early hours of today, Thursday 24 November, at the age of 71: https://t.co/sZlvuy4mJF (1/2) @NorthHertsDC's photo on Judi
24 Nov, 03:32 PM UTC