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Citizens for Ethics
Trump keeps nominating his customers to powerful positions. Judy Shelton, Trump's pick for the Federal Reserve Board, is just one example. Congress should ask her about her patronage of his properties during her hearing. https://t.co/gIVu3rsFYn
13 Feb, 04:00 AM UTC
President Trump's latest nominee for the Federal Reserve, Judy Shelton, is under vicious attack in her nominating process. The Deep State has already thwarted Trump's choices of Herman Cain, Stephen Moore and Marvin Goodfriend. The Fed must be ended to defeat the Deep State.
13 Feb, 03:25 PM UTC
Peter Schiff
Judy Shelton also knows that under a gold standard prior to the creation of the Federal Reserve Americans enjoyed the benefits of a consistently falling cost of living. However since the creation of the Fed Americans have suffered a cost of living that rises every single year.
13 Feb, 02:36 PM UTC
Adam Ozimek
The sum total argument for Judy Shelton: “Don’t worry she’s changed her entire belief system about monetary policy in the last 12 months, she’s no longer a total crank”
13 Feb, 01:25 PM UTC
Peter Schiff
Judy Shelton said if she was on the FOMC she would reluctantly advocate policies she knows are bad because it would be politically expedient to implement them. This is why our nation is in so much trouble, and why the coming collapse will be so catastrophic.
13 Feb, 03:14 PM UTC
Peter Schiff
Why is it courageous to stand up against government to protest segregation but not to stand up to government what it violates monetary provision of the U.S. Constitution? Is there any position that Judy Shelton has taken in the past that she is willing to defend in the present?
13 Feb, 03:30 PM UTC
Peter Schiff
All of the gloom-and-doom predictions that Judy Shelton forecasts would result from the mistakes made by the Federal Reserve and Congress following the 2008 financial crisis will come true. The fact that the Fed has succeeded in delaying the day of reckoning only makes it worse!
13 Feb, 03:38 PM UTC
Heather Long
Senator Toomey just told reporters that he has "concerns" about Trump nominee Judy Shelton, esp. that she would seek to devalue the US dollar. Toomey says he has NOT made up his mind on how he will vote. He says he is "not sure" if Shelton would uphold Fed independence. #Fed
13 Feb, 02:57 PM UTC
Catherine Rampell
Shelton last year: “I don’t see any reference to independence in the legislation that has defined the role of the Federal Reserve for the United States" https://t.co/8bODOcltkF
12 Feb, 06:27 PM UTC
Peter Schiff
FDIC deposit insurance has been a disaster and Judy Shelton knows it. We would be much better off without it, and other nations like New Zealand that have eliminated it have much stronger banking systems as a result.
13 Feb, 03:18 PM UTC
President Trump’s Fed nominee Judy Shelton heads to Capitol Hill today, where senators are expected to question her views on Fed independence and monetary policy. https://t.co/QqtrG8cL5Y @CNBC's photo on Judy Shelton
13 Feb, 01:03 PM UTC
Peter Schiff
Judy Shelton is so worried about criticizing Trump that while she correctly criticized rising Federal budget deficits when Obama was president, she refuses to criticize budget deficits that are rising even faster under Trump. We don't need more hypocrites on the FMOC.
13 Feb, 03:42 PM UTC
The Economist
Judy Shelton is right that the Fed’s independence is more principle than law. But that is all the more reason to defend it https://t.co/VMsYgK51yi
13 Feb, 04:27 PM UTC
Binyamin Appelbaum
The Fed's independence consists of the intellectual integrity of its leaders. After that hearing, it's hard to see how anyone who values that independence could conclude that Judy Shelton possesses the necessarily intellectual integrity.
13 Feb, 03:58 PM UTC
When Fed nominee Judy Shelton faces her Senate confirmation hearing, her views on the Fed's balance sheet could offer clues about whether she would shake things up at the central bank https://t.co/lYttkeaDVu @Reuters's photo on Judy Shelton
13 Feb, 05:00 PM UTC
Heather Long
Judy Shelton could become Trump's 5th #Fed nominee not to get confirmed by a GOP-controlled Senate. Sen. Toomey (R-PA) and Sen. Shelby (R-AL) said they had "concerns" about her after her hearing today. Sen. Kennedy (R-La) hasn't made up his mind, either https://t.co/TbyUebztBh
13 Feb, 04:21 PM UTC
The Wall Street Journal
Sen. Pat Toomey questioned economist Judy Shelton’s advocacy "for using monetary policy to devalue the dollar," clouding the prospects for the confirmation of one of President Trump’s nominees to the Federal Reserve Board https://t.co/DxVAcmng0r
13 Feb, 05:11 PM UTC
Trump Fed nominee Judy Shelton hammered by Democrats in confirmation hearing https://t.co/Df2MOW1i73
13 Feb, 04:55 PM UTC
Nell Henderson
Clouds gathering over Judy Shelton's Fed nomination: Two key Republican senators express concerns and a third says he’s undecided, while Dems are lined up against. https://t.co/capuHA0nZp via @WSJ
13 Feb, 05:03 PM UTC
Alok Jain ⚡
https://t.co/vdP0Qr3q6q If ahe becomes Fed Gov, #Gold will rocket https://t.co/gKATabJjiT
13 Feb, 04:32 PM UTC
Erik Wasson
Trump's Fed nominee Judy Shelton, a former economic adviser to his presidential campaign, faced scrutiny from senators about her qualifications for the role https://t.co/3Tl3HCjTjP via @business
13 Feb, 05:02 PM UTC
Gregory Daco
Trump's Fed nominee Judy Shelton, a former economic adviser to his presidential campaign, faced scrutiny from senators about her qualifications for the role https://t.co/osIlL0I1IC via @business
13 Feb, 03:39 PM UTC
Paul Kiernan
Sen. Pat Toomey questions Judy Shelton’s advocacy ‘for using monetary policy to devalue the dollar’ https://t.co/p07WdMljeF
13 Feb, 03:42 PM UTC
Reuters Business
Off the 'QT': Does Federal Reserve nominee Judy Shelton have a balance sheet problem? https://t.co/masWFSb9oB @ReutersBiz's photo on Judy Shelton
13 Feb, 04:46 PM UTC
Steven Spencer
A gold-loving, Trump-loving Fed nominee faces a key test https://t.co/WWLTxgt7LL via @politico
13 Feb, 03:59 PM UTC
Chris Condon
Trump's Fed nominee Judy Shelton, a former economic adviser to his presidential campaign, faced scrutiny from senators about her qualifications for the role https://t.co/UscvJAA7Fh via @business
13 Feb, 04:58 PM UTC
(ALERT) Today thank Senator Jon Tester for never wavering on his support to #keepitpublic! This is what a true public lands champion looks like! #mtpol #mtnews https://t.co/LTmCKTq4as
13 Feb, 04:41 PM UTC
All American Girl
'Not Terribly Encouraging': Mitt Romney Hints He Might Oppose Fed Nominee Judy Shelton In Latest Attack On Trump https://t.co/XNIPn3QrdU @true_pundit #AAG #AAG2020
13 Feb, 05:10 PM UTC
A good rule of thumb in evaluating the qualifications of an economist for the Federal Reserve is that if a person is a goldbug, they don’t belong involved in monetary policy. https://t.co/R8CTcntvL1 via @WSJ
13 Feb, 05:13 PM UTC
Scott Shapiro
When it comes to issues they care about--like Fed independence--Republicans know how to say "No" to Trump https://t.co/CLjImMcGY9
13 Feb, 05:15 PM UTC