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Yoni 🙃 (c’est mon vrai prénom ptn)
Une histoire en 3 images https://t.co/DDgytmzeuu
25 Jan, 06:43 PM UTC
through jules' eyes. watch the full video on youtube: https://t.co/JpF0G2ciSw @euphoriaHBO's photo on Jules
25 Jan, 07:00 PM UTC
sketchs da rue e jules 🥺🙏 @iago_fnt's photo on Jules
25 Jan, 11:43 PM UTC
Parlons NBA
Il y a 33 ans jour pour jour, Jerome Lane signait le dunk le plus iconique de l'histoire de la NCAA 💥 Légendaire. @ParlonsNBA's photo on Jules
25 Jan, 04:37 PM UTC
Mike Hopkins
One ring to rule them all! It’s like a fantasy up here with magic rings and dragons. @Astro_illini's photo on Jules
25 Jan, 10:39 PM UTC
j’supporte de - en - les gens
25 Jan, 08:30 PM UTC
tamara rael
when jules said “i fall in love so easily because half of every relationship is in my head...” 💣💥🌊 @euphoriaHBO https://t.co/torDISzx9F
26 Jan, 06:39 AM UTC
Stop Féminicides ✊💜
Cécile Piquet, 44 ans, avait été prise en otage sur son lieu de travail le 17 décembre 2020 puis fusillée par son ex-mari qui s’est ensuite suicidé. L’homme était connu des services de police. Cécile avait porté 22 fois et sa 23ème plainte avait été refusée par la police. @famifeminicides's photo on Jules
26 Jan, 11:15 AM UTC
Hugo Clément
⚠️ THREAD Les masques tombent ! Voici comment l’industrie des pesticides a financé une vidéo -en utilisant un youtubeur- pour diffuser sa propagande auprès des plus jeunes. https://t.co/bKDgEVe5Hz
26 Jan, 10:27 AM UTC
𝑽𝒊𝒕𝒂𝒎𝒊𝒏_𝒈𝒖𝒍𝒇 ♡
#รู้จักกลัฟมั้ย Do you know Gulf? he is the bestest boy ever! @gulfkanawut
26 Jan, 12:12 PM UTC
"I fall in love so easily. I really do. It's, like, almost embarrassing" -Jules https://t.co/U6o7q9KFVt
26 Jan, 07:56 AM UTC
mia🚶‍♀️jules vaughn soldier
jules trending and for like the first time it’s not brimming with negativity https://t.co/H4bqVQtMFD
26 Jan, 07:59 AM UTC
Always a good time for my Eyes Off You Rue + Jules edit <3 https://t.co/1Fd3DejjYh
26 Jan, 07:22 AM UTC
not liability being the opening song to the jules episode https://t.co/Q3RDz5uZ4W
26 Jan, 10:31 AM UTC
Eric Anceau
Il y a 150 ans aujourd’hui, l’une des pages les plus sombres de l’histoire de France s’écrivait à Versailles. Le 26 janvier 1871, Jules Favre acceptait au nom de la France, les conditions d’armistice très dures imposées par Bismarck au nom du nouvel Empire allemand. https://t.co/76EhvwrhOJ
26 Jan, 06:44 AM UTC
The Brexit cult is getting desperate now. Biden should and will just laugh at them. @NileGardiner https://t.co/Q400Ze3aky
26 Jan, 10:53 AM UTC
@Evilgenius222 @lukegreen71 @chrissieburgess for the rich. You got your country back for the rich.
26 Jan, 10:27 AM UTC
Folklore Film Fans are Staying Home Again🕷️
For your entertainment - a trio of dancing bats. From a stop motion/live action film based upon the work of Hans Christian Andersen. Here, the bats at Mr. Mole's place serenade Thumbelina & Chris. 'The Daydreamer' (1966) dir. Jules Bass, Kizo Nagashima. https://t.co/MYSHFPsgPI
26 Jan, 11:45 AM UTC
Diana Salmon
@lukegreen71 This doesn’t surprise me. When the Common People have been dispossessed and dispirited by these b******s , the rich who will buy up all the land and desirable housing won’t want the proles wandering about freely.
26 Jan, 09:50 AM UTC
Rodelyn Obo
#รู้จักกลัฟมั้ย gulf treat us the same as his family member I am so proud of him thank you so much for opening your heart for us I'll assure you that we never let you go we want to stay for you forever 💗💙💛 @gulfkanawut #GulfKanawut #PhiBalls https://t.co/w7lIkVYom0
26 Jan, 01:23 PM UTC
The Mindfulness Meditation Institute
“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.” ~ Jules Renard
26 Jan, 01:20 PM UTC
“why are you crying?” the reason: https://t.co/xcCUXs3Qt8
26 Jan, 01:12 PM UTC
@lukegreen71 They want us imprisoned. Everything to themselves. The whole planet to destroy at will. They are saving up Putin style high security palaces for themselves.
26 Jan, 10:39 AM UTC
Claudia Hampton
Boris Johnson called the Scots a verminous race. 😡 A man full of hate that has such a fragile ego his only way to stay relevant is to spread that hate around.
26 Jan, 01:22 PM UTC
Marion Rouault
@valentinwyart @neuromatch This talk is now available online! https://t.co/C2oXTf1t7S This is ongoing work with @valentinwyart @ValerianChambon @jdrugowitsch @junseokLee_ Aurélien Weiss and Jules Bouté.
26 Jan, 11:34 AM UTC
@gullssinceaboy @NileGardiner @NileGardiner @TelegraphNews delivering the non truth quota for his paper. The US are back and on the world stage now. Joe Biden called Angel Merkel first; she is a true leader of her country. Johnson supported Trump & insulted Biden. Biden sees the big picture, Johnson doesn't.
26 Jan, 11:14 AM UTC
Tabitha 📚🇿🇦🇪🇺🇬🇧😷 we are all migrants
@EoinI3s You'd love South Africa and Australia, so much space for 4x4s/bikes. No noise impact or damage. Perfect
26 Jan, 10:14 AM UTC

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