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Spencer BokatLindell
So last week for Thanksgiving I ran a headline saying “Turducken Is Performative,” paraphrasing @kimseverson. Over the weekend I got an email from JUDITH BUTLER @bokatlindell's photo on Judith Butler
02 Dec, 03:18 PM UTC
Moira Donegan
This is hilarious and delightful, not least because it’s easy to imagine that Judith Butler spends just tons of time being like, “That’s not what performative means.” https://t.co/0UzxpvuR15
02 Dec, 08:54 PM UTC
Soleil Ho
I love imagining that Judith Butler is like Candyman except you can only invoke her by fucking up queer theory terminology five times https://t.co/afq9ZLsyvk
02 Dec, 09:17 PM UTC
chrysanthemum trans 🌼
lmfaoooo judith butler said you bitches need to read https://t.co/6rjs7ZD5iN
02 Dec, 09:01 PM UTC
i hate when men reply
Judith Butler literally emailing someone NYT writer to explain the correct meaning and use of “performative” is such a wonderful way to cap off a year of truly terrible misquoting and misreading
02 Dec, 09:23 PM UTC
Kate Crawford
The NYT letter of the year goes to... JUDITH BUTLER https://t.co/BTKvYsitdz
02 Dec, 08:28 PM UTC
Jeremy O. Harris
Love that Judith Butler emailed someone just to say “...so you obviously skimmed your way through grad school” A true icon. https://t.co/dz5AMGuBTL
02 Dec, 10:17 PM UTC
Micha Frazer-Carroll
I like the idea that Judith Butler is quietly and continuously emailing people on an individual basis to do this https://t.co/FUhmq54O6r
02 Dec, 10:40 PM UTC
Matt Gabriele sits on a throne of lies
now this is my 2nd favorite Judith Butler email https://t.co/9ZFEx73qmx https://t.co/FjdBIJ68GR
02 Dec, 08:00 PM UTC
Laleh Khalili
Oh my god. I love how Judith Butler took the time to explain her concept as it applies to Turducken. https://t.co/KBnSxamtRF
02 Dec, 10:00 PM UTC
Karl Shuve
When you use the term performative and Judith Butler sends you an email https://t.co/vNVLFREMAI
02 Dec, 11:10 PM UTC
Dr. Zoë Shacklock
The key takeaway point from this email exchange is that Judith Butler uses two spaces after a full stop https://t.co/ZdfN7PnBN4
02 Dec, 11:22 PM UTC
Sarah A. Moga
I haven't feel this level of Fremdschämen since grad school and it is no accident that Judith Butler brought it into my life. Good God.
02 Dec, 11:03 PM UTC
Samuel Meneely 🥖🌹
@jaythenerdkid Is this about the Judith Butler turducken letter?
02 Dec, 10:56 PM UTC
Simon Hinde
Pleased that Judith Butler is standing up for the correct meaning of the much abused word ‘per formative’. https://t.co/oXXsngb7iA
02 Dec, 10:52 PM UTC
Ewout ter Haar
Now imagining Judith Butler trolling Twitter, correcting the use of performative.
02 Dec, 11:21 PM UTC
Eileen Popp.Toddy in my 💕forever
No disrespect ..but who is Judith Butler..😦😅😄😆
02 Dec, 11:20 PM UTC
Sarah A. Moga
If Judith Butler came into my inbox to school me this hard, I would not be able to function for a whole week over the guilt that I somehow owe UCB tuition money. https://t.co/fJ8X7ExtE6
02 Dec, 10:57 PM UTC
Anastasia of Iona
@lyzl I volunteer to be anyone's Judith Butler phone-a-friend if you don't have one. My dissertation and I are here for you.
02 Dec, 10:54 PM UTC

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